Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Fewbert's Mission

Fewbert sends the group after parts for the ship.

Fewbert Harnsworth contacts the group and tells them to come back home. On the way back, Flute tries to contact Kami. “I don’t have any new information for you.” says Kami “I will contact you when I do. Now, I need peace to do my research, please.” Flute is more than a little insulted since she was simply going to inform him of their victory and ask where they should go next. When they get back to the Island, they notice that the water has almost completely receded. They go down to Fewbert’s lab and he tells them he needs some materials for building the ship “I am going to need about 26.5 Tons of scrap metal, four working Jet engines, (you should be writing this down)” Flute grabs a piece of paper and pen as Fewbert continues “Two in-tact guided missiles, 20lb of Uranium 235, five electric generators, two working ‘Space-Invaders’ arcade games, 24 cans of Club Soda, a live Saltwater Crocodile” “Wait, what do you need a crocodile for?” interrupts Searra “three 8ft satellite dishes and two DVRs.” finishes Fewbert. Searra and Flute then notice a new robot in Fewbert’s lab. “When did you get a new robot?” asks Searra “Oh, him? I built him while you were gone, to help me save some time building the ship… Although I suppose that the time I spent building him was about the same that I would have saved on the ship with his help… Oh well…” The group then looks over the list of materials they need to retrieve. They decide to split up to make it go faster. Searra decides to send one of her duplicates with each of the others; Isamaru would go and search for the U-235, Flute would search for the crocodile, Trism would go after all of the items that can be purchased and Nitro would gather up the scrap metal. Isamaru asks Fewbert where to find the Uranium and Fewbert gives him a geiger counter. Searra also asks for a radiation-prof box. Searra then asks Orrin where they can go to get these items since Fewbert stopped paying attention to everyone when he finished telling them what he needed.

On the way to Russia for the uranium, Isamaru and Searra are attacked by two reptilian soldiers. Several blows are exchanged but the fight is short and decisive. Searra and Isamaru are both confused as to where these soldiers came from, since Lord Caius had already left earth.

At the same time Searra’s duplicate and Flute are attacked by four Soldiers. This fight lasts just a little longer but those soldiers are also easily felled.

Flute and Searra arrive in Australia and find the mouth of a large river and see several large crocodiles . Flute knocks one out with a mental attack, picks it up and begins to fly home. After just a short time the large reptile wakes up and struggles out of Flute’s grip. Searra barely catches it before it hits the water, Flute knocks it out again. Searra keeps an eye on the beast to warn Flute when it is waking up so she can keep it unconscious. When they get home, the crocodile wakes up one more time and bites Searra, she barely notices it. Fewbert tells her to put it in the large tank toward the back of his lab.

Trism goes to Costco, with Searra hiding nearby, and manages to get a membership card with a phony Social Security number and Identification provided by Fewbert Harnsworth. Trism buys two satellite dishes, the DVRs, four generators and the club sodas. The other satellite dish and generator are purchased several miles away at the next nearest Costco.

In Russia, while searching for the uranium, Searra and Isamaru are approached by a Russian soldier. He begins yelling at them in Russian and pointing his gun at them. Searra walks up to him and enthralls him, then she tries to communicate with him through pictures drawn on the ground and gestures. She convinces him that it is okay for them to be here and he wanders off. After they have enough U-235 Searra tracks down the soldier again, who is talking to another, very confused-looking soldier and she enthralls that one, too. Then draws a picture in the dirt of a missile, holds up 2 fingers and looks at them quizzically… the two argue and then shake their hands and heads at Searra, she then draws a building with wire around it, as Isamaru moves behind them in case things go bad. The two soldiers argue back and forth again and then point in the direction of the military installation. Searra hugs them both, then her and Isamaru go in the direction they were shown. Several miles away they come to a base. They hop over the fence and sneak up to the central hangar and Searra enthralls the two guards near the large door and they reluctantly let her in. While searching around, they alert a guard who Isamaru knocks out and Searra enthralls the other two who the first one alerted. Searra draws a missile and gestures quizzically at the guards one reluctantly points towards the back of the Hangar. There is one guard here who Searra also enthralls and Isamaru grabs several missiles, tosses them into a crate and then leaps out a vent near the ceiling. They return and give the missiles to Fewbert, several of which will serve his purpose.

Flute and Searra then decide to go to find the Jet engines. They do some research on the internet and find the location of several airplane graveyards. After bringing back about a dozen, Fewbert finds enough in working order to use.

The Space-Invaders games are found on Ebay and they buy them.



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