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Available Powers

The powers listed in the Mutants & Masterminds handbook represent the broad range of powers available to superheroes and villains who appear in many different universes. Since this campaign takes place in the Dragonball Z universe I have created a list of powers to focus on the abilities of the characters in that universe:

Additional Limbs (A), Alternate Form (A), Blast1, Boost2, Confuse, Dazzle, Deflect, Density (A, N), Device, Elongation (N), Enhanced Ability, Flight1, Mind Shield (N), Mental Blast (A, N), Protection, Quickness, Regeneration (A, N), Speed, Spinning, Strike, Super Movement (Slowfall & Sure Footed Only), Super Senses (Awareness, Dangersense, Detect(earth trained only) Only), Super Speed, Super Strength, Transform (A)

These are powers available to heroes, NPC’s have access to a wider range of powers, but any power used against the heroes will, at that point, be available for the heroes to learn (if the heroes have the available power points to purchase the power)

An “A” or “N” in parentheses denotes that the power is only available to Aliens (A) or Namekians (N).

1 Basic Power (2 free ranks)

2 See below for pre-constructed blast and boost powers

Blast & Boost Powers

The basic blast power in the Mutants & Masterminds handbook represents the standard “Kamehameha” blast most characters in the Dragonball Z universe use. Any visual effects this power has is up to it’s user’s imagination (although any game-play effects of this power beyond it’s basic effect still requires the use of extras or power feats). Here is a list of some pre-constructed blast powers that many characters in the Dragonball Z Series have used:

Kamehameha: Blast – 2pt/rank

Special Beam Cannon: Blast (Penetrating, Action; 1 minute, Tiring, Area; Line) – 1pt/rank

Gatling Blast: Blast (Auto Fire) – 3pt/rank

Destructo Disk: Blast (Action; Full Round, Penetrating, Area; Line) – 3pt/rank

This Boost power was made to represent “Powering Up”: Power Up: Boost (Personal, Total Fade, All Traits, Action; Full Round) – 4pt/rank


There are many races in the Dragonball Z universe Humans are the most common (and as far as the majority population of earth is concerned, ONLY) race on earth. Sayians and Namekians play a key role in most of Dragonball Z while other alien races mainly play villains… That is not to say that other alien races are inherently bad. Aliens, Sayians and Namekians are available as player races:

Human: +2 WIS Detect: 2 ranks Select 1 free Feat

Sayian: +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 CHA 3 extra Power points for Character creation. Super Strength: 1 rank When a Sayian recovers from a “Dying” damage condition he immediately gains 3 power points. (Half-Sayians share a lot of traits with their sayian parents. They use the same template as Sayians)

Namekian: +2 DEX, +2 INT, -4 CHA Mental Shield: 1 rank +2 to the DC of any mental power used by a Namekian

Alien: +2 STR, -2 CHA Regeneration (Recovery Rate, Bruised): 3 Ranks

Detecting & Suppressing Power Levels

Characters in the Dragonball Z universe have the ability to hide their power levels and those who are trained on earth have the ability to detect the presence and direction (but not magnitude) of strong power sources. To represent this, the “Super Senses: Detect” power has been changed:

Heroes can suppress their power levels, making them harder to detect. Roll a D20 and consult the Suppression Bonus chart below to determine the DC bonus for detecting your hero:

Suppression Bonuses
D20 DC Bonus
1-3 +2
4-6 +3
7-9 +4
10-12 +5
13-15 +6
16-18 +8
19 +10
20 +15

To detect a power level, Roll a D20 and add your detect ranks (DC=10+Suppression Bonus). Without a scouter (or other Device) this roll will only reveal the presence, direction and strength relative to the character detecting the power source. Success by 10 or more will reveal a more specific result (i.e. much more, much less or Overwhelmingly more powerful). A character with a device (like a scouter) can detect specific power levels.

Blast Clash

There are no rules to represent the struggle of power between combatants in Dragonball Z when their blast powers meet and they have to struggle to overwhelm their opponent. These rules were created to represent that power struggle: When a character is the target of a standard (Kamehameha) blast and has not yet taken an action in that round, he may attempt to engage in a Blast Clash, as a reaction. When a Blast Clash is started, both characters make opposed power checks (D20+power rank). The character that fired the initial blast (not the one who reacted to it) receives a +2 to this roll. Determine where the two blasts meet by measuring the distance between the two combatants and marking the point half-way between them; this will be referred to as the Clash Point. Before the clash begins, move the clash point closer to the character who failed the opposed roll, one foot for each point by which he failed. If the new clash point is within 2 feet of either character involved, that character looses the clash and suffers the effects of his opponent’s blast power at +1 rank (this bonus is not subject to power level limits). If the clash point is more than 2 feet from either combatant then the clash will continue in the following round. Both characters’ actions during any round they are involved in a blast clash are spent concentrating entirely on focusing their power to win in the clash. A blast clash can last for several rounds and the effects are resolved at the beginning of each round it continues through. Both characters make opposed power checks on continuing rounds. After the opposed check is made, move the clash point toward the character who failed, following the rules above. The boost power can be used each round before the opposed check is made. Boost may only be used on the blast power during a blast clash (this is to represent both characters focusing their energy on the power struggle) and may only be used to increase the power rank by 3 per round (up to your total ranks in boost) however, this use of boost lasts until the blast clash ends and immediately expires. If a blast clash lasts for more than 3 rounds then, starting on round 4, both characters begin making fortitude saves at the beginning of each round with a DC equal to 8 plus their opponent’s Blast power rank (including boost bonuses). If this check is failed, the character is fatigued.

A Note on Tails

Many creatures in the universe have tails. Sayians (and even half-Sayians), however are born with tails that grant them immense power! If a Sayian is caught in the rays of a full moon, his tail’s power is released and he transforms into a giant Ape-like creature and his powers increase to immeasurable levels but without training the Sayian has no control over his actions while in this form. On earth, though, the moon seems to have recently gone “missing” but (despite what scientists believed) has not caused any anomalous weather patterns. A Sayian’s tail is also a weakness, however, as if it is grasped tightly the Sayian’s body is wracked with pain and he is effectively paralyzed. Having a tail is a Weakness worth 10 points. If your tail is grabbed (an opposed grapple check) you are immobilized and flat-footed (but not helpless) and cannot use any powers or abilities requiring more than a free action.

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