Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Cavern under water

While waiting for Flute to return Searra, Trism and Nitro notice that the water is still slowly rising around the house. “The water is still rising! Can’t you do anything?” Searra asks Fewbert “not much I can do really…” he responds “Can we get through the field?” asks Isamaru “I can weaken it near the top enough for you to get through, once… But, if try again it might collapse entirely; It would be a one-way trip.” says Fewbert. Everyone agrees that they should be on the outside before the dome is completely covered. Before they leave they contact Flute and inform her that the water is still rising and they are going to leave the dome before it is swallowed by the sea. They ask Fewbert if he has any scuba gear or could make any. “It would take too long to make that, the dome would be completely covered before I was done”

Kami contacts Flute “It would be best to confront the Water Lord first. The seas are rising and stopping him would save more lives immediately” Flute relays this info to the others using the radio on her scouter. They decide to send Trism (who is the most human looking of the group) to get some Scuba gear. They prepare to leave and have Fewbert weaken the dome. Trism flies south to Australia to a sporting goods store and asks where to find scuba gear. They send her to a scuba supply shop. When she gets there and asks, they ask for her scuba certification. Kami contacts flute again “What are you doing? You are wasting time!” “We’re looking for scuba gear?” she says “Once you get inside his cave, there should be air in it you just need to swim to the entrance” They call back Trism and head off to where Flute previously encountered the Water Lord.

Isamaru and Searra had gone off ahead and, as they approach the island, Searra sees some puddles on the island and they appear to be moving. Isamaru draws his sword as he steps onto the land, Searra splits and flies into the air a little. The puddles come together and move toward them, then form into a man “Hello!” he says “What are you?” asks Searra “I am… ...Water” says the man “that’s, descriptive… are you the reason the water rising?” asks Searra “Um, Yup!” he says “…can you stop? People can’t breathe water and there are many islands that are being flooded” requests Searra “I’m afraid I can’t do that” says the man “Why not?” asks Searra “I have important work that I must complete” Says the man “What work” asks Searra “Ummmmm, I gotta go… Bye!” says the man as he turns and runs into the water, Isamaru tries to chase him but Searra stops him “Let’s wait for others” says Searra. When Flute and the others arrive on the shrinking island, she explains what Kami told her about the Elemental Lords and also explains who Kami is and that the cave, while under water, should have air in it. Searra is instinctively reluctant to swim. Flute calls on Kami and asks where the Elemental Lord is “Your scouter should tell you where he is. Now I must not be disturbed, I am trying to research how to defeat these spirits for good!” After a short discussion and a quick search with her scouter, Flute and the rest take a deep breath, dive into the water and begin swimming down. Isamaru feels himself running out of breath and, not seeing any sign of the cave, returns to the surface, gasping for air. The others make it to the cave and Flute uses her scouter to tell Isamaru to try again over the radios that Fewbert made for them. Isamaru Dives in again and sees the cave as he is starting to feel the need to breathe, he barely makes it. Searra sniffs the air and listens but senses nothing but the sea.

As they start traveling down the cavern they begin to see perforations covering the cave walls and floors. All but Isamaru investigate and can sense fresh air and a breeze coming through. Three puddles begin to form through these holes behind the group and attack. Although they are taken by surprise, no one is hurt. Flute tries a mental attack but there is no mind in these creatures to effect. Searra and all of her duplicates attack one of the amorphous creatures and it splashes all over her. She shakes the water off her hands and feet. One of the creatures lunges at Trism’s head but she avoids it. The other tries to jump on Isamaru but he also avoids it. Nitro rushes at one and it splashes against the opposite wall with great force. Isamaru swings at the last one with his sword and it splashes into a puddle. They all seep back into the ground. Everyone continues down the cavern. After another short distance several more of these water creatures attack, Flute blasts at one and it explodes. Another lunges at Isamaru’s head and begins forcing itself into his lungs. Trism sends one flying against a wall. Isamaru tries shake the creature off his head but it just sloshes around a little. Nitro tries to pull it off of Isamaru’s head but he can’t get a grip on it. Searra slashes her claws at the creature on Isamaru and it drops to the ground. Two of the creatures spray narrow streams of water at Trism which hit her with surprising force. Trism shoves one back but it is only shifted a short distance. Flute gets one wrapped around her head and begins to drown. Trism blasts the creature on Flute’s head and it also collapses. Isamaru causes another one to fall apart. The last one grabs Trism’s head. She quickly slams her head against the wall and the creature falls into a puddle.

Continuing on, they eventually come to a large cavern where they see the Water Lord again, water coming up out from his shoulders where his arms should be and flowing into the holes in the ceiling. When he sees them enter the cavern, he scowls and a sheet of water forms over the entrance and solidifies into a wall of ice.



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