Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Fewbert's Mission
Fewbert sends the group after parts for the ship.

Fewbert Harnsworth contacts the group and tells them to come back home. On the way back, Flute tries to contact Kami. “I don’t have any new information for you.” says Kami “I will contact you when I do. Now, I need peace to do my research, please.” Flute is more than a little insulted since she was simply going to inform him of their victory and ask where they should go next. When they get back to the Island, they notice that the water has almost completely receded. They go down to Fewbert’s lab and he tells them he needs some materials for building the ship “I am going to need about 26.5 Tons of scrap metal, four working Jet engines, (you should be writing this down)” Flute grabs a piece of paper and pen as Fewbert continues “Two in-tact guided missiles, 20lb of Uranium 235, five electric generators, two working ‘Space-Invaders’ arcade games, 24 cans of Club Soda, a live Saltwater Crocodile” “Wait, what do you need a crocodile for?” interrupts Searra “three 8ft satellite dishes and two DVRs.” finishes Fewbert. Searra and Flute then notice a new robot in Fewbert’s lab. “When did you get a new robot?” asks Searra “Oh, him? I built him while you were gone, to help me save some time building the ship… Although I suppose that the time I spent building him was about the same that I would have saved on the ship with his help… Oh well…” The group then looks over the list of materials they need to retrieve. They decide to split up to make it go faster. Searra decides to send one of her duplicates with each of the others; Isamaru would go and search for the U-235, Flute would search for the crocodile, Trism would go after all of the items that can be purchased and Nitro would gather up the scrap metal. Isamaru asks Fewbert where to find the Uranium and Fewbert gives him a geiger counter. Searra also asks for a radiation-prof box. Searra then asks Orrin where they can go to get these items since Fewbert stopped paying attention to everyone when he finished telling them what he needed.

On the way to Russia for the uranium, Isamaru and Searra are attacked by two reptilian soldiers. Several blows are exchanged but the fight is short and decisive. Searra and Isamaru are both confused as to where these soldiers came from, since Lord Caius had already left earth.

At the same time Searra’s duplicate and Flute are attacked by four Soldiers. This fight lasts just a little longer but those soldiers are also easily felled.

Flute and Searra arrive in Australia and find the mouth of a large river and see several large crocodiles . Flute knocks one out with a mental attack, picks it up and begins to fly home. After just a short time the large reptile wakes up and struggles out of Flute’s grip. Searra barely catches it before it hits the water, Flute knocks it out again. Searra keeps an eye on the beast to warn Flute when it is waking up so she can keep it unconscious. When they get home, the crocodile wakes up one more time and bites Searra, she barely notices it. Fewbert tells her to put it in the large tank toward the back of his lab.

Trism goes to Costco, with Searra hiding nearby, and manages to get a membership card with a phony Social Security number and Identification provided by Fewbert Harnsworth. Trism buys two satellite dishes, the DVRs, four generators and the club sodas. The other satellite dish and generator are purchased several miles away at the next nearest Costco.

In Russia, while searching for the uranium, Searra and Isamaru are approached by a Russian soldier. He begins yelling at them in Russian and pointing his gun at them. Searra walks up to him and enthralls him, then she tries to communicate with him through pictures drawn on the ground and gestures. She convinces him that it is okay for them to be here and he wanders off. After they have enough U-235 Searra tracks down the soldier again, who is talking to another, very confused-looking soldier and she enthralls that one, too. Then draws a picture in the dirt of a missile, holds up 2 fingers and looks at them quizzically… the two argue and then shake their hands and heads at Searra, she then draws a building with wire around it, as Isamaru moves behind them in case things go bad. The two soldiers argue back and forth again and then point in the direction of the military installation. Searra hugs them both, then her and Isamaru go in the direction they were shown. Several miles away they come to a base. They hop over the fence and sneak up to the central hangar and Searra enthralls the two guards near the large door and they reluctantly let her in. While searching around, they alert a guard who Isamaru knocks out and Searra enthralls the other two who the first one alerted. Searra draws a missile and gestures quizzically at the guards one reluctantly points towards the back of the Hangar. There is one guard here who Searra also enthralls and Isamaru grabs several missiles, tosses them into a crate and then leaps out a vent near the ceiling. They return and give the missiles to Fewbert, several of which will serve his purpose.

Flute and Searra then decide to go to find the Jet engines. They do some research on the internet and find the location of several airplane graveyards. After bringing back about a dozen, Fewbert finds enough in working order to use.

The Space-Invaders games are found on Ebay and they buy them.

The Water Lord

“You should not have come here…” says the Water Lord as the water from his shoulders forms back into his arms. Searra decides to hide. Flute tries to hide behind Trism. Four of the water creatures from the caves emerge from a large pool of water at the back of the cavern and merge to form two larger creatures which then solidify into a pair of Ice creatures carrying large ice hammers. Flute attacks the Water Lord’s mind but this only seems to anger him. He raises one hand and a pillar of water rises from the pool behind him. He then gestures toward Nitro and the water rushes toward him with incredible speed and force. Trism slams her hands together, sending a shock-wave over the Water Lord and one of the ice creatures, which only causes some small ice chips to flake off. Isamaru attacks the Water Lord with his sword but he is much more resilient than Isamaru expected. Searra attacks the Water Lord and seems to hurt him slightly. One ice creature swings it’s hammer at Isamaru, injuring him, while the other throws it’s hammer at Trism, missing her and striking the wall of ice behind her. The creature then moves toward Trism, holds it’s hand toward her as several shards of ice streak toward her but also miss. Searra attacks the Water Lord again seeming to hurt him but only getting mouthfuls of water, unable to drain his life force. He glares and jumps into the water. Isamaru tries to grab one of the Ice creatures but can’t get a grip on the icy surface so he jumps up to the ceiling of the cave and slowly descends. Flute cautiously searches the water, catches a glimpse of a humanoid shape and attacks it’s mind but cannot tell if it has any effect. Nitro blasts at the ice creature nearest to him but doesn’t seem to harm it. The Water Lord rises up on a pillar of water, points toward Searra and a stream of water strikes her. The ice creature near Trism retrieves it’s hammer while the other swings at Isamaru again but misses. Isamaru and Nitro then attack the creature together, braking off a large chunk of ice. Trism tries to slam the ice creature into the ice wall nearby. Uninjured by this attack, the creature fires more ice shards at Trism. Flute attacks the Water Lord’s mind again and he reels in pain. Isamaru attacks the ice creature with his sword again, it splits and instantly turns back into freezing water which splashes over Nitro but doesn’t hurt him. Nitro flies over and slams the remaining ice creature into the ice wall again, the creature is unharmed but the wall cracks a little from the force. The Water Lord then turns into steam and looks around for Searra. Not able to see her, he moves toward Nitro and forces himself into Nitro’s lungs. After trying to fight it off for a moment, Nitro’s eyes glaze over and then he turns toward Trism and blasts her. Searra, not realizing what has happened yet and not seeing the Water Lord decides to turn her attention toward the ice creature and manages to claw away a good chunk of ice. Isamaru tries to restrain Nitro, but cannot get a hold of him. Flute tries to read Nitro’s mind but cannot get contact. Trism blasts at the ice creature and it explodes into an freezing puddle. Nitro blasts at Isamaru but misses. Flute attacks Nitro’s mind hoping to eject the Water Lord. Nitro grabs his head head. Searra attacks Nitro, trying to use her ability to drain life force to extract the Water Lord. Nitro coughs up a pool of water that again takes a humanoid form and quickly moves back to the pool of water. The Water Lord then blasts Trism with another stream of water. Trism slams him into the back wall of the cavern and he glares at her. Flute attacks the Water Lord’s mind and he grabs his head, reeling in pain as he sinks down into the water. The pool then begins to drain and the wall of ice melts away very quickly.

Cavern under water

While waiting for Flute to return Searra, Trism and Nitro notice that the water is still slowly rising around the house. “The water is still rising! Can’t you do anything?” Searra asks Fewbert “not much I can do really…” he responds “Can we get through the field?” asks Isamaru “I can weaken it near the top enough for you to get through, once… But, if try again it might collapse entirely; It would be a one-way trip.” says Fewbert. Everyone agrees that they should be on the outside before the dome is completely covered. Before they leave they contact Flute and inform her that the water is still rising and they are going to leave the dome before it is swallowed by the sea. They ask Fewbert if he has any scuba gear or could make any. “It would take too long to make that, the dome would be completely covered before I was done”

Kami contacts Flute “It would be best to confront the Water Lord first. The seas are rising and stopping him would save more lives immediately” Flute relays this info to the others using the radio on her scouter. They decide to send Trism (who is the most human looking of the group) to get some Scuba gear. They prepare to leave and have Fewbert weaken the dome. Trism flies south to Australia to a sporting goods store and asks where to find scuba gear. They send her to a scuba supply shop. When she gets there and asks, they ask for her scuba certification. Kami contacts flute again “What are you doing? You are wasting time!” “We’re looking for scuba gear?” she says “Once you get inside his cave, there should be air in it you just need to swim to the entrance” They call back Trism and head off to where Flute previously encountered the Water Lord.

Isamaru and Searra had gone off ahead and, as they approach the island, Searra sees some puddles on the island and they appear to be moving. Isamaru draws his sword as he steps onto the land, Searra splits and flies into the air a little. The puddles come together and move toward them, then form into a man “Hello!” he says “What are you?” asks Searra “I am… ...Water” says the man “that’s, descriptive… are you the reason the water rising?” asks Searra “Um, Yup!” he says “…can you stop? People can’t breathe water and there are many islands that are being flooded” requests Searra “I’m afraid I can’t do that” says the man “Why not?” asks Searra “I have important work that I must complete” Says the man “What work” asks Searra “Ummmmm, I gotta go… Bye!” says the man as he turns and runs into the water, Isamaru tries to chase him but Searra stops him “Let’s wait for others” says Searra. When Flute and the others arrive on the shrinking island, she explains what Kami told her about the Elemental Lords and also explains who Kami is and that the cave, while under water, should have air in it. Searra is instinctively reluctant to swim. Flute calls on Kami and asks where the Elemental Lord is “Your scouter should tell you where he is. Now I must not be disturbed, I am trying to research how to defeat these spirits for good!” After a short discussion and a quick search with her scouter, Flute and the rest take a deep breath, dive into the water and begin swimming down. Isamaru feels himself running out of breath and, not seeing any sign of the cave, returns to the surface, gasping for air. The others make it to the cave and Flute uses her scouter to tell Isamaru to try again over the radios that Fewbert made for them. Isamaru Dives in again and sees the cave as he is starting to feel the need to breathe, he barely makes it. Searra sniffs the air and listens but senses nothing but the sea.

As they start traveling down the cavern they begin to see perforations covering the cave walls and floors. All but Isamaru investigate and can sense fresh air and a breeze coming through. Three puddles begin to form through these holes behind the group and attack. Although they are taken by surprise, no one is hurt. Flute tries a mental attack but there is no mind in these creatures to effect. Searra and all of her duplicates attack one of the amorphous creatures and it splashes all over her. She shakes the water off her hands and feet. One of the creatures lunges at Trism’s head but she avoids it. The other tries to jump on Isamaru but he also avoids it. Nitro rushes at one and it splashes against the opposite wall with great force. Isamaru swings at the last one with his sword and it splashes into a puddle. They all seep back into the ground. Everyone continues down the cavern. After another short distance several more of these water creatures attack, Flute blasts at one and it explodes. Another lunges at Isamaru’s head and begins forcing itself into his lungs. Trism sends one flying against a wall. Isamaru tries shake the creature off his head but it just sloshes around a little. Nitro tries to pull it off of Isamaru’s head but he can’t get a grip on it. Searra slashes her claws at the creature on Isamaru and it drops to the ground. Two of the creatures spray narrow streams of water at Trism which hit her with surprising force. Trism shoves one back but it is only shifted a short distance. Flute gets one wrapped around her head and begins to drown. Trism blasts the creature on Flute’s head and it also collapses. Isamaru causes another one to fall apart. The last one grabs Trism’s head. She quickly slams her head against the wall and the creature falls into a puddle.

Continuing on, they eventually come to a large cavern where they see the Water Lord again, water coming up out from his shoulders where his arms should be and flowing into the holes in the ceiling. When he sees them enter the cavern, he scowls and a sheet of water forms over the entrance and solidifies into a wall of ice.

In search of the Guardian of Earth

When Flute, Isamaru, Nitro, Searra and Trism get home they see robotic drones rebuilding the house. Yumi, Kalding and Jex are surprised to see one of Lord Caius’ soldiers return with them but his contribution is explained to them and they relax. They find Fewbert “Well, we’re sorta fucked… they de-frogged lord caius and took the ship and now they’re gonna go to Flute’s home planet and use the Dragonballs there and Flute isn’t happy about that” Says Searra

“I have a thought!” Says Nitro, “They’re gonna take a long time to get to Namek, cause they will have to return to Churak and refit Lord Caius’ ship with a new engine. It will take them about three months to get back… Not sure how long it will take to put in the engine, though.” “Well then, good news!” says Fewbert, “I’m sure I can build a ship in just a few months” “That will get us there in one piece?” interrupts searra “Uh… Sure! All I need are the coordinates to Namek and I can plot a course there, too.” continues Fewbert “Sure” says Flute as she enters them into his computer “Do you have any device that would help me find the Namekian here on earth that created the Dragonballs.” she asks “I could whip up one of those things Trism has over her eye… in a few hours” says Fewbert.

Orrin starts ranting in the half rebuilt living room… “Oh no! Something’s going on!! Everyone get in here!!!” They go upstairs and he points to the TV where the news is on.

Strange, worldwide, weather anomalies have begun plaguing the earth. Areas near Iceland and extending into southern Greenland are experiencing record high temperatures. Over seven earthquakes have rocked the mid-western United States in the last week. Hurricanes and tornadoes are ravaging eastern Europe near Poland and violent weather and rising seas are swallowing small islands in the western Pacific. Experts are baffled as to what is causing this…

Searra stops paying attention and dismisses this off-hand. She checks to see if her pillow, strategically placed in the living room to catch the most sun during the day, is still in tact. It has some debris on it, she brushes it off and moves it into a sunny spot and falls asleep. Everyone rests off their injuries and Orrin continues to worry about the weather. After about an hour Fewbert comes upstairs. “Here” he says as he tosses the scouter at Flute. He begins to go downstairs again as the TV catches his eye. He adjusts his glasses and exclaims “Oh, my… Oh, Dear… this is not good…” Searra follows him downstairs “What’s going on? What did you do?” she asks “I don’t think it was me… Didn’t you see the news?” asks Fewbert “Ya, so it’s cold…” says Searra “Well, it’s cold where it should be hot and hot where it should be cold…” says Fewbert “Earth is weird…” says Searra “Right you haven’t been here long… I need to do some research… leave me alone…” Searra leaves and comes back with her pillow and lies down. Fewbert doesn’t notice her.

Flute leaves to find the guardian of earth.

After another hour, Yumi and Kalding run into the house. Ranting about the tide coming in, Searra goes to check it out. In the middle of the day, the sea is slowly but persistently rising. She calls Fewbert “M-wha?” he says as Searra explains the situation “Oh, dear, I was afraid of this” “what?”asks Searra, Fewbert ignores her and types something on his computer. Searra sighs “I’m going upstairs… then maybe on top of the house” When the water gets about ten feet from the house a force field goes up around the house. When the water reaches about half way up, it stops. Searra flies over to the barrier, “Cool, well, we won’t get wet…” She sees some fish and tries to catch them but her hand doesn’t go through the field. She goes back to Fewbert “Thanks for the shield” she says “but you should have made it so we can get through it” “If you can get through so can the water…” he says “Make it one way so I can grab fish!” insists Searra “If it’s one way your arm would get stuck when you reach out…” “No, cause I’m mostly inside…” Searra argues “It doesn’t work that way” says Fewbert “Anyway, what’s going on?” asks Searra “I think I may know…” says Fewbert “So, what is it?” asks Searra but Fewbert just continues typing and ignores her she sighs again.

Meanwhile, Flute sees about six strong powers, she decides to check out the closest one to the south. She comes to an island that is also severely flooded, and lands on one of the dry parts. She doesn’t see a puddle of water form behind her and turn into a man. “Hello, that’s a neat trick! how can you fly?” he asks “Well this is interesting” says Flute “I know someone who can fly but he doesn’t tell me how he does it” continues the mysterious man. Flute notices that this strange man is the strong power source she saw “I’m really not sure how to explain how I fly… does your friend look like me?” asks Flute “no, he looks like me, most of the time. But he lives very far away…” says the stranger “Oh, the person I’m looking for looks like me” says Flute “No… I… What are you?” asks the man “I’m a Namekian… I come from the planet Namek” explains Flute “Well that makes sense… Come to think of it… Why don’t we call this planet ‘human’ or us ‘Earthians’?” ponders the man “You’re strange…” says Flute “How did I not see you when I was landing?” she asks “I didn’t want you to see me… and I don’t think you should be talking calling me strange” says the man “All humans seem eccentric to me… You have a nice little trick there, not being seen when you don’t want to be” says Flute “well, I have things I need to get back to… Bye, now!” he says as he runs off and jumps into the water. Flute is confused at this final act and looses sight of him as soon as he hits the water and his signal disappears from her scouter. “Fine, keep your secrets…” She decides to go to the next closest power signal in the northwest.

She flies high and slowly descends and sees a dark figure with a thick tail walking along the ground. The creature spins around and sees her as she descends and leaps into the air but she is just out of Void’s reach and he falls back to the ground. “Oh Shit!” she exclaims as she flies off very fast. She continues on to the next power source in a very windy, moderately populated town in Poland. She tries to hide amongst the rooftops to find the power source. A large gust of wind draws her attention and she sees a person materialize inside of it. “Hello, there! You sure look strange. Where are you from?” asks the man “an Island” says Flute “Oh… Kay” he says cheerfully “forgive me, I’m a bit weary. I’m from Namek… where are you from?” asks Flute “over there” he says as he gestures toward the town below “Have you seen anyone who looks like me?” Asks Flute “No, I’m pretty sure I would remember that…” says the man “Well, you’ll be pretty memorable too…” says Flute “thank you!” he says with a smile “well, I need to go now.” continues the man “Bye!” says Flute as the man disappears into the wind.

Flute heads off to Iceland where she detects the next power source. She notices that the temperature is getting warmer as she goes further north. She flies high again and descends slowly to a remote area. A fireball sears past her “Leave me alone! I’m busy!” shouts a fiery figure flying up toward her “I have just one question…” she says as he interrupts her with another fireball, which also misses “Wait, are you that water guy’s friend?” asks Flute “I hate him! Leave me!” shouts the creature “But…” he blasts her with another fireball that hits her this time “Ow! So have you seen anyone…” another fireball strikes her “Leave!!” he shouts again “But first have you seen anyone who looks like me?” Flute says as quickly as she can. The flames around his body surge and expand “LEAVE!!!!!!” he shouts again and Flute flees in terror.

She continues on to Arizona. She sees the ground moving near where the power source is and edges closer and then timidly lands nearby. The ground stops moving. She dodges out of the way as the ground heaves up behind her and the sand falls away to reveal another man “Leave me alone…” he says “Your not who I’m looking for…” says Flute “no, I am not.” says the man “have you seen anyone who looks like me, ever?” asks Flute “No” says the man, sharply “okay, bye” says Flute, she flies off as the man sinks back under the ground.

Flute goes to Antarctica, following the last power source she sees, to a floating fortress miles above earth shaped like an inverted spire, with a half sphere at the top where she lands. Kami, the guardian of earth, walks out of the building in the center “Hello, Flute. what brings you here?” he says “Lizard people are going to attack Namek!” she says “You mean the ones that were here a year ago? and again, just recently?” asks Kami “Yes” says Flute “That is unfortunate news. However, It is not my concern. I am the guardian of earth” Says Kami “Well can you contact Namek and let them know?” asks Flute “I suppose I could do that.” says Kami “and also do you have any way to get us to Namek?” asks Flute “No, but as I understand, your friend is building a ship to get you there… Is he not?” asks Kami “Oh, Yeah! Well, how long will it take you to contact them?” asks Flute “Only a few hours, I Imagine” responds Kami “Okay, mind if I rest here for a while?” asks Flute “Of course…” says Kami as he returns inside. Mr. Popo, Kami’s friend, comes out and offers Flute some tea. “Thank you” she says “Kami and I were watching your fights, he was quite concerned when he sensed that Caius fellow and his cohorts come back, we were relieved when they left but you say they are going to attack Namek now? That is bad news!” says Mr. Popo “I agree” says Flute. After a few hours Kami comes back out “I have warned Guru on Namek. He is concerned that he doesn’t have any fighters strong enough to fend them off but he was relieved to hear that you and your friends are going to be coming to defend them. However there is a more immediate concern for earth… Several ancient spirits were inadvertently released by a group of Lord Caius’ soldiers while they were searching for the Dragonballs. They are in the beginning stages of renewing their efforts to take over the earth. This problem needs the attention of you and your friends.” Explains Kami “wait! you mean the Swimmy-swimmy guy? the ‘Wooosh’ guy? the ‘Rawr’ guy? and the ‘murrr’ guy?” asks Flute “Ummmmm… Yes…” Says Kami, skeptically “Aaw, Fuck!... Um, I apologise, the human language has taken a toll on my vocabulary. Well, we have time before we go to Namek to take care of this” says Flute “You must take care of it! The fate of the earth is at hand!” insists Kami “I will tell my companions that we need to take care of this before we go to Namek. Is there anything I need to know about these people that will help us in our fights against them?” asks Flute “Do not mistake them for humans, they are not. They’re presence here predates my own, I am afraid that I don’t know much about them beyond that they are not to be underestimated. They can assume the form of the element that they represent and they have a strong control over it as well.” Says Kami “Got that… Doesn’t tell me much more than I already knew, minus the fact that they’re older than you…” says Flute “Unfortunately that is all that I know of them.” says Kami “And the Dragonballs are turned to stone?” asks Flute “Yes, they are inactive and will be so for a year” says Kami “So how do we defeat them?” asks Flute “I will do some research. Until then, you must find their lairs and attempt to distract them from completing their work. Now, time is short! You must go!” Demands Kami “I’ve already done that a little, the fire guy will be the most vicious, outwardly” says Flute “They will all be dangerous if prevented from their work, he is simply the most volatile. Now, please! Hurry! They must be stopped” Flute flies back to warn her friends.

Lord Caius Returns

Flute awakens to find herself locked inside of one of the medium-sized cages in the live specimen storage. Isamaru wakes up in an empty room, gravity crushing down on him, unable to move and his sword missing.

Nitro and Trism find themselves locked up in the brig (although they are in separate cells and both are unaware that the other is only thirty feet away). Trism begins singing to herself and looks around. She can see the guard and several other cells, all empty. She decides to test the strength of the bars; She tugs and pushes on them but can’t move them. The guard turns around and looks at her, grins and pushes some buttons on his desk and looks back at her. Trism tries to look at the buttons he pressed but can’t see anything. “excuse me” she says, “But can you understand me? If so, where am I and where are my friends?” With another grin the guard turns a dial and Trism receives a shock that knocks her back against the wall behind her. The guard walks over to her (taking care not to get too close) He gestures to his mouth, looking like he is talking but she cannot hear anything. He then points to his ears and to her, shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his desk. Trism gets frustrated curses at him, takes one of her jewelry pieces and throws it at him, hitting him in the back of the head. He picks it up and illustrates that there is a sound barrier in place by dropping the trinket on the floor and kicking it into the cell. She doesn’t hear it scraping across the floor until it crosses the threshold of the cell. “Ooh! it’s somehow sound-proof, Gotcha!” she says with a wink. She gestures that she wants something to write with but the guard ignores her and goes back to his post. She begins throwing more jewelry at him but he keeps the pieces she throws and ignores her so she quickly stops. She kicks the wall in anger but hurts her foot so she decides to try to blast her way out. The blast barely damages the wall and then, alerted to the attack by a flashing light on his desk, the guard activates the shielding on the walls. After a moment of sulking she decides to brave the electric bars and tries to bend them again. The bars begin to give way after a moment of effort, when the guard turns the electricity up full blast. Trism is able to hold on for a few seconds but she quickly succumbs and falls unconscious again. Nitro, knowing the security features of the cells doesn’t bother trying to escape and instead urinates as far outside his cell as he can, ignoring the latrine hole in the corner of the cell. Trism wakes up a few moments later in a different cell.

Searra awakens in a rolling landscape, sparsely wooded with mountains in the distance. She starts walking and notices that the perspective changes in a strange way as she moves. She also notices the terrain to be unnatural and does not detect the scent of earth anywhere around her. She does however smell the faint scent of metal, plastic and electronics… Figuring she is in some sort of holographic projector room, she decides to wait for someone to retrieve her.

Meanwhile Jolt and a group of soldiers set down the twelve stone spheres they brought with them in a remote portion of an arid desert and wait. After about forty minutes six of the spheres begin to glow, turn orange and stars appear within them. “Damn! we’re missing one!” says Jolt “We have to find the last one! One of them stole some of them, go back to the ship and get some scouters. Start at their house! I will stay here and make sure no one interferes with our plans!” “Aye, sir!” say the soldiers with a salute and they fly off toward the ship. The soldiers arrive at the half-demolished house and see that Kalding and Yumi are on the opposite side of the island and Jex is asleep. Three of them sneak up and restrain Jex, covering his mouth so he can’t call for help. The rest begin searching the house, four go down into Fewbert’s lab where he is working on his computer, directing the drones he created to rebuild the house. “Where is the Dragonball?” asks one of the soldiers “It’s over there” says Fewbert, gesturing in a very general direction behind him, indicating almost his entire lab. “We don’t have time to play games, old man! You are alone here, the two female Saiyans are on the other side of the island and the male has been subdued. We will kill him and then the other two if you do not give us the Dragonball, NOW!” demands the soldier. “Okay, okay, hold on…” Fewbert types a command into his computer and one of the drones flies downstairs and swings it’s utility arm at soldier closest to it. It strikes him in the neck, not harming him at all. The soldier turns around, and easily smashes the drone to pieces. “You are trying my patience! Give me the Dragonball or I will kill everyone here, including you, and we will find it ourselves!” “Okay, okay, hold on… I think I put it over here…” He walks over to a large device, presses a few buttons on a control panel next to it and a large door opens on it. Fewbert steps inside and the door closes. The sound of a power build-up starts and the soldier rolls his eyes, walks over to the device and tears the door open and pulls Fewbert out “THE DRAGONBALL, NOW!!!” he roars “Okay, okay, hold on… I think I remember where I put it now… it’s over here next to this… Disintegrating Ray!” he says as he pulls out a beam weapon, aims it at the soldier and pulls the trigger. The weapon turns to dust “Ah… Right…” The soldier grimaces and begins to clench his fists “Okay, okay, hold on… Ah! There it is!” says Fewbert and walks over to his dimensional portal device and produces the Dragonball from a portal labeled ‘Horrible, painful, agonizing death’. The soldier grabs the ball from Fewbert the moment he sees it and flies back to Jolt, telling the other soldiers to follow as he leaves the house.

The soldiers return to where Jolt is and, when the final Dragonball is brought near, the sky darkens and the wind begins blowing more strongly, lightning strikes, seemingly from nowhere and The Eternal Dragon emerges “SPEAK YOUR WISH!” he demands. Jolt steps forward “Dragon, I wish for all of my people who were transformed by your power one year ago, to be returned to their original forms and powers!” “YOUR WISH IS GRANTED!” booms the Dragon’s voice as his eyes glow red and he vanishes in a flash of light. The Dragonballs rise high into the air, glow brightly and fly off in seven different directions. After they are returned to their natural forms, Lord Caius, Mauro, Sem and all of the captains begin to inspect the ship. Searra, Flute, Isamaru, Trism and Nitro are each escorted off the ship individually, by a very large group of soldiers. They are all gathered outside. Nearby, another ship now stands. When they are all outside, Lord Caius and most of his captains step out of the ship, looking very angry. Lord Caius gestures to the soldiers and they all pile into their respective ships. “Our business is not over” says Lord Caius to the group and then he and the captains climb onto the ships they arrived in and take off.


Searra and Trism move Isamaru and Flute into the treatment rooms in the medical bay and Nitro into the supply room to protect them while they recover. Searra and Trism then disable the control panels for the doors to prevent entry. Searra and Trism try to treat the injuries of their friends. After a few moments they hear someone trying to use the control panel outside the door. A few seconds later Trism hears someone working on the control panel and then a ‘clunk’ sound inside the door. “Um, Searra, they’re trying to get through!” says Trism “Well, I’ll guard the door, we need to give them time to recover” says Searra “Get Jolt” Searra hears Eurhel say quietly through the door. She decides to teleport everyone to the Live Specimen room to avoid another fight. Searra and trism don’t notice the soldiers searching on the other side of the room. One of them tells the other two to get help while he distracts them. Isamaru Regains consciousness. The guard sneaks up and attacks Searra but she doesn’t get hurt then she attacks back. Isamaru moves toward him but is still too injured to act quickly. Searra attacks and he falls. Flute regains consciousness. Isamaru hears the soldiers approaching up the hall “We’ve got company, guys…” he says. Searra has two of her duplicates hover above the door to ambush. She doesn’t hear Jolt tell the soldiers to concentrate on attacking her. The door opens and jolt enters very quickly and attacks Trism. Searra doesn’t launch her ambush because she remembers that merely touching Jolt is dangerous and she has no way of attacking him without contact. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind but he barely notices it. Searra decides to throw caution to the wind and attacks Jolt but she misses. Some soldiers start moving through the door and Searra attacks one of them and he falls. The remaining soldiers spread out and attack Isamaru, Trism and Searra. Nitro regains consciousness. Jolt sends a bolt of electricity at Searra, overloading her nervous system and she falls unconscious. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind again to no effect. The soldiers attack the group and manage to injure Flute, Nitro and Trism. Isamaru launches an energy wave taking down over half of the soldiers in the room (as well as killing many of the small animals in the cages in front of him) Jolt is also slightly injured by this attack. The two remaining soldiers launch a volley of energy blasts at Trism and Flute. Isamaru takes down another soldier with an energy wave. Nitro steps next to Jolt and blasts him point blank and Jolt is badly injured. The last soldier attacks Isamaru and he falls unconscious again. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind again, stunning him. Jolt launches a bolt of electricity at Flute and she becomes disoriented. He then hides behind some cages near the other side of the room. A couple more soldiers enter and attack Trism and Nitro and they drop to the ground. Jolt knocks out Flute with another blast to her nervous system.

Everyone wakes up with their arms bound behind their backs. Flute, Isamaru, Nitro and Trism are tied together, back-to-back. Searra is separated from the others and blindfolded. They are surrounded by soldiers and the captains. Eurhel is pacing around them “I wouldn’t recommend any heroics…” he says “You are all battered and severely outnumbered. I have only just met you and you have already become a bigger thorn in my side than anyone has in the past. I have sent Jolt with a contingent of soldiers to a remote location on this planet with the stones that we believe are the Dragonballs. We have calculated that they will reactivate within the next two hours. When they do, the Dragon will be summoned and we will restore all of our people who were transformed by your previous wish. Then, barring any orders by Lord Caius to the contrary, we will leave your planet and go home. With our new engine technology, another planet that has Dragonballs is now within our reach. We will use those Dragonballs to achieve our Lord’s goal and your planet will be of no consequence to us any longer.” “I don’t really like being blindfolded, I like to see who I am talking to” says Searra. “I am not concerned with your comfort.” says Eurhel. Searra shifts the space around her head to remove the blindfold and sees a dozen soldiers take a defensive stance but Eurhel waves his hand and they stand down. “Thank you, cause I could just teleport out of here any time I want to” she continues “As long as you leave alone that is fine. I still have your friends…” says Eurhel “Well, you don’t know everything I can do” says Searra “I know someone who has the same abilities as you” responds Eurhel “You don’t know everything I can do, unless you know someone who comes from my planet…” says Searra “I know enough about you from watching the surveillance of your fights with our Soldiers.” says Eurhel “And you think I have used all of my abilities? Anyway, barring anything Lord Caius says you will leave here and go to another planet. which is apparently my friend’s home planet…” “I will not stand for this!” interrupts Flute ”...and leave us alone? I don’t buy it.” continues Searra as she tries to develop a plan to escape. Flute and Trism try to distract the guards as Searra tries to teleport away and replace herself with a duplicate acting like she is just scratching an itch but Tangent sees her vanish for a moment and launches a powerful volley of blasts at her, severely injuring her but not taking her down. She tries to feign unconsciousness but Eurhel and Backlash see through the ruse. “What happened?” asks Eurhel “She vanished for a moment” says Tangent “I SAID NO HEROICS!” says Eurhel as Searra tries to argue and Eurhel gestures toward the soldiers and they open fire on the group. All but Flute fall unconscious again. Searra’s duplicate ceases to exist when she falls unconscious. Flute attacks Eurhel’s mind “OUCH! Take her out!!!” he says as the soldiers continue blasting her. She finally succumbs to her injuries and slips out of consciousness again. “Fan out and find her! I am done playing games with them!” yells Eurhel “Untie them and place them in separate rooms in the ship!”

Another one Bites the Dust (Make That Two)

Near the opposite side of the bridge Flute sees Nova being injected with something by one of the soldiers. Nearby, Eurhel and Jolt stand and when they notice the group come through the door, several soldiers take up defensive positions near Eurhel. Isamaru launches an energy wave with his sword, taking down several soldiers and slightly injuring Nova, who seems to have recovered fully from the beating he had just recieved. Flute attacks Nova’s mind but to little effect. A few soldiers attack Isamaru, who finally succumbs to his injuries and falls unconscious. Searra is momentarilly stunned byan attack from some soldiers. Nova sends another explosion toward the group, Flute falls and Searra is further injured, a few more soldiers fall to this blast. Searra uses her duplicates to get Flute and Isamaru back to the brig, then Searra herself leaves the bridge through the door and tries to disable the control panel on the other side the only way she knows how… She punches it. The buttons light up for a moment but she doesn’t seem to damage the console then one of her duplicates hovers above the door. She attacks the first soldier that comes through, draining his life force but not killing him. Then she flies down the corridor, hiding just around the first corner for another ambush… Two soldiers pass right by her but the third to pass spots her and attacks. Nova walks through the door and the soldier shouts “She is here!” pointing around the corner and he winces preparing for another explosion from Nova. Nova blasts down the hall but Searra doesn’t get hurt and neither does the soldier, much to his relief. Nova continues down the hall past Searra, turns around and blasts at her again, with the same result. Nova then turns to the soldiers who passed her by and says “She’s right there, Get her!!” Searra attacks Nova with all of her duplicates and then teleports away. “Split up and find her!” says Nova. Two soldiers round the corner and attack Nitro who had been waiting for the assault. Nitro counters and takes one down and moves down the hall as a distraction but stops when he sees Nova, taking two hits from more soldiers. Nitro attacks the soldier next to him and takes him down. Searra repeats her attack on Nova, who takes a staggering blow. Nova blasts at Nitro, hurting him a little. A soldier sends a volley of blasts at Nitro but misses. One last attack from another soldier causes Nitro to fall. Nova walks around the corner toward where the rest of the group lies unconscious. “Give up or we will start killing your friends!” Searra teleports into the hall, grabs all of her fallen friends and teleports, again into the med bay. There is a lone soldier passing through this room. Searra easily dispatches him. After a moment, Trism regains consciousness.

Meanwhile, Nova and his remaining soldiers return to the bridge and report to Eurhel. “Sir! They got away again. The hairy one is too fast. She took all of the unconscious ones, including our traitor, and vanished.” says Nova. “Search the ship and do what it takes to capture them!” roars Eurhel “I will attempt to keep my word and not kill them but they are trying my patience! Send some soldiers to their house again to retrieve the stones they took! The Dragonballs will be reactivating soon and we need anything that could be one in our possession! Get soldiers in all of the rooms where they can access our systems and re-activate security! Send Jolt and Backlash on a search of each deck, if they are still on this ship I want them found!!”

Damn, these guys are resiliant!

Isamaru rushes out of the brig to meet the oncoming attack head-on and finds himself surrounded by soldiers. He unleashes an energy wave at the largest group of them. Over half of the group falls to the attack. Several soldiers move in to retaliate but Isamaru avoids the attacks. Trism comes out to help Isamaru. Searra and all of her duplicates attack the soldiers but she only manages to take down one. Flute attacks a soldier’s mind who collapses.

Nova walks around the corner, looking very angry, and launches a beam towards the group near the door to the brig, which explodes when it reaches them taking out a few of his own soldiers and lightly injuring Nitro. Isamaru swings his sword at one of the soldiers but misses. Nova is stunned by Flute’s mental attack. Several soldiers attack Trism, and injure her a little. Nova decides to leave before he is nearly killed again but in a last-ditch effort, he flies over everyone, leaving an energy trail behind him and leaves, Trism falls to this attack, and Flute is staggered, but Isamaru manages to dodge it. Several soldiers also fall to Nova’s indiscriminate attack. The remaining soldiers attack Flute and Isamaru; Flute is uninjured but Isamaru takes a staggering blow!

The combined efforts of the group finishes off the remaining soldiers and Isamaru runs after Nova in a rage! Searra tries to stop him but he ploughs through her, throwing her to the ground and continues his chase, Searra and Flute decide to follow Isamaru, as does Nitro. Searra leaves her duplicates to watch over Trism. Isamaru follows Nova’s scent and comes to the end of the corridor where a door stands in his way. He tries blasting it with an energy wave, to no effect. He then tries to pry the door open with his sword and manages to budge it a little. With a little more effort he opens it enough and squeezes through. Flute grabs Searra and says “teleport!” she does just as the door closes. Nitro sees the others make it through the door and decides to go back and get Trism. On the other side of the door is the bridge; Isamaru, Flute and Searra find themselves confronted with another contingent of solders…


While the group searched the ship, a unit of soldiers returned from a site that one of the Dragonballs were thought to have landed and saw the carnage outside the ship “They are on the ship…” whispered a voice over the unit commander’s radio “if anyone is conscious out there, help… they are on the housing deck searching through the barracks… Requesting radio silence”

“You three, find some med packs and get these soldiers revived!” said the unit commander to his soldiers “You, help me find Eurhel and the Captains!” “Aye, sir!” the four said with a salute and then went quickly to their assigned duties. After just a few minutes many of the soldiers were revived and sent to help the rest. The commander and his subordinate eventually found Eurehl and the captains, some still outside and some on the bridge, they were revived as well (with the exception of Rock who was now just a pile of vaguely Reptilian-shaped rubble).

A group of soldiers had gathered at the edge of the battlefield. They were nervously standing over Void discussing weather or not to revive him as well. A moment later Eurhel walked up to the group. “Why are you just standing around? Help anyone who needs attention! We must not let the ship fall into enemy hands once again!” “Aye, Sir!” said the soldiers and eagerly rushed away. Eurhel stopped the last one from leaving, leaned close to him and whispered “Treat his wounds but do not revive him yet, it will take a lot more than that to kill Void. We may still need him. Move him somewhere secure I will give you a signal if he is to be revived, then you tell him where to go” “a… Aye… Sir…” said the soldier.

Eurhel returned to the bridge of the ship after he was sure everyone that could be ready for battle was. He sent several units to do a search of the ship and then walked up to one of the computer consoles, pressed a button and said into the microphone, “Wherever you are, you have made a grave mistake! As I speak the ship is being searched. You will be found and you will pay!” a moment later a voice responded “They’re in the brig!” Eurhel quickly looked to another group of soldiers and gestured to the corridor that leads to the brig. They acted without hesitation. “Nova, go with them in case they can’t handle it on their own.” “Aye, sir!” he said as he ran after the soldiers…

Unexpected Help

Searra continues searching the room and eventually hears something move and a door shut. She sniffs the air and smells one of the reptilian creatures. She follows the sound, leaving two of her duplicates with the rest of the group to keep them apprised. She sneaks to where she heard the movement comes to a door near a very large cage with a huge creature in it but it doesn’t seem to notice her. She searches the door for signs of tampering and doesn’t find any. She opens the door and sees a reptilian down the hall pull his head into another room and close the door behind him. She teleports to the door and opens it. It is a lift room and she sees the creature at the control panel and several more on the lift pad, all wearing white coats. All of them cower when she opens the door. She she tells the rest of the group to come to where she is and holds the door for them to catch up. “Hi!” says Searra, “You don’t look like you’re gonna shoot me, I hope someone shows up soon who can vaguely understand you guys… Unless you speak our language?” He cowers. Searra pokes the one closest to her who runs and joins the others. Trism, Flute and Isamaru show up. “It’s like Whack-A-Mole!” says Searra “You poke one and they run away!” She looks back at the reptilians, points to herself and says “Searra” then to Trism and says “Trism” and points to them with a quizzical look on her face. Flute tries to read their minds but all she gets is feelings of fear. Searra uses her ability to control other creatures’ emotions on each of them and they all calm down. Searra repeats the naming process and then she asks if any of them speak their language. One of them timidly says “I do” “Good!” Says Searra, “What is your name?” says Searra “Jitinder” he says “Oh What do you do here?” asks Searra “I am a scientist” He says “Can you narrow that down please?” asks Searra “Specifically I study the live animals of different worlds.” says Jitinder “Oh, can you tell me what that one thing in there was that tried to eat my face?” asks Searra “many of those creatures will do that…” he says “Oh, the big, slightly furry one that was next to the first door” “Oh, we call that an Arrats” he says “Why do you have all the critters on this ship anyway?” asks Searra “Well, the first mission here made periodical stops to do scientific studies of some planets we were interested in. We were already planning some missions to these planets and this new mission for the Dragonballs made them more viable. We came along on the second mission to secure the various specimens that were on this ship.” Trism holds up the container she took from the freezer room “What is this?” she asks another scientist grabs it, says something to her in reptilian and runs out of the roomand down the hall “What did he say?” asks Trism “He said that it needed to get back to cryogenics as soon as possible!” says Jitinder “what was it?” asks Trism “I have no idea” says Jitinder. Trism is disappointed. “And what were you doing in that room when you ran from us?” asks Searra “I was making sure the animals were okay” says Jitinder “Oh, good!” says Searra “Hey! Do you guys have anyone imprisoned here that you maybe picked up on another planet?” asks Trism “No… this is Lord Caius’ ship everyone here is Reptilian…” “anyone imprisoned at all?” asks Trism. “There is one soldier that was imprisoned for insubordination” says Jitinder “What did he do?” asks Trism “He was imprisoned for sympathizing with you. He was upset about the way Eurhel was dealing with you.” explains Jitinder “Can you bring us to him?” asks Searra “sure…” the scientist who took the cryogenics specimen returns and glares at Trism. “Can you ask him what was in there?” asks Trism Jitinder and the other scientist talk for a moment in Reptilian “It was apparently some frozen gas that is quite dangerous” says Jitinder “oh, maybe someone should teach them how to read your language so that doesn’t happen again… they tend to be a little grabby” says Searra “I have no idea what you are talking about” says Flute. Jitinder gestures to the platform and goes to the console as everyone climbs onto the platform. He presses some buttons and then joins the others. The platform goes down to level one. Trism and Flute see a well hidden door on the opposite wall to what is obviously the main door to the lift. “Hey what’s that?” they ask “Wow, I’m surprised you even saw that… that’s Lord Caius’ room.” Everyone perks up and asks to go in there. “Ummm… No… I don’t even know the codes to get in there, anyway.” They leave the lift room go across the corridor and through the medical bay. They ask about the four large vats in this room “Those are recovery chambers, they accelerate healing. The brig is this way” says Jitinder “How do you remember all of this?” asks Flute “I lived here for months while we were traveling here” He says “Do you have a map of the ship?” asks Flute “Ummm, there’s maps on the computers… I don’t need one, though, I know this ship pretty well” He leads them through the other lift room and down the next corridor to the brig. Trism memorizes the code he enters on the panel. As soon as they enter, another Reptilian jumps up from his desk, takes a defensive stance and says something to Jitinder in Reptilian. They argue for a moment and Searra tries to convince the guard to let them in. Searra offers to let him lock her in the cell with the prisoner. “Fine, talk to him” he says “it’s not like I can stop you all anyway.” “High five?” says Flute as she holds up her hand. The guard looks confused at her. Searra goes over to the prisoner’s cell. The soldier says nothing but passes Searra a note:

Our scientists have developed a more powerful engine, it was used to bring Eurhel and everyone on this second mission here. Eurhel left standing orders that if this mission is to fail, a new mission should be launched to Namek with these new engines and the Dragonballs there will be used to return Lord Caius and anyone else who was killed or transformed here on earth back to normal.

“So, lizard-boy, what’s your name?” asks Trism. Over the loud speakers Eurhel’s voice is heard “Wherever you are, you have made a grave mistake! As I speak the ship is being searched. You will be found and you will pay!” “Hey, Lizard-boy! Are you willing to help us?” asks Trism “Well, the name’s Nitro, and if you let me out I’ll kinda owe you” The guard presses a button on the desk and says into a microphone “They’re in the brig!” “Do you really want to die now?” asks Searra “My loyalties are with Lord Caius!” he says

Searra teleports Nitro out of his cell. Trism blasts the guard but he is tougher than she expected and he shrugs off the attack. Flute attacks his mind, which also has no effect. The guard attacks Nitro, who dodges out of the way. Searra surrounds him with her duplicates and attacks him draining his life force and causing some physical damage, Nitro punches him and also injures him. Flute attacks his mind again, he winces and grabs his head. Searra attacks him again and knocks him out.


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