Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

The Water Lord

“You should not have come here…” says the Water Lord as the water from his shoulders forms back into his arms. Searra decides to hide. Flute tries to hide behind Trism. Four of the water creatures from the caves emerge from a large pool of water at the back of the cavern and merge to form two larger creatures which then solidify into a pair of Ice creatures carrying large ice hammers. Flute attacks the Water Lord’s mind but this only seems to anger him. He raises one hand and a pillar of water rises from the pool behind him. He then gestures toward Nitro and the water rushes toward him with incredible speed and force. Trism slams her hands together, sending a shock-wave over the Water Lord and one of the ice creatures, which only causes some small ice chips to flake off. Isamaru attacks the Water Lord with his sword but he is much more resilient than Isamaru expected. Searra attacks the Water Lord and seems to hurt him slightly. One ice creature swings it’s hammer at Isamaru, injuring him, while the other throws it’s hammer at Trism, missing her and striking the wall of ice behind her. The creature then moves toward Trism, holds it’s hand toward her as several shards of ice streak toward her but also miss. Searra attacks the Water Lord again seeming to hurt him but only getting mouthfuls of water, unable to drain his life force. He glares and jumps into the water. Isamaru tries to grab one of the Ice creatures but can’t get a grip on the icy surface so he jumps up to the ceiling of the cave and slowly descends. Flute cautiously searches the water, catches a glimpse of a humanoid shape and attacks it’s mind but cannot tell if it has any effect. Nitro blasts at the ice creature nearest to him but doesn’t seem to harm it. The Water Lord rises up on a pillar of water, points toward Searra and a stream of water strikes her. The ice creature near Trism retrieves it’s hammer while the other swings at Isamaru again but misses. Isamaru and Nitro then attack the creature together, braking off a large chunk of ice. Trism tries to slam the ice creature into the ice wall nearby. Uninjured by this attack, the creature fires more ice shards at Trism. Flute attacks the Water Lord’s mind again and he reels in pain. Isamaru attacks the ice creature with his sword again, it splits and instantly turns back into freezing water which splashes over Nitro but doesn’t hurt him. Nitro flies over and slams the remaining ice creature into the ice wall again, the creature is unharmed but the wall cracks a little from the force. The Water Lord then turns into steam and looks around for Searra. Not able to see her, he moves toward Nitro and forces himself into Nitro’s lungs. After trying to fight it off for a moment, Nitro’s eyes glaze over and then he turns toward Trism and blasts her. Searra, not realizing what has happened yet and not seeing the Water Lord decides to turn her attention toward the ice creature and manages to claw away a good chunk of ice. Isamaru tries to restrain Nitro, but cannot get a hold of him. Flute tries to read Nitro’s mind but cannot get contact. Trism blasts at the ice creature and it explodes into an freezing puddle. Nitro blasts at Isamaru but misses. Flute attacks Nitro’s mind hoping to eject the Water Lord. Nitro grabs his head head. Searra attacks Nitro, trying to use her ability to drain life force to extract the Water Lord. Nitro coughs up a pool of water that again takes a humanoid form and quickly moves back to the pool of water. The Water Lord then blasts Trism with another stream of water. Trism slams him into the back wall of the cavern and he glares at her. Flute attacks the Water Lord’s mind and he grabs his head, reeling in pain as he sinks down into the water. The pool then begins to drain and the wall of ice melts away very quickly.



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