Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

The Lord Caius Saga (part 1)

In the great hall of Churak fortress, a large Reptilian creature sits upon a white throne. Lord Caius‘ concentration is barely broken by a low-level worker running toward him. The worker stops a short distance from him and kneels. “Lord Caius!” said the worker “Hmm?“ Lord Caius barely acknowledged. “Sir, we have located earth! It is on the fringe of sector-11. Orbiting a small star; here.” The worker produces a map of the galaxy and points to a highlighted area “It’s the third planet!” Lord Caius stands up, towering over the worker “This is excellent news! Have the workers prepare my ship, full military complement!“ he said. The worker cranes his neck to look up at Caius “Sir, our intelligence indicates that the inhabitants of earth are harmless. Surely we do not need to bring so many!” Lord Caius looks down at his subject “Not that I need to explain myself to you but I have learned to always be prepared for a battle when going to an unfamiliar planet. The presence of dragonballs there means that at least one Namekian resides there and they have proven to be strong fighters.“ said Lord Caius “Surely, sir, you are not afraid of a single Namekian?” said the worker. “Of course not! However if there is one strong fighter, there are bound to be more… Besides, the soldiers could use something to do. They are getting restless… Mauro, Sem! Prepare yourselves! We’re going to Earth!“ Lord Caius’ two Lieutenants snap to attention and follow him out of the room. The worker leaves the room and begins to rally troops to prepare Lord Caius’ ship.

Mauro and Sem walked along either side of Lord Caius, Mauro to his right and Sem to his left. Mauro walked casually with his arms swinging at his sides and his tail swaying gently in the air behind him, only occasionally looking up at Lord Caius. He appeared lithe and slim and was quite agile. Sem was large and muscular, he had two pairs of arms and always walked with the upper pair folded and the lower pair stiffly at his sides. His thick tail barely moved behind him, his head always forward but his eyes constantly shifting left and right. Both of them, however, paled in comparison to Lord Caius who stood almost twice the height of Sem and was also very muscular. Lord Caius walked with dignity, as one in his position should, with his arms crossed behind his back. He turned slightly and looked down to address Mauro; “Mauro!“ said Lord Caius “Yes, my Lord?“ said Mauro “I want you to go and assemble my elite warriors in the great hall. Tell them I am selecting ten of them to accompany us on our journey and will be making the announcement in one hour“ said Lord Caius “Sir? Assemble over two hundred soldiers in one hour?!“ Mauro asked. “Why do you think I am asking you and not Sem?“ said Lord Caius “I will do my best, sir!“ said Mauro “Thank you“ said Lord Caius Mauro salutes Lord Caius and then streaks down the corridor and is out of sight in an instant. “Sem, I want you to oversee the preparations of my ship. Make sure everything goes smoothly and swiftly. I wish to leave within a week!“ said Lord Caius Sem unfolded his arms and saluted with two hands. “Yes Sir!!“ said Sem as he turned left down a side corridor as Lord Caius passed by.

Lord Caius spent the next hour with several assistants looking over performance evaluations for all of his Elite warriors, carefully selecting ten, not only of the best but also of those he wished to test on their battle prowess. After nearly an hour had passed Mauro appears at the threshold of Lord Caius’ war room and salutes. “Sir!“ said Mauro “Yes, Mauro?“ asked Lord Caius “I have completed my task, all captains should be in the great hall in a matter of minutes!“ said Mauro “Excellent! Go fetch Sem! He is supervising the preparations of my ship. I wish you two to be at my side when I announce who is coming with us!“ said Lord Caius “Yes Sir!“ Mauro salutes again and streaks off to find Sem. A few moments later Mauro appears again “Sem is on his way back. He should be here in a few moments! Have you finished, sir?“ said Mauro “Yes, it was difficult but I believe I have selected the best suited for the job. When Sem gets here…“ said Lord Caius as Sem interrupted “I am here, my lord!“ “Ah, good! Go wait for me in the Great Hall, I will be out shortly“ said Lord Caius. Mauro and Sem leave the room as Lord Caius goes over his selections one more time.

The Great Hall was filled with Reptilian soldiers, all of varying sizes and builds. Some carried weapons, many were dressed extravagantly and others were very modestly dressed. All of them had a confident air to them. There was a din of conversation filling the room. Two, incredibly large figures sat quietly in the shadows toward the back of the hall. Lord Caius commanded great respect amongst his people; all conversation stopped the instant he entered the room. Lord Caius walked to his throne and sat down. If someone had dropped a pin it could have been heard anywhere in the hall. Someone did and it was. Sem scowled at Mauro who couldn’t help but crack a smile. There was scattered laughter throughout the great hall until Lord Caius started laughing, then the entire hall roared with laughter. Sem, however, was not laughing; Mauro always thought he was too serious. “My soldiers, my friends! We have just started down an exciting path! As many of you know, we have located earth and are currently getting ready for our journey there. Sem! How are the preparations on my ship going?“ said Lord Caius. Sem steps forward and salutes “Sir! Everything is in order and on schedule! We should be ready to leave well within your one week deadline!“ he said. “Excellent! As Mauro has informed all of you, I have selected ten of you to accompany me on this journey. It will likely take several months but the reward will be well worth any wait! Now! Before I announce those joining me on this journey, I wish to announce that, while I am gone, I have appointed Juris to be my kingdom’s steward!“ said Lord Caius as he gestured toward the back of the Great Hall as the larger of the two shadowy figures lowers his head. “You honor me, my Lord! Thank you!” resonated Juris’ voice.Lord Caius smiles and bows his head in response. “Now, on to the business at hand! Joining me on this historic journey will be, firstly, Juris’ brother Ramesh, Shel, Briar, Tone, Kevork, Ferran, Issmat, Bahadur, Korshid and Gresham. All of you please, go now and prepare your teams. We leave soon!“ said Lord Caius before he returns to his war room followed by Mauro and Sem. Congratulations are exchanged among the captains in the great hall and soon the hall is, once again, empty. “You may return to my ship and continue supervising it’s preparations now, Sem.“ said Lord Caius “Yes, Sir!“ said Sem “As for you, Mauro, I want you to make rounds and help the captains prepare their teams. Surprise inspections and that sort of thing.“ said Lord Caius “Yes, my Lord!“ said Mauro.

The next week passed quickly and with minimal mishaps. Everyone was quite aware of the importance of this mission and they were all very good at their jobs. The captains and their teams were ready in 5 days and the ship was ready shortly after that. Not one for long-winded speeches, when the ship was ready, Lord Caius gave the command and they simply left. After roughly three uneventful months they entered earth’s solar system and a few days later were in orbit around the third planet. The ships advanced stealth technology made it invisible to any equipment on earth. They released a satellite into orbit and then made planetfall on a small continent that was selected for its low population density. They landed in a remote location and began scanning the planet for the dragonballs.

On a small island in the north pacific ocean sits a house. Inside that house Fewbert Harnsworth has been working on a small hand-held device for the past three months. He is designing it to track the location of objects known as Dragonballs which he, until enlightened by his newly acquainted Namekian friend, Flute, thought were merely curious spheres that have stars in them and give off a faint energy. While working on this device, the screen briefly activates and displays Africa, with a yellow blip in northern Kenya accompanied by the number 0.003; the screen then goes black again. Fewbert Harnsworth decides to relay this information (or at least to announce that he has found ‘something’) to his friends. Donning his battlesuit he uses it’s loudspeaker to call his friends home. Across the island his haggard old voice could be heard “Hey, everybody! Get over here!” rattling the windows in the house. Searra, Yumi, Kalding and Flute hear the call and return to the house from their various activities around the island. Jex, however, continues to sleep. “Good news everybody! We’re going to Kenya!” Says Fewbert Harnsworth. The group flies to Kenya and along the way Searra senses two sizable power sources heading east and everyone decides to suppress their powers. Upon arrival in Kenya, a search of the area reveals that the Dragonball seems to be missing; this fact is confirmed with the temporary repair of the Dragonball tracker, which reveals the location of all the Dragonballs on earth. The tracker also reveals that the Dragonball previously in Kenya now seems to reside in Kyoto Japan but a closer one in China was decided to be Fewbert Harnsworth’s next quarry. The group followed.

On the way Searra decided to get a closer look at this tracker and, after a brief struggle, managed to see where the Dragonballs were and noted that there seemed to be strong power sources in the same direction of each Dragonball. In the direction of Japan, however, there seemed to be about four strong powers, three seemed very strong. After little discussion, the course for china was resumed. Upon arrival at the location of the Dragonball in china, roughly twenty-five reptilian soldiers were seen searching for something. Eight of these soldiers noticed the group and flew up to match their altitude. They simply hung there and kept their eyes on the group. Searra vanishes from sight. “What are you doing here?” asked Yumi. “We do not need to explain ourselves to you!” said one of the soldiers. The eight soldiers flew at the group but not before Searra grabbed one from behind and bit his neck. After a few of the reptilians are felled by the group several more stopped their searches and attack. After a few more casualties from the reptilian soldiers, what appeared to be a rock until this point unfolds into the form of a heavily armored Creature with two swords in his hands and one attached to his tail, all crackling with energy. Searra turned her sights upon this new foe and, after dropping the desiccated husk of her last victim, moves behind the armored creature and bites him on the neck. This causes him to laugh, he then turns his swords on Searra who had been pulled off of him by one of his soldiers but he was unable to deal any serious damage. Searra then attempts to enthrall the armored creature with her gaze but he averts his eyes before she is successful.

MEANWHILE BACK ON THE ISLAND: Jex awakens to the frantic ravings of Orrin. “Oh no! They’re destroying Kyoto! The city is mostly in ruins!!” screams Orrin. “Wh… what? Where is everybody??” Says Jex. “They said something about going to Kenya and took off! Just after that the news came on with a report about some gigantic reptilian creature threatening to destroy Kyoto if the Dragonball there is not delivered to him! And now he is smashing the buildings and killing people!” says Orrin. “I’ll go to Kenya and tell the others about this!” says Jex but before he can leave the front door flies across the room and five small reptilians rush in, one immediately attacks Jex while the others spread out through the house. Jex makes short work of the first and then runs off to protect the Dragonball. The room that the Dragonball is kept in was, as yet, untouched and Jex stayed there to guard it. After a few moments one of the small creatures enters the room and Jex, again, subdues him swiftly. He then decides to hide in the room to get the drop on any more that come in. Another enters the room and quickly notices Jex. Jex gets hit a few times with thrown objects but is un-phased. After all of the creatures are unconscious and accounted for, Jex decides to find his friends.

Beaten badly, and with Yumi unconscious, the group decides at this point that a retreat is the best course of action. After breaking from the grip of the soldier Searra quickly hides. “Come back when you are ready to challenge me!” says Shel. From behind him the voice of the still hidden Searra shouts “No!” to which Shel spins around and swings his swords at the source; Searra barely evades the attack and flies off after her companions. They recover from their injuries and cross paths with Jex, on his way to Africa. It is decided to head back to the Island briefly to make some adjustments to Fewbert’s suit and Dragonball Tracker. With repairs complete the group heads to Japan where they are met with the sight of destroyed buildings and small reptilians searching the rubble and a very large reptilian smashing some of the more intact buildings. “Ah! That’s what that was!“ says a large, muscular creature flying high over the city, flanked by two other, smaller, creatures; one slender and one very muscular and with four arms. “It seems you have already met Shel. It appears that it did not go well for you, since he is still there.“ said Lord Caius. Searra hides and tries to sink her teeth into the gigantic creature smashing the buildings but his thick hide proves too tough for her to have any effect so she finds cover in the rubble of a smashed building. Jex then sends a blast of energy at the giant reptile which seems to only anger him! The giant creature takes two steps forward and, with a swing of his mighty arm, grabs Jex out of the air; the force of which causes some injuries. Yumi then unleashes a wide blast of energy and six of the small reptilians fall. Blows are exchanged between the group and the small creatures, Searra bites one of the small creatures but he falls from the injuries before she can drain his life force. Although they don’t seem to be able to fly, the small creatures can leap great distances and have no trouble striking at their foes. They also throw pieces of the smashed buildings and seem to be quite accurate in doing so. Attempts are made by Fewbert Harnsworth to free Jex from the great lizard’s tenacious grip but he holds tight! A strange sight unfolds in the middle of the fight, as Kalding summons a unicorn above the giant reptile and directs it to strike him in the head before vanishing again. The giant lizard grips his head with his free hand and groans in pain but holds tight to Jex. Soon there are only two of the small creatures left standing. Searra then flies up in front of the giant lizard’s face and stares into his huge eyes. “Now let’s just relax and stop fighting” says Searra, he seems to relax and stop fighting. “okay” says the creature. “What is your name?” asks Searra “My name is Ramesh” Jex yelps from the creature’s colossal hand. “Could you please let my friend go?” asks Searra “okay” says Ramesh as he lets go of Jex. “Now who are they up there?” asks Searra pointing to the three figures flying above as she notices a reflective glint over each of their left eyes. “That one is Lord Caius, he is Mauro and that is Sem.” says Ramesh, pointing to each of them “Ramesh!” shouts Lord Caius. Ramesh cowers. “How do you think you would do in a fight with that big one?” asks Searra “Lord Caius?!? I couldn’t hurt him at all!” Lord Caius, Mauro and Sem then fly down near Ramesh’s head as Searra hides behind him. “Haha! That is an interesting trick!“ says Lord Caius. It is obvious to the group that Sem is having a hard time restraining himself from attacking them. Fewbert Harnsworth sees that all three of them have a device on the left side of their head with a screen that comes over the eye. Lord Caius looks at his lieutenants and gestures toward the standing soldiers and they fly down and pick them up. “I am going to have fun here! You may have this Dragonball… for now.“ Lord Caius grabs Ramesh by the hand and flies off with Mauro and Sem to the north. Searra is disappointed to see her new friend leave. After a short search the Dragonball is found and brought back to the island.

Having seen the scouters that Lord Caius and his Leutennants were wearing, Fewbert Harnsworth spent the next several hours in his workshop trying to build a version of it into his suit. Upon completion of that he began working on a way to integrate the Dragonball tracker into his suit as well. He hardly noticed Searra come in and ask him several questions about what he was doing; she left only briefly to talk to Orrin (which proved equally as useless) and then returned to Fewbert Harnsworth’s lab. Once his upgrades were complete he called the others in to decide which Dragonball they were going to seek next. They eventually decided to seek the Dragonball in Texas. When they arrived at the location there, they were at the harbor of a small lake. Many reptilian soldiers were searching the peers and boats; three were standing atop a raised platform and seemed to be supervising the rest. When the group arrived the one in the middle spoke up; “Ah! I was wondering when you would arrive!” “Hi, do you have a name?” asked Searra. “I do” said the creature. “Oh… Would you mind telling me what it is?” asked Searra. “Yes” said the captain, with a grin. He looked across the harbor and gestured to his soldiers to attack. Searra vanished. The few soldiers who were paying attention followed the command and attacked the rest of the group. In the midst of the melee, the captain flew above the group, extended his arms toward them and opened his hands. His fingers then stretched and streaked toward the group at great speed and wrapped around Flute and Kalding but missed the rest. Searra tried to bite the captain but he was tougher than she had anticipated so she attempted to hide again. Yumi unleashed her cone-shaped blast on several of the soldiers that were grouped together and took a few of them out. Fewbert Harnsworth decided to seek out the Dragonball and found that it was under the water, so he dove in after it. Beneath the surface Fewbert Harnsworth saw about a dozen more reptilians searching the muck down below. Searra’s hiding place was found by one of the soldiers and he attacked her but she was able to incapacitate him quickly and move to a new location. The captain made another attempt to capture those who had evaded his attack before and managed to snare Searra and Jex. Flute and Kalding were beginning to find it difficult to breathe as they were constricted by the lengthy digits but were able to muster enough strength to attack the captain’s mind. His will was strong, however, and the attacks had little effect. Fewbert Harnsworth, after felling one soldier, managed to locate the Dragonball with his newly integrated tracker but not before it was found by another soldier and brought to the surface. Another wide blast from Yumi rendered several more soldiers unconscious while Searra, Jex, Flute and Kalding tried to free themselves. Fewbert Harnsworth returned to the surface and tried to find the one who claimed the Dragonball. The readout in his helmet showed him which one had it just moments before several of them tried to blast him all at once. Fewbert Harnsworth deflected most of the attacks and with quick thinking redirected them at the soldier carrying the Dragonball. Fewbert Harnsworth then flew over to the smoldering body and fished the Dragonball from his clothes. Another mental attack from Flute managed to stun the captain long enough for most of his captives to escape; Searra, unfortunately, was not able to free herself. Now that he was free, Jex grabbed the captain from behind and restrained him. Fewbert Harnsworth flew over to join in the fight against the captain as all of the soldiers were now turning their sights on Jex to free their leader. A few moments later Jex had choked out the captain and Searra was finally freed from his grip. The group heard clapping as Lord Caius descended from the sky. “Very well done!” said Lord Caius “What is his name?” said Searra, referring to the captain as Fewbert Harnsworth tried to get a reading on Lord Caius’ power level. “He is Ferran“ said Lord Caius. “Oh, he wouldn’t tell us. Very rude…” said Searra. “You’ll find that most of my captains will be like that“ said Lord Caius. “Hmmm… Well we’re going to keep this one” said Searra. “Oh, are you? And why’s that“ asked Lord Caius. “As a prize” said Searra. “But you have your prize, you’ve collected another Dragonball. And he is mine!“ said Lord Caius “We didn’t get the Dragonball yet…” said Searra. Lord Caius pushes a button on his scouter and looks at the group. “Yes you did, he has it” said Lord Caius, pointing at Fewbert Harnsworth. “What?? Where am I?!?” said Fewbert Harnsworth. “Now“ said Lord Caius, looking at Jex, “I will take him“ Jex relinquishes his prisoner without contest. “Sem“ said Lord Caius as he lifted up Ferran. Sem flew down from above, took Ferran and flew off. Lord Caius gestured to the soldiers below and they followed him in the same direction Sem went.

The near constant fighting had started to wear thin on the group and many of them were starting to get tired. It was decided to rest for the night and begin again in the morning. During the night Searra and Flute sense several large and many small power sources moving around the planet. When morning came, Fewbert Harnsworth put on his suit and activated his scouter to read the power levels of the reptilians guarding each of the remaining Dragonballs. He saw that there seemed to be less of the soldiers around and also saw two larger powers in Greenland. Since there only seemed to be one large power at the Dragonball in Peru, and only a few smaller ones, this was selected as the group’s next target.

Upon arrival they saw five reptilian soldiers, one extravagantly dressed creature who’s presence seemed to have a disturbing effect on the area surrounding him, was correctly assumed to be the captain here and one more reptilian wearing a strange contraption on his back with tubes running down his arms to small ports on the backs of his gloves. The group didn’t know what to make of this second creature, who was clearly not a normal soldier. Before a move could be made by either side, however, Mauro appeared between the two groups. “Ah, I’m not too late, excellent! Lord Caius sends his apologies, he could not be here in person. He is preparing a surprise for you but I assure you he can see everything that goes on here. As you can see there has been a change from the last time you fought one of our teams.“ “What do you mean by that?” asked Searra “Well, up until now you have only been facing one captain at a time, now it will be two… I will be supervising this fight personally in Lord Caius’ stead.“ said Mauro “Why do you need to supervise it? Are you like a referee??” asked Flute “I am supervising it because my Lord told me to“ said Mauro “But why does he want you to?” asked Flute “I do not question my Lord’s orders, I merely follow them!“ said Mauro and then flew up to a higher vantage point. Three of the soldiers flew between the group and the extravagantly dressed captain but kept their distance from him. The two others went to guard the one with the device on his back. As the battle began, the space around Yumi began to stretch and warp and then spread to surround the rest of the group, twinges of pain could be felt as this happened but the pain was not too great to prevent them from attempting to thin out the reptilian ranks by taking out most of the soldiers, which was done with relative ease. Jex went to take care of the two protecting the captain with the strange device. Bahadur responded by aiming his fists at Jex and when he did this, painfully deafening sounds emanated from them at Jex. Two of the soldiers protecting the one who seemed to be ignoring at the laws of physics were felled and Issmat decided to take it out on Searra, who still had her teeth in one of them. Searra’s surrounding area suddenly and violently turned in on itself, a very painful experience. After a failed attack, Jex was looking at the business end of Bahadur’s hand devices again. Jex prepared to receive another sonic attack, but this time searing hot flames surrounded him although it wasn’t as painful as he had expected. With only two of the soldiers remaining, the group decided to focus their efforts on the two captains. Flute and Kalding attempted to attack Issmat’s mind together but Kalding’s mental weapon seemed to avoid hitting his head. Fewbert Harnsworth attempted to strike at Issmat but his fist also seemed to avoid hitting him. Jex didn’t seem to be gaining any ground on hurting Bahadur but the next attack from the devices seemed only to make Jex feel better! “Damnit!!” shouted Bahadur. Flute began to feel ill as everything began to spin and twist around her. This did not prevent her and Kalding from making another attempt at Issmat’s mind but another failed attempt from Kalding meant little effect on the strong-willed captain. Fewbert Harnsworth tried to restrain Issmat and, though he got a good grip, a moment later Issmat was hovering beside him again and his metallic arms were empty. Another powerful attack from Jex and Bahadur fell unconscious but he vanished from sight before he fell to the ground. The group noticed that Mauro now held Bahadur but decided not to focus on that for too long and deal with the remaining threat… Which, suddenly seemed to have turned into two remaining threats. Issmat was now in two places at once! One remained near Fewbert Harnsworth while the other was now facing off with Flute who was just starting to feel less ill when another wave of sickness came over her. Fewbert Harnsworth’s suit was suffering some minor malfunctions as reality began to tear at it. Issmat then split once again and this third incarnation took up a central position to give himself the best view. Fewbert Harnsworth tried to find the dragonball and discovered that it seemed to be in the posession of all three of Issmat’s incarnations at once! It was decided that the best course of action would be to concentrate on one duplicate at a time so the group chose one and focused their efforts on that one. The problem of attacks seeming to avoid hitting him at the last moment was becoming a serious problem for them. Yumi now started to feel ill and began vomiting. When the group finally managed to all hit Issmat at once, it only took a couple of attacks to bring him down. When he fell unconscious, all three duplicates once again became one. Issmat also dissappeared after falling only a short distance. “Finally! I was begining to get impatient!“ said Mauro as he fished something out of Issmat’s clothes. “Here is your prize“ he said, tossing the Dragonball down to Searra. “You’re just giving it to us?!?” she asked. “Yes, those were my orders“ said Mauro “okay, well what were their names?” asked Searra but Mauro was out of sight before she finished.

The Lord Caius Saga (part 2)

The group now decided to head to Greenland and when they got there, they saw a vast, featureless landscape. All they could see was snow all the way to the horizon. Flying above the snow were seven figures; five more reptilian soldiers (several of which seemed very un-happy to be where they were one of whom was vomiting), and two others. One of the other figures looked very similar to the rest of the soldiers except that he was slightly larger and his clothes were a little different, the other was surmised by the group to be female and also appeared to have no eyes. High above, Lord Caius and his lieutenants observed. Searra hides and moves closer to the captains and their soldiers, she noticed that Sem seemed to be looking right at her, which disturbed her a little. A few moments passed without either side making a move. Searra came out of hiding and addressed Lord Caius “Are they going to fight us?” “They have no need to fight you; They already have the Dragonball. However, if you want it, you will have to defeat them“ said Lord Caius “but if something doesn’t happen soon, Mauro and Sem may start getting impatient.“ “Okay, well, what are their names?” asked Searra “I thought you might want to know that.“ said Lord Caius “He is Kevork and she is Tone“ “Ah, thank you” said Searra. Searra hid again and Yumi moved into a position to attack all of the soldiers and the captains at once with her wide blast; most of them evaded the attack but two of the soldiers were felled. Jex tried to attack Kevork but missed. Kevork then reached out and touched Jex who felt some of his power draining away. Tone moved closer to the group and several of them began to feel ill, she then emitted a piercing scream, one of her soldiers fell unconscious, Kalding and Yumi were both injured by the sound waves. Kevork pointed his finger toward the bulk of the group and a small ball of energy appeared at the tip and then shot forward in the direction he was pointing, when it got close to them it exploded with great force! Kalding, Fewbert Harnsworth and Yumi were enveloped in the blast, Fewbert Harnsworth and Yumi suffered some injuries. Searra notice that Fewbert Harnsworth hadn’t moved much since they arrived and after a moment his external speakers activated with the sound of him snoring. Searra flew straight at Fewbert Harnsworth, bounced off his armor and, in passing, tried to bite Kevork but was unable to sink her teeth in. “Wha?...” said Fewbert Harnsworth “What happened??”. Another powerful sound wave from Tone was unleashed but no one suffered any serious harm from it. Jex realized that he was unable to use his energy blast and speculated that Kevork had stolen it from him so he struck at Kevork and landed a mighty blow! The attacks from the soldiers were only distractions rather than harmful but they did make the fight more complicated. Another large explosion came from Kevork but it failed to have any serious effect. Jex then turned his attention to Tone who retaliated by focusing her sonic attacks specifically on him. After several failed attacks, Jex finally was able to deal a crippling blow to Tone and she fell to the ground. With one major threat taken care of, Fewbert Harnsworth grabbed Kevork and restrained him. Seeing his commander in peril, one of the soldiers came to his aid and pulled Fewbert Harnsworth off of him with surprising ease! Kevork then flew away to get a good position and unleashed another explosion but they seemed to be getting less powerful. It was still powerful enough to remove Yumi from the fight, however and she fell to the ground as well. Fewbert Harnsworth broke free of the soldiers grip with the help of Searra’s teeth and attempted to restrain Kevork again, while the others took care of the remaining soldier. With the only thing able to keep Fewbert Harnsworth from maintaining his grip on the captain on the ground, unconscious, the group was finally able to subdue Kevork. Lord Caius descended with Mauro and Sem and removed Kevork from Fewbert Harnsworth’s grip. “Well done“ said Lord Caius as he handed the Dragonball Kevork was carrying to Searra. “Why are you doing this?” asked Searra “Doing what?“ asked Lord Caius “Do you enjoy watching your soldiers getting beat up?” “I am just curious to see exactly how powerful you are… Also, why is it that you insist on knowing the names of my captains?“ asked Lord Caius “Well” answered Searra “I think it is rude to fight someone without knowing their name” “Fair enough,“ said Lord Caius “until next time…“ Lord Caius flew off with Kevork in hand, Mauro retrieved Tone and Sem gathered up the remaining soldiers and followed Lord Caius. The group returned to their island to recover.

After returning home to recover from the last fight, Fewbert Harnsworth secretly decided that he was not going to continue fighting much longer in order to pursue a more intellectual venture and provide the group with a little less direct support in battle. To this end, he made another hand-held Dragonball tracker and gave it to Kalding when he made the announcement of his impending retirement from the battlefield. Then they prepared to head back to China to face Shel once more. Yumi still hadn’t fully recovered and decided to remain home. When they arrived at the location of their previous retreat they saw Shel and seven of his soldiers along with Lord Caius, Mauro, Sem and one other reptilian that was assumed to be another captain. This creature was different from the others they have faced before because his skin was brown, as opposed to the blues and greens that every other reptilian has been so far. He also had larger scales that came to points and seemed to be rather sharp along their edges. Jex suddenly decided that Sem rubbed him the wrong way and declared to himself that Sem was his nemesis. When he saw the group, Lord Caius spoke; “Ah! There you are! Come, come! I wish to talk!“ he said with a grin. Searra reluctantly approached. “All of you, come! Please!“ said Lord Caius, and the rest approached as well. “Your last comment to me was intriguing“ said Lord Caius to Searra “You say that you find it rude to fight someone who’s name you do not know…“ “Yes” said Searra “However“ said Lord Caius “we do not know your names. I think formal introductions are in order; I am Lord Caius this is my first lieutenant, Mauro, and my second, Sem. And you are?“ asked Lord Caius “I am Searra this is Flute and Kalding” said Searra “I am Jex” said Jex ”…and he is Fewbert” said Searra “You seem to be missing one“ said Lord Caius “Yes, Yumi stayed home” said Searra. “Hmmm, well, now that that is out of the way. You have met Shel and this is…“ “I am Briar” Interrupted the brown reptilian as all the scales on his body stood up like thousands of knives. “Haha! Yes, Briar. Apart from Mauro and Sem he is among my three strongest fighters. Good luck, you will need it!“ said Lord Caius as he and his lieutenants rose high above the battlefield. Fewbert Harnsworth searched for the Dragonball which he discovered was in Shel’s possession while Searra hid. Shel’s soldiers, again, wasted no time and attacked the group but not before Searra bit one of them. She disabled him but was not able to take his life force. Jex figured that a frontal assault on Sem right now would be suicide and so decided that he would imagine that his current opponents were Sem to draw upon an inner strength to defeat them. Jex attacked Briar, his attack had no effect on the captain but he cut himself on Briar’s scales! In retaliation, Briar swung his fist at Jex but missed. It seemed that any physical contact with Briar would result in injury to the attacker as well! Shel then leapt into the air, swung his swords at Flute and landed several powerful blows! As the battle progressed, Flute was getting badly beaten, Fewbert Harnsworth was beginning to experience some serious malfunctions in his suit and Kalding’s regenerative abilities were having a hard time keeping up with the punishment. Searra remained hidden most of the time and didn’t suffer any serious attacks. Fewbert Harnsworth then surprised his companions by tearing one of the soldiers in two! Lord Caius and his battle hardened lieutenants seemed fairly unphased by this. After a failed attempt to attack Shel, Jex was grabbed by one of the soldiers and pulled away from the group and before anyone could react, was dragged straight up into the air at tremendous speed! Shel was finally felled by a combined mental attack from Flute and Kalding. Fewbert Harnsworth took the time to retrieve the Dragonball from Shel. Flute then tried to give chase to the soldier dragging Jex ever higher into the sky. When she could clearly see them, Flute attacked the soldier’s mind, who released Jex and fell limply to the ground far below. With only Briar and two soldiers left Flute and Kalding turned their mental attacks on the spiny menace and, though he was strong willed, he eventually fell. “That’s enough“ said Lord Caius. The fighting stopped and the remaining soldiers flew up to Lord Caius’ side. “He was one of your strongest fighters?” asked Searra. “Well, you seemed to have found the best way to fight him, congratulations. I will be sending for my dragonballs shortly, farewell!“ said Lord Caius as he collected Briar, Mauro carried away Shel and Sem gathered the soldiers. The three flew away while Searra vainly argued that they would not give him the dragonballs.

Shortly after returning home, everyone tried to relax. Fewbert Harnsworth relaxed in the only way he knew how; By working feverishly on a new invention in his lab. Several hours passed without incident. Suddenly, Flute and Searra heard the sound of a vessel approaching. Searra went to the window to investigate, she saw a small transport vehicle land on the island, a few hundred yards from the house. Moments later a knock came at the door. Everyone, not sure what to do, waited for someone to act. Another knock came and Flute decided to answer… by knocking back. This was answered by another knock. Searra opened the window and stuck her head out. She saw a frail-looking reptilian holding a small device, he was clearly not a soldier and seemed terrified to be where he was. “Hello? What do you want?” asked Searra. The creature looked over at Searra with a start “M…my Lord w…wanted me to d…deliver a message to you…” he said as he held up the device “are you scared of that thing or me?” asked Searra. The creature timidly pointed at her. “Me?” asked Searra, then she went to the door and opened it. The small creature backed away a little and held up the device again. Searra took the device and patted the creature on the head, who shrunk away from her hand and ran back to his transport. The vessel lifted off and flew away. The device that Searra now held was simple, it had a screen like the Dragonball tracker along with a few buttons and a switch. When the switch was toggled, the device was activated. It displayed a static image of new Zealand, with a small yellow blip over the North-east portion of the land mass and after a moment, displayed the text ‘Don’t forget my Dragonballs’.

After a short discussion, the group flew off to New Zealand. Fewbert Harnsworth placed the Dragonballs in a secret compartment in his suit and then deactivated the suit to hide their energy signature. Lord Caius was waiting for the group with his lieutenants. When he saw them, he pressed a button on his scouter. “I told you to bring the Dragonballs“ said Lord Caius “We did” said Searra “they’re just hidden. Before we give them to you, we just want to know why you want them…” “That is my own business“ said Lord Caius. “Well, you’re not giving us much incentive to give them to you… if it were for a good cause, such as to save a planet from destruction or the good of your people…” “It is most definitely for the good of my people“ interrupted Lord Caius “The power that the Dragonballs can grant me will benefit my people greatly“ “What kind of power?” asked Searra “Immortality!“ said Lord Caius “Why would you want to live forever?” asked Flute “If I live forever, I can rule forever!“ said Lord Caius “So, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason for us to give them to you…” said Searra. “So be it! Korshid, Have your fun!“ said Lord Caius and flew off with Mauro and Sem. Suddenly, ten identical creatures appeared in the air near the group and one of them blasted Searra. Jex swung at the one who attacked Searra but his fist passed through the creature, who then vanished. A mental attack from Flute caused another to vanish. Searra tried to bite one but nearly bit her tongue as the creature dissipated. Another blast from a different creature, this time, struck Flute. Fewbert Harnsworth tried to find which one of these creatures was real with his suit’s sensors but saw no energy signatures from any of the creatures. He did sense a faint power near the ground but was unable to get a good lock on it. After several more attacks from the group, only two of the creatures remained. It was deduced that one of them must be the real one but before another assault could be launched the two came together and split into ten again! Jex tried to blast one of them, but the creature reacted with a blast of his own! A surge of power was created between the two combatants but it seemed like Jex was loosing the struggle! Searra got an idea and decided to simply fly through as many of the creatures as she could until she hit something solid. She started with the one fighting Jex but the moment she made contact with him he vanished and his attack on Jex ended. Jex’s blast, now facing no resistance, struck Searra and slowed her down. Kalding decided to try Searra’s tactic and the rest of the creatures vanished. All ten of them immediately reappeared and were dissipated again by the group. Fewbert Harnsworth was still trying to find the source of this menace. Korshid realized that her Illusions were no longer effective and the group was then assailed by energy blasts seeming to originate from nowhere! Fewbert Harnsworth finally pinpointed the power source and informed the group. Searra spotted the creature hiding in a tree. When attacked, she ran off and tried to hide again. Searra was then surrounded with darkness. Another assault came from nowhere at the group. Korshid was found again with the combined efforts of Searra and Fewbert Harnsworth and she, again, tried to run and hide. Searra saw where she went this time and made sure the group could find her again. Fewbert Harnsworth blindly grabbed at where Searra told him the creature was and managed to get ahold of her. In another surprising act, Fewbert Harnsworth ripped off Korshid’s head! Searra began yelling at him “Why did you do that? That might make Lord Caius mad!!” Moments later Lord Caius came in at full speed and punched Fewbert Harnsworth who fell to the ground, sparks flying from the mangled wreckage of his suit! Mauro and Sem followed shortly after. “Soldiers are acceptable losses!“ shouted Lord Caius as Searra tried to drag Fewbert Harnsworth to safety. “But you just killed one of my best captains!! Deliver the dragonballs to me in two days or your lives and your planet are forfeit!!“ Lord Caius, Mauro and Sem flew off again. Fewbert Harnsworth’s retirement from battle was sealed, the damage to his suit after a single attack from Lord Caius was irreparable. when they got back to the island, he gave two weapons to the group, both labeled “D. Ray” and retired to his lab.

A few more hours passed at home, during which Searra practiced duplicating the ability to control space that Issmat displayed. Then another vessel was heard approaching and a knock was heard at the door once again. Another device was handed to Searra and the messenger ran off again after she patted him on the head. As the vessel took off, Searra and Fewbert Harnsworth noted that it did not appear to be a space-faring vessel. This time, the location indicated on the device was in central America. Kalding and Yumi decided to stay home to tend to Fewbert Harnsworth, if he needed anything. Searra gathered up the Dragonballs and placed them in a small sack and left with Jex and Flute. Before arrival, Searra and Flute sensed five power levels, three were clearly Lord Caius and his lieutenants, another was only slightly lower than the other two and the last seemed to be fairly low. The three suppressed their powers to disguise their approach. When they got to the indicated location, Lord Caius, Mauro and Sem were hovering above the trees and Ramesh was vainly trying to hide behind a hill, he was now wearing a helmet and looked very angry! The fifth power source was, as yet, not to be seen. “I see you have brought the Dragonballs this time…“ said Lord Caius “Yes we did” said Searra “No matter.“ said Lord Caius “I have decided that you are pests. Pests deserve only to be exterminated!“ “But we don’t want to be exterminated” said Searra “Gresham! Kill them!!“ said Lord Caius as a small reptilian creature climbed onto his shoulder, leaped toward the group and disappeared! At that moment, a bright flash was seen in the sky. What looked like a meteor at first came down straight toward where the battle was about to begin! and just a few hundred yards from the ground paused and hovered in mid-air. It could now be seen as a small, round vessel. It touched down nearby and, as it opened, revealed a female Sayian! As she climbed out, Lord Caius said “I was hoping to not have to deal with you, this time…“ “Well, life’s a bitch and so am I” she said. “Oh, well, I guess I’ll kill two birds with one stone on this one. Kill them all, Gresham!“ Searra hid and this time used her spatial control to split into two. Ramesh took a few strides forward and swung his hand at this new foe. He merely grazed her, however, and most of the impact of the attack was lost. Gresham then appeared, only for an instant, behind Searra struck at her and vanished again. The group was forced to split their attention between dealing with the colossal Ramesh and looking for the elusive Gresham! Every few moments, Gresham would appear behind someone else, strike at them and disappear before anyone could react. All the while, Ramesh was swinging his massive fists at one of them or another, trying to grab and squeeze them to death! Ramesh was mostly a nuisance but they knew that he could be quite dangerous if he could get his hands on you! It was obvious that Gresham could be very deadly if not dealt with soon. Blow after blow was dealt, with neither side seeming to gain the upper hand. Then, suddenly, Ramesh grabbed Flute out of the air and held her tight! a moment later, he also got ahold of the newcomer! Flute attempted to attack his mind but his helmet seemed to make him very resistant to mental attacks! No one was able to spot Gresham for more than a few seconds before he disappeared, struck someone and was gone again. Attention was turned toward Ramesh to free his captives. After a few decisive blows, Ramesh fell to the ground (nearly onto Searra but thanks to her new ability to manipulate space, she barely avoided becoming crushed under Ramesh’s gigantic arm!). Now that they could concentrate entirely on locating Gresham, everyone began the search. Gresham continued his assault on the group dealing a severe blow to Searra but eventually chose a poor place to hide after one of his attacks and was found by Jex who punched and grappled him. The attack stunned Gresham and he was unable to teleport away. He clearly relied on his stealth and teleportation ability to avoid getting hit, as it took little effort to subdue him once everyone could see him. The group had little time to celebrate. As soon as Gresham fell unconscious Lord Caius said “Sem, get them!“ Searra knew she could not face Sem with her current injuries and tried to draw upon her inner strength to ease her pain!

Back on the island, Fewbert Harnsworth, Kalding, Yumi and Orrin were watching the progress of the battle on a device Fewbert Harnsworth quickly threw together. They weren’t able to see images of the battle but it did show the activity of powers in the area. “This isn’t good!” said Kalding “We have no idea who that new fighter is… it just appeared out of nowhere!” “We need to help them! But someone who can fight should stay here in case they send any soldiers after us!” said Yumi. “I think it’s about time to reveal one of my big projects… He isn’t quite ready, in fact he’s still quite independent and stubborn but I don’t think it can wait any longer.” said Fewbert Harnsworth. “HE?” said both Kalding and Yumi. “Yes, I’ve been doing some genetic experiments lately and I’m onto something big!” said Fewbert Harnsworth as he slowly shuffled toward his lab. Kalding and Yumi followed him as he pulled a large red satin sheet off of a vat filled with a green liquid. Floating in the liquid was a boy who appeared to be in his late teens with long white hair, ears that looked like that of a dog and claws instead of fingernails. “I’ve been working on combining the traits of certain animals and… other… beings…” said Fewbert Harnsworth as Kalding interrupted “What ‘Other beings’?” “Uh-Wha? What? Where am I? Who are you people? Anyway, go grab those red robes over there!” said Fewbert Harnsworth as he pressed a few buttons and flicked some switches on the console below the vat. Kalding glared at Fewbert Harnsworth, went to get the robes and brought them back. The liquid drained from the vat and the glass cylinder lifted. Kalding placed the robes over the boy. “It might take a while for him to wake up…” said Fewbert Harnsworth as he grabbed a sword from a shelf “This is another thing I’ve been working on. I made it for him!” “Ungh…” groaned the boy “Old man! If you do that to me one more time… Who are they? ” asked the boy. “Never mind that! We need you for something! There are some guys we need you to take care of… Put on your clothes and take your sword!” said Fewbert Harnsworth. “We’ll need to get him there as fast as possible so, Yumi, you’ll need to carry him! Kalding can stay here to protect me…” “and Orrin and the house…” said Kalding “I suppose…” said Fewbert Harnsworth “Can’t he fly?” asked Yumi. “Not exactly… I said he wasn’t ready… Anyway, we mustn’t waste any more time! They need help now! Yumi you should get going!” said Fewbert Harnsworth. Yumi picked up the boy, who yelped at being suddenly hauled into the air and flew east toward Central America as fast as she could. “So, what kinds of ‘Other beings’ were you experimenting with?!” asked Kalding “Wha? Oh! Just demons, mostly…” said Fewbert Harnsworth as he waved to Yumi “oh… …WHAT?!?” exclaimed Kalding

“Wait!“ said Lord Caius to Sem as his scouter indicated that two more power sources were coming in fast. “It seems we have a couple of more guests coming. We will wait until they arrive.“ said Lord Caius with a smirk. During this short reprieve the newcomer introduced herself to the group as Trism, a bounty hunter who has been trying to kill Lord Caius (for as-yet unexplained reasons) for quite some time. It was only a few more moments before Yumi could be seen carrying Isamaru; Fewbert Harnsworth’s genetic experiment. The group was confused as to who this boy was but relieved to see help arrive. “Kill that one first“ said Lord Caius, pointing to Yumi. Sem flew straight for Yumi and with one punch, she fell to the ground, not moving. Released from her grip, Isamaru fell, slowly, to the ground. Searra wanted to check on her friend to see if she survived the attack but Sem was already on the offensive! Jex immediately charged Sem, to little effect, while Searra hid. After hitting the ground, Isamaru leaped into the air toward Sem and slashed at him with his claws but Sem’s thick skin and hard scales deflected the attack harmlessly. With Sem distracted, Searra checked on Yumi who was alive but only barely. Flute and Trism attempted to attack Sem together but their efforts were also fruitless. It was clear to everyone that Sem was in another class altogether from the soldiers and captains that they had faced up to this point. Sem struck at Jex and grasped him tightly around the throat. Searra decided that the best way to help Yumi was to defeat Sem and get her home so she split and joined the fray. After much effort, Jex was released from Sem’s grip. Isamaru realized that his claws seemed to be having no effect on Sem and so he drew his sword, which seemed impossibly large for it’s scabbard to contain. Even Flute’s mental attacks seemed to have little or no effect on Sem and attacks that did any sort of damage at all, it seemed that Sem recovered from quite quickly. Every time Sem attacked someone he wrapped his arms around them and squeezed so tightly that they began to suffocate. The group spent so much time merely releasing their allies from the fiend’s grip that it was difficult to harm him. Searra attempted, several times, to bite Sem and drain his life force but her teeth were having the same problem as Isamaru’s claws. The group then decided to to try turning Sem’s tactics against him and everyone tried to aid Jex in grappling him. This turned out to be a mistake, as when Sem felt control of the battle slipping away from him he flew into a berserk rage and he roared in defiance! This terrifying sound sent Searra fleeing and demoralized several more of the group. Sem’s bolstered strength allowed him to throw his captors aside with little effort and renew his assault! Isamaru struck at Sem with his huge sword, which seemed to injure him. Seeing this, the others attempted another assault, Sem seemed to ignore many of the attacks and return some powerful attacks of his own. Eventually, after regaining her wits and returning to the battle, Searra managed to find a soft spot in Sem’s neck and sink her teeth in! Some of the rage seemed to leave Sem’s eyes and he seemed to weaken slightly. Seeing this, a final attack was launched and Sem fell to the ground! “So, do you want us to kill him?” Searra asked Lord Caius “I want him to stop toying with you! Get up, Sem!!“ said Lord Caius as Sem groggily stood up and shook his head. “Mauro, get the Dragonballs!“ said Lord Caius. Searra vainly attempted to protect the sack on her belt that contained the Dragonballs but by the time her hand reached the spot they had been hanging Mauro had already streaked past her, grabbing the sack as he passed and was on the horizon before anyone could react! Lord Caius and Sem flew off in two different directions and were, also, soon gone! After it was clear that Lord Caius, Mauro and Sem had escaped with the Dragonballs, attention was turned to Yumi. Now that she could concentrate without keeping one eye out for an attack from a muscle-bound Reptilian, Searra examined her unconscious friend and discovered that if she did not receive medical attention soon, she would most likely die! It was decided to bring her back to the island for Fewbert Harnsworth to heal.

When they got her home, she was brought to Fewbert Harnsworth who put her into the same vat that Isamaru was in “The fluid in this vat is made up of special proteins that will help heal her” he said. While Yumi healed, the rest of the group tried to figure out their next move. Even with all of the technology they had at their disposal, they could not locate where Mauro had gone with the Dragonballs…

After snatching the Dragonballs from Searra, Mauro took an indirect path back to Lord Caius’ ship. Despite his meanderings to lead anyone following him off course, he still made it back well before Lord Caius or Sem. When he arrived, Mauro immediately entered the ship so that it’s shields would block anyone from detecting the Dragonballs. “Go fetch the Dragonball” Mauro ordered one of the workers as he entered “Lord Caius will be back soon!” The worker ran off to get the last Dragonball. Lord Caius and Sem entered the ship just as the worker was handing the Dragonball to Mauro. “Go to the infermary and see to your wounds, Sem“ said Lord Caius. Sem saluted and did as ordered. “My Lord! We have succeeded, the Dragonballs are yours!” said Mauro as he handed the sack and the last Dragonball to Lord Caius. “Yes, and now my power will become immeasurable!“ said Lord Caius as he overturned the contents of the sack into his hand to join the other Dragonball. He placed them on the floor, arranged them in a line and stood back with anticipation! After a moment of awkward silence Lord Caius scowled slightly and looked toward Mauro. Mauro shrugged. “Perhaps try a different arrangement, sir?” Lord Caius scowled back at the Dragonballs then back at Mauro and then walked over and arranged them in a circle. Again, nothing happened. “Get the head of my research team!“ shouted Lord Caius. Moments later, a reptilian scientist walked up to Lord Caius “You got them?? All of them!?” he said. “Yes, and they are not working!“ growled Lord Caius “Well, sir, my research shows that all you have to do is gather the Dragonballs in close proximity and the Eternal Dragon will appear!” said the scientist. Lord Caius pushes the spheres closer together. “Well, they can’t get much closer than that!“ said Lord Caius “Maybe the ship’s shields are preventing it from happening, sir.” said the scientist, nervously. Lord Caius let out an exasperated sigh, looked around the ship’s main chamber and said “I suppose summoning the dragon in here wasn’t a great idea, anyway.“ He gathered up the Dragonballs and walked outside. Mauro and the chief scientist followed. Lord Caius took a few steps from the ship, tossed the Dragonballs on the ground and stood back once again. Nothing happened. Lord Caius glared at the scientist who was anxiously trying to think of something to say. Lord Caius roared in anger! “Stay here and notify me if anything happens, Mauro!!“ said Lord Caius “Yes, my Lord!” said Mauro. Lord Caius leaped into the air and flew at top speed to the north toward the small island that Searra, Flute, Jex, Kalding, Fewbert Harnsworth, Yumi and now Trism reside, but not before tossing his scientist into the middle of a nearby lake.

Searra and Flute suddenly sense the approach of an overwhelming power from the south as Trism’s scouter beeps excitedly, confirming the incoming attack! Moments later, Lord Caius crashes through the roof, grabs Flute and demolishes another portion of the house on his exit! Taken by surprise, everyone scrambles to give chase! Jex carries Isamaru while Trism carries Searra in order to go as fast as possible. They kept up with him fairly well. Upon arrival at the landing site they see Mauro helping the scientist out of the lake, Searra splits into four duplicates. Lord Caius throws Fluteon the ground next to the Dragonballs and shouts “Make them work!!“ “no” she said. “Kill them, Mauro!“ While Mauro attacks one of Searra’s duplicates, a conversation ensued between Flute and Lord Caius. “So, you want to call the dragon?” she asked “Yes, summon the dragon for me now!“ demanded Lord Caius. “If I do, will you let my friends go?” asked Flute, Lord Caius did not respond. Isamaru attempted to attack Mauro but missed. Mauro then streaked past everyone and struck them all on their way past injuring a few. They all then attempted to combine their attacks to have a better chance of injuring him. While many of them hit him they failed to harm him at all. another sweeping attack from Mauro hurt Searra slightly and she began to realize that her ability to be in many places at once could be as harmful as it is helpful as Mauro passed each of her duplicates and attacked every one! Isamaru tried to push Mauro into the lake as he passed by it but was unable to hit him. Searra hid. Mauro’s next attack managed to hurt Searra badly and injure Isamaru and Flute. Searra absorbed one of her duplicates to heal herself. Another attempt to harm Mauro failed and he responded by injuring Searra again and knocking Flute out! Then everyone lost sight of Mauro. Trism grabbed Flute and took flew away from the battle to protect her. Sem walked out from the spaceship holding his head and said “I’m ready boss” “I think Mauro has this under control“ said Lord Caius. Having lost sight of Mauro, Isamaru attacked Lord Caius and Sem with a wide blast of energy. Lord Caius easily avoided the blast, Sem didn’t avoid it but wasn’t hurt by it. The blast also caught Jex but he was also unharmed. Jex, unable to find Mauro attacked Sem, to little effect. Sem, angered, began to move toward Jex but Lord Caius stopped him.

Realizing that the battle was lost, Isamaru grabbed two of the Dragonballs, narrowly avoiding Lord Caius’ grasp. At the same time Searra grabs the rest of the Dragonballs and they all scattered! Lord Caius could be heard roaring with rage as they all flew away! Searra heard him shout “Get them all!“ Mauro, Sem and Briar give chase while Lord Caius returns to the ship to get Shel and Gresham. After regaining consciousness, Flute explains to Trism how to summon the dragon so if she falls someone else will know how. Everyone meets back at the island and scrambles to gather the Dragonballs together.

Before the dragon could be summoned, however Mauro arrives followed by Sem and Briar, interrupting the attempt. Lord Caius appears moments later carrying Shel and Gresham. Mauro begins by attacking everyone, injuring Jex, Searra and Trism. Lord Caius aims one hand at Flute and the other at Searra and unleashes a powerful blast towards each of them. Shel attacks Isamaru and Isamaru returns the favor, neither hurt the other. Jex tried to attack Sem but missed. Searra decided to use the gun, labeled ‘D. Ray’ that Fewbert Harnsworth gave her. She aimed it at Lord Caius, it disintegrated. Searra brings The dragonballs to Trism and Flute. Knowing that physically attacking Briar is dangerous, Flute attacks his mind. Briar fell unconscious. Isamaru swings his sword like a baseball bat, sending Shel flying off into the distance. Searra makes another attempt to attack Lord Caius but fails to hurt him, Flute attacks Sem’s mind and hurts him slightly. Sem attacks Flute, he doesn’t hurt her but gets his arms around her. Fewbert Harnsworth flies out of the house in his new battle suit and blasts Mauro. Lord Caius roars as he is enveloped by raging power. Searra gets the other D. Ray from Jex and shoots at Lord Caius but she misses. Everyone notices that it is the same color of Fewbert Harnsworth’s new attack ray. Sem tightens his grip on Flute, she attacks his mind again and he flinches slightly. Isamaru and Jex take up flanking positions around Lord Caius, which turns out to be a mistake as he simply points one hand at each of them and unleashes another powerful blast at them, they both reeled in pain. Fewbert Harnsworth blasts Lord Caius but fails to harm him. Isamaru, Trism and Searra all combine their efforts and attack Lord Caius but also fail to hurt him. Lord Caius then points both of his hands at Fewbert Harnsworth, unleashing the full force of his power but Isamaru jumps between them but is, surprisingly, hurt very little. Flute begins to choke in Sem’s iron grip. Searra spots and attacks Mauro and severely injures him. Trism, and Searra decide to take the Dragonballs away from the battlefield to summon the dragon. Trism explains how to summon the dragon to Searra on the way. Gresham finally landed a successful attack on Fewbert Harnsworth, shorting out his suit and leaving him helpless.

Trism and Searra land on a nearby island and Searra summons the dragon. The Eternal Dragon, Shenron, appears, looming over the tiny island. “WHO SUMMONS ME?” says Shenron “I am Searra And me and my friends have a problem…” “SPEAK YOUR WISH!” interrupts Shenron “Um, okay” says Searra “I wish for Lord Caius and all of his minions to become powerless!” Lord Caius looks up from the battle and sees the dragon on the horizon and flies into a rage moments before he and his minions are turned into frogs. “GRANTED!” says Shenron as his eyes glow red and he, along with the dragonballs rise into the air, Shenron vanishes in a flash of light and the dragonballs scatter in seven different directions. After a brief celebration, Fewbert Harnsworth (after repairing his suit) suggested that they gather up their former enemies and make homes for them in his lab. Flute decided to keep Sem and Trism kept Mauro. Fewbert Harnsworth returned to Lord Caius’ ship and, after clearing out the frogs, began studying it.

Over the next several months, repairs are made to the house and Yumi makes a full recovery. One day, while flying around the island, Fewbert Harnsworth falls out of the sky and a simple warning displays inside his helmet; “PROBLEM”. The ‘problem’ simply goes away after a moment and he flies home to analyze the issue. He discovers nothing. Trism is next to have problems flying and she hears a small voice afterwards saying “Ah-Ha!”. Soon after, the others begin to experience occasional problems with flight and hearing giggling when it happens…

The Spider Queen

After a few more miles, Trism and Isamaru notice that spider webs are beginning to grow ever thicker along the path. The group is then ambushed by spiders again. They attack from all sides but are quickly subdued; although Isamaru had a little trouble fending one off but Jex intervenes and kills it. Isamaru is indignant about this. Only a few yards more are traveled before more spiders attack. They are again, easily defeated and those that were not felled scatter into the forest that is becoming choked with webs. The spiders’ retreat seemed to be north, in the same direction of the path. Concerns are expressed about this but, lacking any ideas on what else to do and deciding that the spiders are little more than a neusance, the course is resumed.

After three more miles the webs began to get even thicker and then the path seems to vanish from sight. The spider webs were beginning to encroach even further, binding feet and hindering progress. Sensing danger, Trism tries to hide behind Flute. Ahead, on what is assumed to still be the path, sat a large spider that seemed to be flickering in and out of existence. In front of this large spider are several more of the smaller ones. Thinking uncharacteristically quickly, Fewbert Harnsworth blasts the beast with a disintegration ray but the beam seems to simply pass right through the creature. Isamaru unleashes a wide blast of energy from his sword and manages to kill a few of the smaller spiders but the blast, again passes through the larger one. The large spider suddenly vanishes from sight as the smaller ones attack. The large spider then reappeared next to Fewbert Harnsworth and shot out a purple shimmering webbing at him but Fewbert managed to avoid the attack. Isamaru and Jex attack the large spider and manage to hit it this time, it hisses angrily. Then the large spider grabs a hold of one of Searra’s duplicates and vanishes again. Searra discovers herself now in a place that looks identical to where she was fighting except everything looks eerily pale and ghostly. While she can see what is happening in the place where everyone else, including her other duplicates, are she realizes that she is actually alone and now facing the large spider with no help. Between the efforts of the rest of the group, the remaining spiders are killed. The large spider reappears next to Jex and tries to bite him but misses. Jex and Isamaru attack the spider and it hisses again. The spider then takes Jex to join Searra’s duplicate, who both attempt to attack it but their attacks have no effect. Searra then tries to strike at the location of the spider on the opposite plane, figuring that she might still be able to harm it even when it is phased out but she doesn’t hit anything. Jex suddenly phases back into the material realm. Left with only one opponent in it’s plane, the spider bites Searra and she feels the venom coursing through her veins and feels her muscles begin to tighten. Trism, Fewbert and Searra all strike at the monster and manage to injure it. Searra phases back into existence and attempts another attack on the spider but cannot land an effective blow. The combined efforts of Trism and Flute finally take the spider down.

Back on Track

The disorientation from the fight with the phasing spider made Isamaru, Searra and Trism spend some time finding the path again. Searra’s accurate sense of direction got them looking in the right place and, eventually, Trism found the path again. After traveling roughly two more miles the sky began to darken as the path was becoming very distinct. Searra noticed the faint smell of wood smoke in the same direction that she sensed some faint power levels, the same direction they were traveling; she started gathering wood as they moved to create a fire of their own. After around another five miles of travel and with enough firewood gathered, a campsite was selected. Searra and Trism went hunting and returned with several creatures that looked like a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit, enough to make a suitable meal for the group and they are cooked on a fire made with the wood that Searra gathered earlier. As the evening drew dark discussions were made about setting up watches for the night. It was decided that Fewbert Harnsworth and Jex would take the first watch, followed by Searra and Isamaru, with Trism and Flute taking the last watch. Near the end of Trism and Flute’s watch they noticed that the darkness showed no signs of subsiding. With no knowledge of the size of this planet, they had no idea how long the nights were here. They decided to wake up Fewbert and Jex to take a second watch (after explaining why they were awakened)

About half-way through their second watch, the ground below Jex heaves up as a massive set of jaws open up and bite down on him. His alarmed yells awaken the rest of the group and Searra divides into four. Fewbert Harnsworth blasts at the ground with his disintegration ray; the creature hisses. Another creature with three legs, three arms and a gaping maw on the top of it’s body then bursts through the ground, knocking Flute to the ground. The creature, still with Jex in his Jaws, bears down on him. Flute attempts to attack the creature’s mind and it reels in pain. Trism then tries to pull open the jaws of the one gnawing on Jex while Searra pulls him to safety. Isamaru leaps at the other creature and brings down his sword upon it, splitting it in two. Isamaru slashes at the remaining one but fails to hurt it. Flute attacks the creature’s mind it hisses angrily. Sensing that it’s meal would not be as easy as it had anticipated, the creature sank below the ground and attacked Searra from blow but she dives out of the way before it gets ahold of her. Searra returns the favor by sinking her teeth into it and stealing it’s life essence. Isamaru then grabs the creature and says “I see you can burrow, let’s see how well you can fly” as he leaps into the air with it and throws it toward the ground. When it strikes the ground, the impact leaves a wide, gory crater, several feet wide and the gore is spread a few feet beyond that.

“Now that was a bit excessive, doncha think?” says the small imp, who is now hovering nearby. “No, not at all” said Isamaru. “We fought spiders, including one that can disappear and strange burrowing creatures. And for what??” said Searra. “I’m bored!” said the Imp “You’re a dick!” responded the entire group “…and you leave us with no water, too?” continued Searra “That’s why I’m here!”said the Imp. As everyone looked around they saw that there were now several waterskins scattered around the ground. Realizing, from the attacks from the spiders, that Isamaru is immune to poisons, Searra gives one of the waterskins to him to test it. “Why would I bring you here just to poison you??” said the Imp “can I have a banana??” asked Flute “You ate last night!”said the Imp. “Yeah, what are those things called, anyway?” inquired Searra “Hmmmm… They don’t really have a name” said the imp, just before he vanished again. They decided to call them ‘Squirbits’ After traveling quite a distance further, they can see the end of the path in the distance. Searra teleports ahead to check out the village. She uses her exceptional stealth to hide from the villagers and scout out the village. As she searched the village, avoiding the villagers who looked like bipedal reptiles, she saw many thatched huts and a larger hut in the center. She also came across farmlands to the opposite side from the path. The villagers are completely unaware of her presence. She listens to some of them conversing and memorizes some of their speech. She continues to search the village until one of the villagers seems to notice her and then she teleports back to the rest of the group. When she gets back, she tries to recreate some of the language to Fewbert, who then constructs a device to translate for them out of some parts of his suit that he deemed unnessacary. Searra then takes the device into the village again to record some of their language so that Fewbert can fine-tune the device.


As they approach the village, Fewbert and Searra spot some scouts watching them from the trees. Fewbert greets them and they disappear further into the forrest. As they entered the village, several villagers approach them, some holding spears and others with shields and clubs “What are you doing here?” demanded one of the larger villagers, in a language that everyone could understand (it was assumed that this was the leader) “we are traveling through… I think” said Searra “How far down that path did you come from?” asked the large reptilian “All the way” said Fewbert “Through the spiders” said Searra “And you are not dead…” said the creature “No… they are…” said Searra “Even the queen?” “yes” said Searra. The villagers drop their weapons and lead the group into the village. The villagers start several large bonfires and bring out some large beasts, as well as a modest quantity of “squirbits” and roasted them.

“I’m assuming that the spiders have been a problem?” asked Searra “Yes, they moved onto the path several months ago and blocked the path to very rich hunting grounds” said the reptilian leader “is there anything else you are having problems with?” asked Searra “No, our biggest problem was the spiders blocking our path and food has been scarce lately”

The Impish creature then appeared, floating, nearby. “Hello! As you can see, I have helped with the language barrier, here” he said as the villagers kneel. “Can we go home now?” asked Isamaru “No” said the imp. “So we killed their spider, which you could have done, by the way. Now what?” said Searra “I couldn’t do anything about the spider, my kind has rules about directly interfering with the natural progression of a planet’s development. Now you enjoy the celebration and in the morning we will have more fun!” he said just before disappearing again. “I assume he is somewhat important to you here?” said Searra to the reptilian leader “He has… helped, So where are you from?” he asked “very far away” said Searra “Earth 239” said Fewbert “Did he bring you here?” asked the village leader “yes” said Searra and the celebration then escalates in response. “We don’t appreciate him kidnapping us, he should have asked us” searra “I’m sure he had a reason” said the village leader.

The party lasts all day and into the night. Fewbert talks with the leader to get info on their species and their history, Searra listens. Since their society hasn’t developed to the point of recording their history in any significant way. In the morning Fewbert talks to the leader about farming and irrigation techniques to improve their society. The leader listens intently and has some of his attendants make mental notes. The Imp appears again ”Good Morning! Did you have fun last night?” he asked “I suppose” said Searra “Well, it’s time for us to have more fun!!” He said just before disappearing again.

Suddenly, everyone found themselves in a large room with one entrance and light that seemed to come from everywhere. Trism, however, was not with the rest of the group, she was in a small room somewhere far away.


Finding themselves suddenly in a large stone room, missing one companion and with only one way out, everyone tries to assess their situation. Fewbert Harnsworth checks for power sources, and detects some but nothing distinct. Searra finds that her sense of direction isn’t working and she can’t tell which way is north but she does notice the faint smell of burning stone. As they make their way out of the entrance to the room, Searra splits and sends two duplicates in different directions in order to scout out more of the area. The twisting, labyrinthine corridors are disorienting and cramped so the group follows the only thing that seems to be giving them direction; the burning smell. Following the scent, Searra leads the group along with Isamaru. Rounding another corner, much like many before, Searra and Isamaru are confronted with several small, demonic creatures. Acting quickly, Fewbert blasts one with his disintegration ray, which evaporates the creature. The creatures are small and feeble, they are easily taken care of by the group and when they are defeated Fewbert switches his visor to infrared and notices that their bodies are exuding great heat. He also notices some heat coming from further down the corridor, just before another group of demons attack. The second wave proves to be a little tougher than the first but are also dealt with quickly. Eventually, one of Searra’s duplicates finds a chamber that opens wider the surrounding corridors. She searches the walls and finds the faint outline of a door. Searra tells the others of her discovery and they double back to reach the chamber. When they get there, Fewbert tries to disintegrate the wall but finds that his beam dissipates before it strikes home. While searching around the door, Flute spots a keyhole and points it out to Searra, who tries to pick it but finds it’s design too complicated. Still searching the rest of the labyrinth, one of Searra’s other duplicates finds another large room just beyond where the demons attacked, which has five circular stone carvings in the walls. Searra leads everyone there, leaving one of her duplicates in the room with the door. Flute, Fewbert, Isamaru and Jex all enter the room while Searra pauses outside, waiting to see if anything happens. When several seconds pass without incident, Searra enters the room and at that moment, a stone falls into place over the door, blending seamlessly with the wall. Searra, Isamaru and Flute notice that the stone carvings shift slightly and appear to be loose now. Upon closer examination, the circles are noticed to have small symbols carved next to them; a Cat Head, a Sprocket, a Wolf’s head, a monkey and a humanoid head with pointed ears and antennae. Everyone goes to the symbol that represents them; Isamaru to the wolf’s head, Fewbert to the sprocket, Searra to the cat’s head, Flute to the Namekian head and Jex, slightly insulted, to the monkey symbol. They all press in the circles and the stone discs push back and then drop into a channel, revealing a lever behind each. Everyone tries to pull their levers at the same time and several clicks are heard, followed by a “clunk” then nothing… They try again, with enough precision to trip the mechanism, revealing a small hole with a key in it.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the labyrinth Trism found herself in a small, stone room. She began singing, both to occupy her time and to help someone notice her. She notices that one wall looks different, more brittle. She kicks the wall and it shatters. She rounded several corners and runs into several of the demonic creatures. She continues to sing while fighting them off. After finishing them off she continues searching until she eventually comes across a larger chamber which, as she enters, singing, Searra hears her from the other side and calls out to her. In the other chamber, Searra gets the key and, since she is simply existing in two places at once, she now possesses the key in the other room, too. She uses the key, lets Trism out and leads her to the rest of the group. When she gets near the door it opens, as does another one on the other side of the chamber…

Labyrinth Pt. 2

Searra makes her way, cautiously, into this new section, followed by Isamaru, Flute, Jex, Fewbert and Trism. As they walk down the narrow corridor Searra notices that it has three passages leading to the left and decides to send her duplicates down the first two and the rest of the group will take the third, which is discovered to be a dead end. As they turn around to try another passage, more of the small demons attack them from, what seemed to be, nowhere. Though the demons took them by surprise, they were easily defeated. Meanwhile, one of Searra’s duplicates comes across a section of the passages where the ceiling suddenly rises to over thirty feet overhead. She makes her way, carefully, forward and continues on. Soon after, she comes to another large chamber and she notices a faint circle carved into the floor, encompassing most of the room. She relays this information to the rest of the group and they make their way there. Searra, again, treads carefully when she reaches the area with the high ceiling and the others follow suit. As soon as the majority of the group reaches the center of the area, gravity inverts and they all begin to fall upward toward the ceiling. Isamaru, Fewbert and one incarnation of Searra manage to dive away and return to the ground but the remainder of the group hit the ceiling with great force. Jex, Flute and Searra are injured by the fall and Trism has the wind knocked out of her and has a hard time standing up. Before anyone can react, gravity returns to normal and the small stone wedges holding up the massive stone block fall away and it follows the unfortunate group toward the ground. Jex hits the ground first and, while badly hurt manages to roll out of the way. Flute is also badly hurt when she hits the ground and Trism is knocked unconscious. Just a few feet before the massive stone slab hits the ground and crushes Flute and Trism the corridor narrows and brings the block to a halt. Flute drags Trism out and everyone continues toward the chamber ahead. The carved circle has everyone worried but there is no way around and so Searra, reluctantly steps onto it. Nothing happens. Fewbert decides to be the next, hoping that it is pressure sensitive but his weight also fails to have any effect. Eventually everyone steps on and, immediately, the door closes behind them. another door opens to their left and the little imp appears in front of it. “I see that the last obstacle was a little much for you… You’ll need this” he said as he spreads his hands toward the group, everyone recovers from their injuries and Trism regains consciousness.

As he vanishes again, a chill fills the air. “come” says a dark, hollow voice. Searra sends in one of her duplicates to scout ahead. She sees two large, blue, ethereal creatures in the very large chamber. She walks forward “I came, now what?” said Searra. “All” replied the creatures. As the rest of the group enters the chamber, the creatures assume a more menacing pose and begin to move toward them. Fewbert Harnsworth reacts, shooting one of the creatures with his disintegration ray, it has no effect. The creature he shot at turns to Fewbert, who’s mind begins to cloud. Searra attacks, with all of her duplicates, one of the creatures but fails to cause any harm. Flute attacks the mind of the creature near Searra but the strong-willed creature resists the attack. It then swings it’s arm at Searra and dazes her slightly. Trism blasts at the creature attacking Searra but she misses. Isamaru attacks and, also, misses. Fewbert manages to break free of the creature’s enthrallment and attacks it, the creature writhes with pain.

Searra’s mind is suddenly gripped with fear. One of the creatures crates a sphere of darkness and hurls it at Fewbert, who deftly dodges it. One of the creatures attacks Isamaru, who barely avoids it. Isamaru tries to grab one of them but looses his grip. Fewbert blasts one and hurts it badly. Another sphere of darkness is hurled at Isamaru, who also dodges it. Searra shakes off her fear and teleports to attack and it hisses angrily. Isamaru unleashes a wide blast that catches one of the creatures and Searra but she manages to evade it; The creature, however, is severely injured. Fewbert fires on the creature he first hit, again and it reels in pain. Then the one being attacked by Searra and Isamaru creates a blanket of darkness above them all and drops it on all of them, Isamaru and one of Searra’s duplicates manage to dive out of the way but two more of her duplicates are caught underneath but are not badly hurt. Isamaru tries, again, to grapple the creature but looses his grip again. Flute attacks the mind of one of the creatures and it roars and then vanishes. Fewbert shoots at the remaining creature, barely missing Isamaru’s head and and the last creature vanishes “Hey! Watch it!” says Isamaru. The little imp reappears, applauding “Good job, everyone!” He says. Everyone looks around and finds themselves back in the village. “Your next task is to travel down the path to the southeast of the village, you will come to a desert.” He says “Do I look a little green to you?” interrupts Flute “You always look green. Travel until you come to an oasis, your next task will be given to you there.” He says just before vanishing again. “Wait! Can I have a cookie?” asked Flute but got no response.

A Path in the Desert

Everyone decides to not follow the imp’s directions and Fewbert Harnsworth continues to help the villagers with advancing their society with farming, hunting & irrigation techniques while Flute, Trism and Searra teach dancing. The food quantities seem to have improved since the previous days due to the opened hunting grounds. Flute inquires as to weather they have seen any Dragonballs, which they have not. They notice the daylight hours of this planet are about fourteen to fifteen hours. The next day the imp appears again “Were you going to go into the desert anytime soon??” he asked “the sooner you complete my tasks, the sooner you will get back home” “You haven’t given us any proof that you will return us home and you’re giving us no incentive to continue playing along with you” said Searra. “Suit yourselves, take your time. When you have completed my tasks, you will be sent home.” said the Imp before vanishing again.

After another day of teaching the villagers the group decides to head out into the desert. When they reach the desert’s edge, they find a dried riverbed and decide to follow it. After a few miles several small gelatinous creatures ooze from underground. Fewbert fires his disintegration ray at one of them, which seems to have no effect on the creature other than to cause it split into two. Trism scans the area for power levels and only finds sparse fauna around. Isamaru attacks one with his sword and it colapses into a puddle. Searra attacks one and manages to drain some of it’s life force it; she notices that it burns like acid to the touch. Flute tries to attack the mind of one of the creatures and finds that it has no mind to attack. One creature attacks Flute but it does nothing. Fewbert fires on another and it, again, splits. Searra attacks one and kills it. One attacks Fewbert, causing some minor damage to his suit. Fewbert retaliates and destroys the creature. Isamaru reduces another of the creatures to a puddle. Flute and Searra manage to take out the remaining two.

Giant Apes?

After spending a few moments to recover, they continue on their way. Flute begins to feel the heat and after a little more travel, Trism and Searra begin to feel it, too. Searra decides to gather some dry cactus skeletons for firewood. As it begins to get dark Searra, Trism and Isamaru notice that clouds are beginning to roll in, they decide it would be best to get out of the riverbed to lessen their risk of getting caught in a flash flood. Isamaru sees a moon beginning to crest the horrizon. The air begins to cool and what Isamaru now sees to be a full moon disappears behind the clouds. Isamaru knows that he looses his powers in the light of a full moon and becomes a normal human so he tries to avoid being seen by the others. As night begins to fall, Searra sets up camp. Watches are set up and everyone begins taking their shifts sleeping. During Fewbert and Trism’s watch, the full moon parts the clouds and Isamaru hides from sight. Jex begins to stir and Trism realizes that he has not had his tail removed like she has. Jex begins to grow larger and hairier, his face changes to that of an ape and his power grows immensely. Trism knows this is bad news and tries to wake the others. Searra wakes with a start and splits into four instantly when she sees the monstrous ape, still growing, in thier camp. Fewbert checks his power level “Oh my god! It’s over 9,000!!!!” he says. “Try to remove his tail!” shouts Trism.

Fewbert shoots at the base of his tail but misses. Jex looks at him angrily, opens his mouth as a ball of energy begins to charge inside it and fires it at Fewbert. Flute trys to attack his mind but he is so enraged that it has little effect. Fewbert tries to blast his tail away again but manages only to scorch him slightly. Trism attacks his tail, too, but doesn’t manage to injure it at all. Jex grabs Fewbert with one of his massive hands. Flute, again trys attacking his mind, to no effect. Trism attacks again but only manages to anger him enough to encite an attack on her. Jex, using the fist clenching Fewbert, slams the ground causing a shockwave toward Trism. Flute is also caught in the area of the attack but both her and Trism manage to avoid injury. Fewbert escapes Jex’s fist when the force of the impact with the ground causes his grip to loosen. In anger, Jex slams his fist into Fewbert, again but his suit is able to shrug off the attack. Searra attacks his tail and cuts into it, deep. In one final attack, everyone attacks his tail at once and it falls to the ground, Jex returns to normal. “Well, that was troublesome… Can’t have him ruining my fun! I’ll send him home!” says the Imp, who had just appeared nearby. “Couldn’t you have done that before he turned into super-mega monkey?” says Searra “I could have, but that was fun, too” he says “Can I have a cookie??” asks Flute, just as the imp disappears, again. The group continues with their watches and recovers from the fight. Flute bites Trism in her sleep, dreaming of cookies.

In the morning, Isamaru returns to normal and comes out of hiding. Before the sun breaks the horizon, they begin moving again. After several hours of travel, Searra, Trism and Isamaru see dust in the distance. Fewbert sees nine creatures on his suit’s display. Searra sees that they are similar in color to the sand. When they get within sight, the creatures change the direction they are traveling and head straight for the group. Fewbert blasts one and takes it down. The raptors rush in at great speed and attack. The attack reminds the group of Mauro and the way he flew at high speeds, attacking everyone in his path. Searra, Trism and Flute are injured in the onslaught. Isamaru grabs one, leaps into the air and throws it at another one; Both collapse to the ground. The raptors attack again and only hurt Isamaru and Flute. Trism easily takes one down, the creatures clearly rely on speed rather than resilience to survive. Flute attacks the mind of one and takes down the intelligent but weak-willed creature. Searra attacks one of the raptors, massing all of her duplicates on it, taking it down. Fewbert shoots his disintegration ray at one and it turns to dust. Searra kills another one and Isamaru takes down the last one.

...another maze?

After recovering from the little damage that the raptors managed to cause on them, the group continues on their journey. They travel in the desert and encounter no problems for the rest of the day. As night begins to fall they decide to continue traveling for a few more hours before setting up camp. When they are ready to sleep, the watches are set up. Fewbert and Trism have an uneventful watch and awaken Searra for her watch, during which, she begins to feel very tired. A few more minutes pass and she feels more tired, so she tries to awaken the others but finds that they are all in a deep sleep. She hears giggling. “God dammit, why? You bastard!” She says, groggily, as she passes out. Everyone wakes up in a large room that is estimated to be about a sixty-foot cube, which is illuminated in a similar way to the maze. “You bastard… How are we supposed to find your god damned oasis if you put us back in the maze?” asks Searra “Have fun!” Says the Imp’s voice, fading out. Each wall in this room has one door directly in the center which spans about ten feet from the floor, through each of which can be seen a seemingly infinite number of other rooms. Each door has a number above it. Searra sends one of her duplicates through a door labeled ‘37’ and, as the group watches she vanishes from sight upon crossing the threshold. She sees a giant centipede appear in the middle of this new room she is in and immediately steps back through the door, trying to rejoin the group. The centipede vanishes, again. But to the rest of the group (and her other duplicates, for that matter) she does not return and is actually in another room entirely. She simply reabsorbs that duplicate, then recreates it. Everyone tries to brainstorm how to tackle this current problem. Fewbert uses his disintegration ray to put the number “1” beside the door that Searra just entered. As he is doing that everyone sees the same number appear next to the same facing wall in the other rooms. It is assumed that these other ‘rooms’ they can see are simply mirrored images of the room they are in. Isamaru tries to cut into the floor of the room with his sword but only manages to do some superficial damage. Searra grabs Trism’s cape and steps through the same door again. Trism’s cape gets severed as Searra vanishes again. The centipede is still there and she looks for marks on the wall, There are none. She drops the piece of cape and teleports back to rejoin the group.

Searra decides to test the other rooms attached to the one they are in. In the room labeled ‘54’ she encounters intense gravity making movement difficult, she returns to the group. When she enters room 53 a bright, painful flash of light blasts her, she again returns. In room number 78 her mind reels as time is severely distorted and her duplicate is experiencing time at a different rate from the rest of her and, though she reabsorbs that duplicate almost immediately it seems to take over ten minutes for it to happen. Searra decides to take the safest path to scout ahead and walks back into room 54. She makes her way across the high gravity room, at times she nearly collapses, and she enters a room labeled ‘79’ this room seems to be completely harmless, she looks around and sees a door with the number 100 over it and, hoping this will be a way out, walks through. This room is, much like the last, completely empty and doesn’t seem to lead anywhere but to more rooms. Searra goes back, tears off another piece of Trism’s cape and drops it in room 54 (much to Trism’s irritation). Fewbert decides to clear another path, enters room 37 and makes short work of the centepede. Since Fewbert has no way of returning to the group, everyone follows as he continues to walk straight, into room ‘66’. This room seems much larger than any of the other rooms they have been in before but when they turn around to see that the door they just came through is now 10 times the size it was when they entered everyone realizes that they have, in fact, been shrunk. Fewbert then turns left into room ‘29’ which holds nothing for them. Isamaru tries to slash the ceiling and, again, does only minor damage, he swings his sword again and shouts “wind scar” as a cone-shaped wave of energy shoots out from it, this only does slightly more damage Searra decides to walk near Fewbert and go through doors before him to make sure the coast is clear. Fewbert continues straight ahead into room ‘72’ and then makes a sharp turn right toward room ‘68’. “I hate you” says Searra, to Fewbert for being seemingly random. This next room is extremely cold and Searra tries to stop him, but fails and the whole group follows. They move through the room quickly as Fewbert turns completely around and everyone scrambles to keep up with him. The cold is too much for Searra and Flute and they are both poorly effected. In the next room everyone begins to feel slightly fatigued but this, combined with the intense cold of the previous room, is too much for Searra and she falls unconscious, Isamaru decides to carry her. As Fewbert enters the next room, he notices that the floor has very little friction but decides not to tell anyone. Everyone has a hard time staying on their feet and Isamaru drops Searra and she almost slides through another door, Fewbert makes a path to her with his disintegration ray. Fewbert leads them through door number ‘34’ all that is found in this room is a large mushroom in the center. Isamaru walks up to it as he gets close is shakes and drops spores which spread out into the room. Everyone holds their breath as they cross the room, Trism covers Searra’s face with her cape. Everyone rests in the next room, which is empty and the next several rooms are, likewise, empty. Searra had been wracking her brain since they arrived in this place as to what it’s secrets are but she has not figured anything out. Then, just as she is about to walk into room number 68, she stops and goes into 91 instead. Nothing. Everyone follows. The next several rooms she leads them through are also empty, then one of the rooms they see is room number 1. Surely, this is the way out! When they go through they discover that it is the same room they started in. Eventually Flute stops and shouts “Hey, Imp dude… can you send a cookie in the direction we’re supposed to go?” but she gets no response. In one room, their minds are assulted and Searra, once again, falls unconscious. “Hey! Can we have a map or something?” Flute asks and a chest appears in the center of the room. Trism pokes it, Flute rolls her eyes and opens it. A hologram appears of a large cube with 101 smaller cubes moving around inside it. Fewbert studies it to memorize it and notices that some of the rooms are a slightly different color. Eventually Searra wakes up, with a splitting headache, sees the map and asks if they’ve figured it out. Fewbert uses his disintegration ray to remove the ‘2’ from the ‘21’ above one of the doors and adds a ‘01’ after the ‘1’ then he tries to convince Searra to go into 101, she does just to shut him up. It’s still room 21. In Fewbert’s H.U.D. blinks the words “Nice Try” right next to his clock blinking 12:00am. Fewbert then convinces Searra to climb into the chest… she does and they close the lid, nothing happens. Using the knowledge of what rooms are dangerous Fewbert leads everyone through a safe path until they arrive in a room with no safe path. They choose to go through a room they recognize, room 54. The high gravity slows them down but not much. They choose another safe room and continue along the safest path. Soon, they come to room number 10 which has a door marked 101, which has only one door in it. Searra tells the others to follow and they do. They walk through the door and they are in an oasis. The Imp appears, “Thank you” says Flute “Congratulations!” says the imp “as I said, your next task lies here… in that cave…” and then he disappears again.


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