Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

When Flute, Isamaru, Nitro, Searra and Trism get home they see robotic drones rebuilding the house. Yumi, Kalding and Jex are surprised to see one of Lord Caius’ soldiers return with them but his contribution is explained to them and they relax. They find Fewbert “Well, we’re sorta fucked… they de-frogged lord caius and took the ship and now they’re gonna go to Flute’s home planet and use the Dragonballs there and Flute isn’t happy about that” Says Searra

“I have a thought!” Says Nitro, “They’re gonna take a long time to get to Namek, cause they will have to return to Churak and refit Lord Caius’ ship with a new engine. It will take them about three months to get back… Not sure how long it will take to put in the engine, though.” “Well then, good news!” says Fewbert, “I’m sure I can build a ship in just a few months” “That will get us there in one piece?” interrupts searra “Uh… Sure! All I need are the coordinates to Namek and I can plot a course there, too.” continues Fewbert “Sure” says Flute as she enters them into his computer “Do you have any device that would help me find the Namekian here on earth that created the Dragonballs.” she asks “I could whip up one of those things Trism has over her eye… in a few hours” says Fewbert.

Orrin starts ranting in the half rebuilt living room… “Oh no! Something’s going on!! Everyone get in here!!!” They go upstairs and he points to the TV where the news is on.

Strange, worldwide, weather anomalies have begun plaguing the earth. Areas near Iceland and extending into southern Greenland are experiencing record high temperatures. Over seven earthquakes have rocked the mid-western United States in the last week. Hurricanes and tornadoes are ravaging eastern Europe near Poland and violent weather and rising seas are swallowing small islands in the western Pacific. Experts are baffled as to what is causing this…

Searra stops paying attention and dismisses this off-hand. She checks to see if her pillow, strategically placed in the living room to catch the most sun during the day, is still in tact. It has some debris on it, she brushes it off and moves it into a sunny spot and falls asleep. Everyone rests off their injuries and Orrin continues to worry about the weather. After about an hour Fewbert comes upstairs. “Here” he says as he tosses the scouter at Flute. He begins to go downstairs again as the TV catches his eye. He adjusts his glasses and exclaims “Oh, my… Oh, Dear… this is not good…” Searra follows him downstairs “What’s going on? What did you do?” she asks “I don’t think it was me… Didn’t you see the news?” asks Fewbert “Ya, so it’s cold…” says Searra “Well, it’s cold where it should be hot and hot where it should be cold…” says Fewbert “Earth is weird…” says Searra “Right you haven’t been here long… I need to do some research… leave me alone…” Searra leaves and comes back with her pillow and lies down. Fewbert doesn’t notice her.

Flute leaves to find the guardian of earth.

After another hour, Yumi and Kalding run into the house. Ranting about the tide coming in, Searra goes to check it out. In the middle of the day, the sea is slowly but persistently rising. She calls Fewbert “M-wha?” he says as Searra explains the situation “Oh, dear, I was afraid of this” “what?”asks Searra, Fewbert ignores her and types something on his computer. Searra sighs “I’m going upstairs… then maybe on top of the house” When the water gets about ten feet from the house a force field goes up around the house. When the water reaches about half way up, it stops. Searra flies over to the barrier, “Cool, well, we won’t get wet…” She sees some fish and tries to catch them but her hand doesn’t go through the field. She goes back to Fewbert “Thanks for the shield” she says “but you should have made it so we can get through it” “If you can get through so can the water…” he says “Make it one way so I can grab fish!” insists Searra “If it’s one way your arm would get stuck when you reach out…” “No, cause I’m mostly inside…” Searra argues “It doesn’t work that way” says Fewbert “Anyway, what’s going on?” asks Searra “I think I may know…” says Fewbert “So, what is it?” asks Searra but Fewbert just continues typing and ignores her she sighs again.

Meanwhile, Flute sees about six strong powers, she decides to check out the closest one to the south. She comes to an island that is also severely flooded, and lands on one of the dry parts. She doesn’t see a puddle of water form behind her and turn into a man. “Hello, that’s a neat trick! how can you fly?” he asks “Well this is interesting” says Flute “I know someone who can fly but he doesn’t tell me how he does it” continues the mysterious man. Flute notices that this strange man is the strong power source she saw “I’m really not sure how to explain how I fly… does your friend look like me?” asks Flute “no, he looks like me, most of the time. But he lives very far away…” says the stranger “Oh, the person I’m looking for looks like me” says Flute “No… I… What are you?” asks the man “I’m a Namekian… I come from the planet Namek” explains Flute “Well that makes sense… Come to think of it… Why don’t we call this planet ‘human’ or us ‘Earthians’?” ponders the man “You’re strange…” says Flute “How did I not see you when I was landing?” she asks “I didn’t want you to see me… and I don’t think you should be talking calling me strange” says the man “All humans seem eccentric to me… You have a nice little trick there, not being seen when you don’t want to be” says Flute “well, I have things I need to get back to… Bye, now!” he says as he runs off and jumps into the water. Flute is confused at this final act and looses sight of him as soon as he hits the water and his signal disappears from her scouter. “Fine, keep your secrets…” She decides to go to the next closest power signal in the northwest.

She flies high and slowly descends and sees a dark figure with a thick tail walking along the ground. The creature spins around and sees her as she descends and leaps into the air but she is just out of Void’s reach and he falls back to the ground. “Oh Shit!” she exclaims as she flies off very fast. She continues on to the next power source in a very windy, moderately populated town in Poland. She tries to hide amongst the rooftops to find the power source. A large gust of wind draws her attention and she sees a person materialize inside of it. “Hello, there! You sure look strange. Where are you from?” asks the man “an Island” says Flute “Oh… Kay” he says cheerfully “forgive me, I’m a bit weary. I’m from Namek… where are you from?” asks Flute “over there” he says as he gestures toward the town below “Have you seen anyone who looks like me?” Asks Flute “No, I’m pretty sure I would remember that…” says the man “Well, you’ll be pretty memorable too…” says Flute “thank you!” he says with a smile “well, I need to go now.” continues the man “Bye!” says Flute as the man disappears into the wind.

Flute heads off to Iceland where she detects the next power source. She notices that the temperature is getting warmer as she goes further north. She flies high again and descends slowly to a remote area. A fireball sears past her “Leave me alone! I’m busy!” shouts a fiery figure flying up toward her “I have just one question…” she says as he interrupts her with another fireball, which also misses “Wait, are you that water guy’s friend?” asks Flute “I hate him! Leave me!” shouts the creature “But…” he blasts her with another fireball that hits her this time “Ow! So have you seen anyone…” another fireball strikes her “Leave!!” he shouts again “But first have you seen anyone who looks like me?” Flute says as quickly as she can. The flames around his body surge and expand “LEAVE!!!!!!” he shouts again and Flute flees in terror.

She continues on to Arizona. She sees the ground moving near where the power source is and edges closer and then timidly lands nearby. The ground stops moving. She dodges out of the way as the ground heaves up behind her and the sand falls away to reveal another man “Leave me alone…” he says “Your not who I’m looking for…” says Flute “no, I am not.” says the man “have you seen anyone who looks like me, ever?” asks Flute “No” says the man, sharply “okay, bye” says Flute, she flies off as the man sinks back under the ground.

Flute goes to Antarctica, following the last power source she sees, to a floating fortress miles above earth shaped like an inverted spire, with a half sphere at the top where she lands. Kami, the guardian of earth, walks out of the building in the center “Hello, Flute. what brings you here?” he says “Lizard people are going to attack Namek!” she says “You mean the ones that were here a year ago? and again, just recently?” asks Kami “Yes” says Flute “That is unfortunate news. However, It is not my concern. I am the guardian of earth” Says Kami “Well can you contact Namek and let them know?” asks Flute “I suppose I could do that.” says Kami “and also do you have any way to get us to Namek?” asks Flute “No, but as I understand, your friend is building a ship to get you there… Is he not?” asks Kami “Oh, Yeah! Well, how long will it take you to contact them?” asks Flute “Only a few hours, I Imagine” responds Kami “Okay, mind if I rest here for a while?” asks Flute “Of course…” says Kami as he returns inside. Mr. Popo, Kami’s friend, comes out and offers Flute some tea. “Thank you” she says “Kami and I were watching your fights, he was quite concerned when he sensed that Caius fellow and his cohorts come back, we were relieved when they left but you say they are going to attack Namek now? That is bad news!” says Mr. Popo “I agree” says Flute. After a few hours Kami comes back out “I have warned Guru on Namek. He is concerned that he doesn’t have any fighters strong enough to fend them off but he was relieved to hear that you and your friends are going to be coming to defend them. However there is a more immediate concern for earth… Several ancient spirits were inadvertently released by a group of Lord Caius’ soldiers while they were searching for the Dragonballs. They are in the beginning stages of renewing their efforts to take over the earth. This problem needs the attention of you and your friends.” Explains Kami “wait! you mean the Swimmy-swimmy guy? the ‘Wooosh’ guy? the ‘Rawr’ guy? and the ‘murrr’ guy?” asks Flute “Ummmmm… Yes…” Says Kami, skeptically “Aaw, Fuck!... Um, I apologise, the human language has taken a toll on my vocabulary. Well, we have time before we go to Namek to take care of this” says Flute “You must take care of it! The fate of the earth is at hand!” insists Kami “I will tell my companions that we need to take care of this before we go to Namek. Is there anything I need to know about these people that will help us in our fights against them?” asks Flute “Do not mistake them for humans, they are not. They’re presence here predates my own, I am afraid that I don’t know much about them beyond that they are not to be underestimated. They can assume the form of the element that they represent and they have a strong control over it as well.” Says Kami “Got that… Doesn’t tell me much more than I already knew, minus the fact that they’re older than you…” says Flute “Unfortunately that is all that I know of them.” says Kami “And the Dragonballs are turned to stone?” asks Flute “Yes, they are inactive and will be so for a year” says Kami “So how do we defeat them?” asks Flute “I will do some research. Until then, you must find their lairs and attempt to distract them from completing their work. Now, time is short! You must go!” Demands Kami “I’ve already done that a little, the fire guy will be the most vicious, outwardly” says Flute “They will all be dangerous if prevented from their work, he is simply the most volatile. Now, please! Hurry! They must be stopped” Flute flies back to warn her friends.



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