Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Internal Defences

After they’re sure the fight is over, Searra and Flute go to check on Trism. Flute sees that she is badly injured but alive and about a minute later Trism regains consciousness. Searra decides to drag in the reptilians into the ship and put them someplace secure, splitting into four to make it go faster. When she steps inside the ship she notices a figure in the window high up on the back wall. The figure looks at her and then moves away from the window. The lights in the ship turn red, weapons come out of ports in the ceiling and fire on her. She tries to use the bodies of the reptilians she is carrying as cover but a couple of the blasts hit her and she is stunned by the attack. Searra calls for help, Trism and Isamaru hear her and Trism rushes in, grabs two of Searra’s duplicates and pulls them to safety. Isamaru moves in and fires an energy wave at one of the guns in the corner, hitting one and two computer consoles as well. The consoles are slightly damaged but a forcefield protects the gun. One of the guns hits Isamaru, stunning him as well. Searra grabs Isamaru and teleports outside. Searra sneaks in and attacks one gun, the shield absorbs the attack and she teleports out before they begin firing again. Searra then takes Trism to the cargo bay to open the hatch there. Trism sees the guns lower from the ceiling and grabs Searra who teleports them out. Searra grabs Isamaru and teleports them to attack two of the guns which both begin sparking and they notice that the shields are weakening with each attack. Searra then decides to teleport with Trism into the operations room where she saw the reptilian who activated the security but he is no longer there. Trism manages to deactivate security before the guns fire on them. Searra informs the others it is safe to enter and they do. Searra then teleports them into the control room. Trism tries to reprogram the computers but doesn’t know enough about the reptilian language to do anything that technical. They decide to move on and Searra tries to open the only door in the room. She can’t figure out how to work the control panel. Trism gives it a try and barely figures out how to open the door. Everyone cautiously goes down the corridor, led by searra Trism easily opens the only door in the hall, into a room that Trism recognizes this to be the lift but they decide to continue searching this level. Searra scouts out the corridors and then rejoins the group at the ‘T’ intersection just past the door to the lift. Down the right-hand corridor, on the left, are two doors. Searra tries to open the door on the right which opens with the same code that allowed them access to the hall. This door opens into the barracks. Searra makes a quick search of the room and finds nothing of intrest. Next they try to open the next door over but this door is more secure. Isamaru gets bored and wanders down the opposite corridor. When he gets to the door at the corner, he examines the control panel for a moment and then punches it, sparks fly and Searra decides to stop him before he does any serious damage. Searra and Trism finally get the door to the Captain’s quarters open, it is nicer than the barracks but there is still nothing of intrest here. Trism and Searra are disappointed. Searra tries to help Isamaru open the door, which does, reluctantly. Everyone searches the rooms they find a lot of beds but not much else. Searra sends some of her duplicates to the lift that Isamaru found and everyone else uses the other lift. After studying the controls for a moment, Trism manages to get the lift to go up and searra tries to duplicate the same method in the other lift and, after some effort, gets it to go up as well.

On the third floor, the lift room has two doors. They enter the door on the opposite as the one they entered on the floor below. This room is extremely cold, with shelves lining the walls, filled with small containers. Some of the vessels have frozen liquids in them and others seem to contain frozen specimens of small creatures. Searra breaks open one of the containers with a frozen, bluish liquid in it. This seems to do nothing, so she puts the container down and enters a door on the right-hand wall from the lift’s door. Trism decides to grab one of the sealed containers and take it with her while she follows the others with Isamaru staying toward the back of the group. This room is a large laboratory with work tables, shelves of what appear to be chemicals, as well as empty beakers, test tubes and other containers. Searra moves on and searches the other doors with Flute and they go into another cold room similar to the last one but not nearly as cold. They find nothing of interest here, just more containers with liquids in them. They cross a hall and enter another room with what seem to be dry chemicals and then continue to the opposite door, leading to another corridor. Trism’s hands start to cramp from the frozen container she is carrying and decides to tie it up in her cape when the cold becomes too much. They walk along this corridor until it comes to a corner leading left and a door to the right.

Searra listens at the door and hears the sound of claws on metal. Searra hides and opens the door as Flute says “Here kitty, kitty” the door opens and they see rows of various-sized cages with animals in them. Some of the animals are cowering and some being very aggressive. Searra sneaks in and looks around. Some creatures cower but most don’t seem to not notice her. A few try to attack. She sniffs at one that is cowering and it hisses while one in an adjacent cage swipes it’s claws at her, barely missing.

Void Unleashed

Eurehl gestures toward the group as Jolt (one of his captains) changes his form to become pure electrical energy, he flies up and whips his arm toward Searra who is wracked with pain as she is electrocuted however this attack causes no lasting harm. Backlash (another Captain) blasts Searra, hits her and she barely feels a thing. Searra teleports above a group of soldiers, clicks and drops the capsule given to her by Fewbert Harnsworth. The capsule explodes in a puff of smoke and out emerges… ...nothing. The confused soldiers are then attacked by a large creature (named Experiment 6 by Fewbert Harnsworth) with six limbs and huge scything claws that seemed to appear from nowhere. Several of the soldiers around Experiment 6 die, Nova and tangent (two more captains) are hurt and Eurehl falls to the ground. Tangent fires a birrage of energy blasts at Flute but she is unhurt. The soldiers attack and hurt Trism severely. Nova flies toward Trism and Flute then flies straight up as a trail of energy follows him, hitting Flute as Trism barely avoids the unique attack. Rock (Eurehl’s final captain) throws a soldier out of the way and attacks Experiment 6. Jolt blasts at Isamaru but doesn’t hurt him. Experiment 6 attacks Rock and attempts to grapple him. Rock easily fends off the attack as Experiment 6 leaps away. Nova flies back down and attacks Trism and Flute (and also several of his own soldiers, including rock) “Hey, watch it!” says Rock. Isamaru takes out more soldiers with an energy wave. Searra attacks Nova, who is badly hurt. Rock punches Flute and stuns her. Backlash makes an attack on Isamaru but misses. A large metal plate flies out of the forward bay of the ship “I AM FREE!!!!” says a disturbing voice from within. The voice sends chills up Trism’s spine. Experiment 6 attacks Tangent and hurts him badly. Trism attacks Rock but doesn’t even chip his stony hide. A dark figure with large clawed hands leaps out of the ship and attacks Trism severely injuring her. Searra tries to reason with void, he does not take notice of her. Jolt wraps his arm around Isamaru’s head, deafening and blinding him. Void leaps toward Flute but doesn’t hurt her. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind and seems to hurt him a little. Nova flies to where he can do the most damage and unleashes a huge burst of energy, only taking out soldiers and hurting backlash. Isamaru shakes off the blindness and deafness and blasts another energy wave, several more soldiers fall, Backlash and Void are also hurt. Searra attacks Nova and he falls to the ground. Backlash fails to hurt Flute again. Tangent launches a weak volley at Isamaru but doesn’t hurt him. Rock grapples Flute. The soldiers attack Isamaru, only one lands a blow and bruises him. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind and, again, hurts him a little. Isamaru leaps at tangent and slashes at him, throwing him back a little. Searra attacks Rock, hurting him slightly. Rock puts the squeeze on Flute but doesn’t hurt her. Experiment 6 attacks Backlash, but doesn’t manage to hurt him. Void leaps at Experiment 6 but doesn’t hurt him. Flute attacks Rock’s mind and he screams “YEOUCH!!” Isamaru slashes at Tangent and takes him down. Backlash attacks Searra but doesn’t hurt her. Searra attacks Rock, sinking her teeth into his stony hide and draining his life force. He weakens but does not fall, still holding tight to Flute and squeezes harder. Void attacks Experiment 6, he misses but then leaps away and hides. Flute Attacks Rock’s mind again and he grabs his head, releasing her. Backlash attacks Flute but doesn’t hurt her. Searra attacks Jolt but her claws seem to just pass through him, her hair stands on end. One final attack from Isamaru causes Rock to crumble to the ground. Experiment 6 finishes off the soldiers. Void leaps past Experiment 6, slashing at him with his claws, missing and hides again. Experiment 6 watches where he lands, follows him and attacks, hurting Void. Flute hurts Jolt’s mind again. Backlash attacks Isamaru and misses, everyone notices that he is trying to hide a smile. Void stretches his arm to attack Experiment 6, misses and leaps away again. Experiment 6 follows. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind again and seems to hurt him pretty badly. Isamaru attacks Jolt and he vanishes in a flash of crackling light. Backlash blasts Searra and, again, misses. Searra attacks backlash and doesn’t hurt him. Experiment 6 decides to try and search the ship for the Dragonballs. With his super speed he manages to find four and hides in a room near the entrance. Void attacks Flute who responds by attacking his mind and he hisses loudly. Isamaru and Searra attack Void and he staggers back. Backlash attacks and misses anyone. Experiment 6 continues to search for the dragonballs. Flute attacks Backlash’s mind and he reflects the attack back at her! She is surprised but unhurt. Backlash laughs! “He is not a noodle! I repeat, he is not a noodle!” shouts Flute. Experiment 6 rushes out from the ship, writes “got four” on the ground and finds a place to hide. Searra quickly covers the writing. Void snares Isamaru with webbing, holds a control line and leaps away. Isamaru flies into a rage and tries to break free but fails to escape. Backlash misses Searra. Experiment 6 attacks Void and lands a powerful hit, hurting him slightly. Flute attacks Void’s mind again and he staggers again. Isamaru finally bursts out of the webbing, eyes glowing red and his fangs have grown. Backlash attacks Isamaru and misses again. Experiment 6 tears into Void who finally collapses to the ground. Flute blasts at Backlash and he reflects it back at her, she is unhurt. Searra and all of her duplicates attack Backlash, he redirects one of her attacks back at one of her duplicates. One of her attacks, however, hurts him. Isamaru grapples Backlash then pins him to the ground. Experiment 6 slashes backlash in half and then goes into hiding again.

A Dialogue With Eurehl

Searra and Flute try to revive the others and ask them what happened. “More of Lord Caius’ soldiers and captains came here and tore the place apart! I saw them gathering up the frogs before I was knocked out…” Says Jex. Searra and Trism go to check out the ship and see that it is crawling with reptilian soldiers, they decide to look around to see what the soldiers are doing. The soldiers seem to be gathering a quantity of small, round, white stones about the same size and shape of the Dragonballs. Some of the soldiers fly up and toward Trism and Searra. Searra jumps off of Trism’s back, floats in the air and tells Trism to get the others. Searra uses her ability to hide even without cover so the soldiers don’t see her. The soldiers move to where they thought they saw them and look around “I thought I saw one of them… Tell Eurehl!” says one of the soldiers. One returns to the ship while the other stays and continues to look around, then returns to the ship a few moments later.

Meanwhile, inside the ship, a tall reptillian stands in front of a console with the last moments of Lord Caius in his true form replaying on the display. He is surrounded by five other reptillian creatures and many soldiers, technicians and scientists. A soldier lands outside the ship and runs in. “Eurehl! We believe we just spotted one of the earthling warriors to the north but when we went to investigate we couldn’t find anything!” he says “Hmmm… Must be the one who calls herself Searra… She seems to be able to easily avoid detection… Excellent! The rest should be here shortly! Inform the men to be ready!” says Eurehl who then turns toward a large metal box with colorful buttons and switches on it. He presses a combination of buttons and flips a few switches and a small device sitting on a nearby console comes to life.

Trism recognizes the name Eurehl as a high-ranking dignitary and ward of Lord Caius, who is incredibly intelligent. Fewbert tells her he intends to stay behind. Searra decides to try to get one of the stones and return to the group. She manages to steal one stone and, using one of her duplicates, tells the rest of the group to stop. She then returns to the house shouting at Fewbert to hide the ball in his suit. “Fine, just leave me alone, Oh, bring this with you… just press the button and throw it… don’t get too close.” He says as he hands her a large capsule with a ‘No.06’ printed on it. The group then heads toward the ship again and arrive to see the soldiers standing near the entrance seemingly on alert. One solder moves toward the group and says, as the rest assume a defensive formation “Eurehl sends his greetings and wishes to speak with you.” “If he wants to talk to us the he should come out and speak with us.” says Searra. “Come in voluntarily or we will drag you in” says the soldier. “SILENCE!” comes a loud voice from the ship’s communication system.

Eurehl exits the ship with five captains “I am assuming you’re familiar with a ‘Deadman’s Switch’” he says as he holds up a small device. “That’s a contingency plan. Hopefully, you will not have to experience it. I was sent here with these soldiers and captains to investigate what happened to Lord Caius” says Eurehl “He made a couple of bad decisions” says Searra “We discovered something rather disturbing” He looks at Searra with a steely glare “He was overconfident… I am not making that mistake” “Good then maybe you won’t make bad decisions, much better choice!” says Searra “Give me the Dragonball” “Don’t have it!” Interrupts Searra “One of you took it, we have it on surveillance” says Eurehl “Yes but we don’t have it anymore, and I can honestly say I am not absolutely certain where it is now” says Searra “If you give us the Dragonball, we will return Lord Caius and those who were with him to their original states and leave the planet.” “Well, let’s see… From our dealings with Lord Caius, I’m pretty certain that there’s absolutely nothing to stop you guys from doing that once you get the Dragonballs, leaving and doing something absolutely horrific to the planet once there is nothing we can do to stop you” says Searra “Unfortunately I cannot vouch for what Lord Caius will do once he is returned to his original state…” “He’s gonna be pissed at us and come back here and cause havoc so… No!” interrupts Searra, again. ”I am obligated to follow his orders when he is returned to a condition in which he can issue them. If it is your choice not to return the Dragonball to us then we will have no choice but to seek it out ourselves and eliminate anyone who gets in our way.” continues Eurehl. “Since we don’t plan on being gotten rid of, it seems that we have a bit of an impasse here. Plus, in the amount of time it will take you to go and find the other Dragonball which, as I said, I’m not absolutely certain where it is what is to stop us from taking more of your Dragonballs…” “Allow me to explain my contingency plan to you…” interrupts Eurehl “That may help us make a decision…” says Searra “Several hundred years ago, one of Lord Caius’ lieutenants decided to rise against him; his power nearly rivaled that of Lord Caius. He has been imprisoned. We have given him an option of freedom on this planet. If you do not comply, he will be released.” says Eurehl “Well we did take down Lord Caius once already…” says Flute “You never actually fought Lord Caius” replies Eurehl “No, we didn’t fight Lord Caius, but we did, very definitively win against him…” says Searra “Only with the aid of the Dragonballs did you achieve victory” says Eurehl “Well, in these situations, we are either going to face Lord Caius or someone like Lord Caius so you aren’t really giving us any real options here.” says Searra “We will destroy you and once you are gone we will eventually find the other Dragonball.” says Eurehl “Well, we aren’t going to let you destroy us quite that easily. We did, after all, stop Lord Caius and all of his captains…” argues Searra “You do not have the power of the Dragonballs at your disposal this time” says Eurehl “No, but we were doing a pretty damn good job defeating them before we needed the Dragonballs” says Searra “So be it!” says Eurehl “Enough talk!” says Isamaru. Searra looks surprised for a moment just before she vanishes from sight and reappears behind her friends!

Finally Home

Fewbert and Flute try to sense where the other creatures are and they sense them both in the same location to the north. They inform the group and head toward them. When they arrive, the creatures look like they are waiting for them, one shoots at the group and the other activates his cloak. Fewbert moves toward the cloaked one and shoots him. Isamaru grabs the visible creature and throws him at the bikes, destroying them both and nearly killing the creature. The cloaked one strikes throws several very fast attacks at Fewbert. He lands one of his blows cutting deep into Fewbert’s armor. Flute attacks the mind of the crippled creature on the mangled bikes and he coughs up blood. Searra finishes off the one laying on the bikes. Fewbert shoots at the cloaked one, twice and harms it a little, shorting out the cloaking device. Isamaru launches his energy wave at it and it is staggerd. Flute catches a glimpse of the creature who’s cloaking device is still shorting out and hurts it a little. The creature attacks Isamaru but barely scratches him. Searra finally takes him out with a combined attack of all her duplicates. Fewbert examines the wrist devices and, after about an hour manages to figure out how they work. Searra goes to check out the ship to find out some good places to put the devices so they are not noticeable. When she gets near the clearing, she lands and teleports the rest of the way. When she gets within a couple hundred yards a weapon comes out of a port and fires on her, she manages to teleport away before it hits her but she doesn’t get a good look at it. The group decides to attack the ship head on, Searra decides to be more stealthy. The main group attacks the ship. Isamaru and Trism attack first, Isamaru riding on her back and hooting like a maniac. When they approach, the weapon bay opens on the bottom and a hatch rises from the top with a seat containing the creature leader with a large weapon on it. He aima and fires the weapon at them. Isamaru swings his sword, trying to reflect it back but only manages to block the beam. Fewbert disintegrates the front landing gear and moves away before it crashes down. One of the weapons under the chassis gets destroyed. The creature then fires the ships weapon on Trism and stuns her. Flute attempts to attack the creature’s mind but he is strong willed. Isamaru fires an energy wave at the ship, sparks fly from it and it collapses. The creature dexterously rolls out of the collapsing wreckage and ends up on his feet. Searra attacks and he screams in pain. She attacks again, biting into his shoulder. The attack doesn’t do much damage but he weakens from the drain on his life force. Flute attacks his mind again and he winces slightly. Isamaru and Trism try to grapple the creature together but neither manage to get a good grip. He attacks both Isamaru and Trism with lightning-fast strikes and stuns them both. Flute assults the creature’s mind again and he grabs his head in pain. The creature extends blades on his wrists and attacks Isamaru cutting him deeply. Isamaru leaps into the air and launches an energy wave at the creature but he dodges. Trism, who was also in the path of the wave is struck by it but not hurt. Fewbert blasts him and he reels in pain. Fewbert shoots him and he collapses to the ground in a mangled pile.

The little imp appears again “Excellent job! As part of my punishment for interfering with this planet I have to clean up all the damage you caused and send you home. Then I will be banished here and stripped of my powers for 10,000 years. Thank you!” Everyone suddenly finds themselves back on their home island outside their house. They go in to find the house ransacked and partially demolished, everyone at home is battered and unconscious and all of the frogs are missing. Flute goes into a fit of rage when she sees that her Sem-frog is missing with the rest!

Zero Hour

The group returns to the village of the lizard people but they can no longer understand their language. They stay there for a few days until they sense the approach of several large power sources in the area of the clearing that they first appeared in. Searra goes to check it out. She hides in the woods at the edge of the clearing and sees a large, missile-shaped space ship with four intimidating-looking creatures walking out of it, who start scanning around the clearing. They then press some buttons on devices attached to their wrists and scan again. One of the creatures sees Searra hiding in the trees and chases after her. Searra sends two more of her duplicates to try and draw more of them away. The rest of the creatures go to a storage hatch on the side of the ship and pull out some bike-like contraptions. Searra informs the others what the creatures are doing. Fewbret suggests that she throw rocks at them and run away. She does so and hits one who looks toward her, presses some buttons on his wrist device, looks again and fires a shoulder-mounted weapon at her, but she is unscathed and runs away. The creature goes back to preparing his bike. Searra throws more rocks and hits the same one again. He turns and fires again and hurts her this time, then goes back to preparing his bike.

The other one chasing one of Searra’s duplicates follows her and she flies just slow enough to keep him chasing her. On the run, he presses some buttons on his wrist device and vanishes from sight. Searra concentrates on tracking his power level and tells the others what is going on.

Back in the clearing the creatures finish preparing their bikes and fly off in separate directions, very fast. Searra returns her duplicates to the group and then sends one to follow behind the creature chasing her. He shoots at her and hurts her a little. The others move to intercept the creature. Fewbert sees the creature with his helmet’s display, shoots at him and hits what he thinks is a vital location but the creature seems unscathed. Trism tries to grapple the creature. It reacts quickly with an attack but misses. Trism fails to get a good grip on him. Searra looks around for the creature but she cannot see it. Isamaru unleashes an energy wave toward where he senses the creature and it screams. Flute sees a brief glimmer of the creature and attacks it’s mind, it screams again. Fewbert shoots at it again, the cloaking device begins to short out as the creature drops to the ground and then pushes some more buttons on his wrist device. The device starts beeping. Fewbert figures that this is a desperation move and possibly a bomb. Isamaru tries to chop off the creature’s arm but he doesn’t hack completely through. Flute attacks the creature’s mind again and it stops moving. Trism rips his arm off and, at the others’ suggestion, flies it toward the ship. Searra follows her with a duplicate at a safe distance. Trism tosses the arm into the ship.

Inside the ship a larger and more ornately dressed creature with a long cloak has been tracking the movements and activities of his subordinates’ wrist devices with the ship’s instruments. When he noticed that one of the self destruct protocols had been activated, and the device was moving toward him, he deactivated the device when it was thrown into the ship and then warned the other creatures that their comrade has fallen.

Fewbert, Flute, Isamaru, Searra and Trism wait for the explosion… ...which never comes. And a few seconds later the larger creature with the cloak steps out of the ship, looks around and then walks back inside.

Fewbert searches the creature’s body and salvages it’s helmet, a shoulder blaster and a retractable wrist-blade. He then scans around for another of the creatures and sees it to the east and they all give chase, Searra leaves a duplicate to watch the ship. Everyone catches up to the other creature who they see standing next to his bike, he scans around and then turns toward a creature that walks into view and blasts it with his shoulder-mounted weapon, destroying it. He begins scanning again and Fewbert disintegrates the weapon off the creature’s shoulder and then destroys the bike. Searra hides and then flies past him and attacks, taking the creature by surprise and hurting him slightly. He pulls out a bladed disk and throws it, striking Isamaru and Trism, Fewbert barely avoids it as it streaks past him. Flute attacks the creature’s mind, it reels and grabs it’s head. Isamaru tries to slash off it’s arm but misses. Fewbert tries to disintegrate his arm, he is injured and it’s arm seems disabled but not disintegrated. It throws it’s blade ring again, missing Fewbert but hitting Flute, Searra and Trism, the latter two are hurt. Isamaru swings his sword at it but misses. One final blast from Fewbert’s weapon disintegrates him and Fewbert retrieves the wrist device from the ash.

The Truth at Last

Fewbert Harnsworth begins making plans to scavenge parts of his suit to create a bomb large enough to take out the entire hive. While Isamaru carries the others to a safer location high on the mountainside, roughly five miles away, which is the distance that Fewbert said they should be safe. Isamaru jumps down the mountain to get firewood and they set up camp to rest, which takes about two hours. Fewbert takes his time creating the bomb, using most of his suit in the process. Isamaru is convinced that he could have taken on the whole hive by himself. Isamaru carries Searra down the mountain on his back with the bomb until she is in range to teleport into the cavern. She teleports into the cavern and tries to hide. She escapes notice from everything except for the queen who strikes at her and wounds her slightly. Searra manages to set the bomb and teleport back to the group and they all sit down to watch the explosion, eating the cookies that Flute has. They see a large explosion blow out half the mountainside, looking focused toward the group. Fewbert isn’t sure but thinks it might reach their position so they start running. A large, burnt and charred, green creature lands in their path and they look back to see rocks flying toward them, along with a shockwave. Rocks pelt the group and as the shockwave hits them, everyone is knocked to the ground. “Damn, man, you said 5 miles was an okay distance!” says Isamaru “I said 5 miles SHOULD be okay…” says Fewbert. The little imp appears in front of them “If I didn’t have a purpose for you, I would send you home now! I managed to shield the blast just in time to save that hive and get rid of the threat to them!”everyone tries to argue with him but he does not allow them to interrupt him.

“Now, on to business… As I said, I am quite fond of this planet and, as I am sure you have figured out, I have an ulterior motive for bringing you here. There is a group of beings that specialize in brokering planets and they have employed the services of a group of mercenaries to come here and wipe out the ‘undesirable’ beings on this planet. That is, any creature dangerous to possible buyers or any creature threatening advanced evolution. They will be here in a few days and I am powerless to stop them. You will be sent home once they are taken care of, so long as there is minimal collateral damage. I would not recommend facing them all at once and try not to alert them to your presence. Now, it is likely that someone from my kind’s high council will be here soon to investigate what I am talking about and probably punish me for how much I have interfered here already. I have been suppressing many of your powers and will now restore them to you. Now…” The Imp suddenly vanishes. Fewbert’s suit is restored to full working condition and everyone is, once again, able to fly.

The Hive

As the group approaches the mountains they see two cave entrances, one is crawling with the insect-like creatures the other smaller entrance to the left is unguarded. Searra sneaks up to the smaller entrance to look (and sniff) around, the others wait outeside for her to report back. She smells the stench of the creatures inside but sees nothing. She creates several duplicates and begins to sneak in. When she comes to a ‘T’ intersection, she splits up. Down the right-hand corridor she is seen by two of the creatures but teleports away. Outside, Isamaru and Fewbert are getting restless; Flute asks for another map, she gets no response so her and Trism talk while they wait. Searra comes to another fork and splits down both. Outside, Fewbert detects to see how many there are and can see over 300. Flute and Trism move closer to the smaller cave as Isamaru winds up to unleash an energy wave. He takes down four of the creatures with the attack, the rest guarding the entrance turn to face him. Fewbert shoots one and it turns to dust. The creatures attack and hurt Isamaru slightly.

Meanwhile, inside, Searra is attacked by some creatures patrolling the outer caves she counters and takes one down and then teleports to join the rest of herself. Isamaru leaps into the air and and fires another energy wave toward the largest group of the creatures, which also happens to include Fewbert. Seven of the creatures collapse and Fewbert is unharmed. Fewbert then blasts another one to dust as Isamaru mocks him for only taking down one at a time. Isamaru unleashes another energy wave at the group, containing Flute this time. She is okay, however four more of the bugs drop. More bugs are now pouring out of the entrance and two larger ones emerge as well. Inside, Searra sees a constant stream of bugs pouring down a cross-corridor and decides to avoid that path. A maelstrom of chitinous blades and teeth swarm around the group outside. The larger bugs shoot spines from their backs at Isamaru and Flute. Flute attacks the mind of the large one that hit her and it hisses loudly, clawing at it’s head. Then she backs away. Fewbert attempts to collapse the cave entrance and manages to crumble enough rubble to close a third of the entrance. Flute continues her mental assult on the large creature and it continues clawing at it’s head and hissing. The weight of the swarm begins to overwhelm Isamaru and Flute as they take several jarring blows. Fewbert shoots at the entrance again, he sees some rocks shift and blasts it to collapse more to cover most of the entrance. Isamaru leaps next to Flute and fires an energy wave at the very large group that is now outside the cave. Some more creatures come through the main entrance while excavating the entrance back out, some creatures begin coming out of the smaller entrance and more start approaching from the forest behind. Fewbert, Isamaru and Flute are injured by the attacks of the insects. Two of Searra’s duplicates teleport out to check on the group. “holy shit!” she exclaims as she almost teleports into the ongoing melee. Her other duplicates start running and detecting to try and find a leader of the creatures. When she locates the queen of the hive she attempts to teleport directly on top of her. The queen dodges out of the way and Searra nimbly lands on her feet and then teleports another duplicate on top of the queen, which she also dodges. Her surprise attack ruined, Searra attacks the giant insect, but doesn’t seem to harm her. The queen turns on her and attacks but isn’t able to harm Searra either. Flute attacks the mind of one and runs and Trism follows suit. Isamaru and Fewbert suffer more attacks from the creatures while the bugs chasing Flute and Trism quickly close the gap and injure Flute slightly. Searra attacks some of the creatures doing only superficial damage but managing to drain some life force, she then teleports to a safe location up the mountainside. Isamaru grabs Fewbert and jumps to where Flute and Trism are, they grab him and he leaps onto the mountain to join Searra.

From the Oasis to the Forest

In the bottom of the box, underneath the food, a rolled up piece of parchment is found. Upon examination it is found to have a map with directions from the oasis to a mountain range. They begin following the map after packing away the rest of the food. They wait until evening to re-enter the dessert and when it gets too dark to continue they set up camp. The watches pass uneventfully and everyone is able to rest peacefully through the night. In the morning they begin traveling as early as possible and travel until the hottest part of the day, when they seek shelter from the blazing sun. They are nearly caught off guard when five raptors attack.

Fewbert reacts quickly and disintegrates one of them. Searra gets injured as they close in for the kill but she counters with a bite and steals some of it’s life force. Isamaru grabs one, leaps into the air and again throws it at another the violence of the impact causes their bodies to rupture and spray everyone with entrails. Flute attacks the last raptor’s mind and blood begins to flow from it’s eyes and nose as it collapses. They finish resting and continue traveling when the temperature begins to fall. Just as night begins to fall they can see the forest’s edge on the horizon and they make it about half way by the time they decide to sleep. In the morning they continue toward the forest and make it there before mid-day. The forest is thin and the trees appear malnourished due to the poor soil quality so close to the desert sands.

As they travel they begin seeing sparse webbing in the trees and become worried that they will face another spider colony. Isamaru tries to blast away a path with his wide energy wave while Fewbert attempts to do the same with his disintegration ray. Isamaru’s sword shrinks down to normal size and Fewbert’s ray fails to work. The little Imp appears, waving his finger at the pair “No senseless destruction, now” he says “we are just trying to make an easy path to where we are going” Says Flute “This is not a dense forest, you are having no difficulty moving through it” Says the Imp “we don’t want to fight any more spiders” Says Searra “if they attack you, you may defend yourselves.” replies the Imp “but we fought the spiders already and we didn’t enjoy it much” Searra argues “no senseless destruction” repeats the Imp as he vanishes again. “Thank you for the cookies!” says Flute. As evening falls they see the mountains in the distance. The weather begins to get cold.

Several strange, insect-like creatures are seen moving toward the group from their flank, Fewbert shoots at one but misses, Searra attacks one and also misses and then hides. Two of the creatures spot one of her duplicates, the rest attack Flute. Flute uses a mental attack on one and it collapses to the ground. Isamaru, tries the same tactic that worked so well with the raptors and attempts to throw one of the creatures at two others. He only manages to strike one other but the attack still took care of two of the creatures. Fewbert turns one into dust. Isamaru attempts to cleave the last one in two but misses and accidentally hits Searra but she is unharmed. Flute attacks the creature’s mind and it falls.

Disgusting slugs!

“I’ll go in there if you give me a cookie” Flute says. “Fine…” echoes the Imp’s voice as a cookie appears in the air near the cave. Flute moves toward it and it moves closer to the cave. “That’s what I thought” she says. Searra moves toward the cave. Everyone looks around and sees a lush oasis with green trees and pools of green/blue water. Searra, Flute and Isamaru notice small, gray, slug-like creatures with tentacles and spines. Searra notices as she examines one a foul, acrid stench. She sees an insect fly close to it and it’s tentacles move around, faster and faster as the insect nears until it catches and eats it. She pokes it with a stick and it smacks it with it’s tentacle. She sees that the stick starts to dissolve. Searra turns her attention back to the cookie. She tries to grab the it and it dodges, Fewbert shoots the cookie as Isamaru just walks into the cave, shaking his head. The cookie disintegrates, Fewbert says to Flute “don’t worry, that bee won’t hurt anyone ever again” she mopes. Everyone fills their waterskins in a nearby pool of clear water. They enter the cave and follow the tunnel. Searra notices a faint smell of the small slug creatures. As the cave darkens, they notice that the slugs glow in the darkness. The tunnel opens into a large cavern with a pool of water in the center. As they make their way into the cavern, the door collapses and one of the slugs falls off the wall into the water. The water begins to recede and the slug is seen, growing beneath the surface. As the creature grows it begins to illuminate the whole cavern. Fewbert shoots one of the small slugs on the wall and it turns to dust. Searra kills the rest of the slugs on the wall. Trism shoots at the very large creature now in the center of the room and misses, she hears the imp giggling. The engorged slug doesn’t seem to move toward anyone and just starts moving around. Isamaru unleashes a wide energy wave, but it fails to harm the creature. Flute tries to attack the creature’s mind but the creature’s mind is too primative to be affected. Fewbert tries to disintegrate it again and again fails to harm the creature. Trism blasts the creature, and hurts it a little. Isamaru attacks it with his sword and gets hit by one of the tentacles in return but it doesn’t hurt him. The creature moves close to a Searra who was trying to hide and hits her with his tentacle, she feels the acid burning her flesh and she begins to feel weak. Fewbert shoots at it again, and it screams in pain. Isamaru tries his sword blast again and it screams in pain, again. Fewbert blasts at the creature again and sears deep into it’s flesh. The giant slug raises it’s tentacles in the air and then slams them into the ground. The ground shakes and knocks down Flute and Isamaru. Isamaru leaps to his feet. Flute blasts at the creature from the ground and wounds it again. Trism blasts it and the creature gives out a final scream as it collapses to the ground and the water seeps back out of it.

Fewbert disintegrates through the wall to get out. When they get outside there is a small box on the ground. Searra opens the box and sees that it is filled with food, there are also cookies inside which Flute hoards and gorges herself. Everyone feasts until they are full.

...another maze?

After recovering from the little damage that the raptors managed to cause on them, the group continues on their journey. They travel in the desert and encounter no problems for the rest of the day. As night begins to fall they decide to continue traveling for a few more hours before setting up camp. When they are ready to sleep, the watches are set up. Fewbert and Trism have an uneventful watch and awaken Searra for her watch, during which, she begins to feel very tired. A few more minutes pass and she feels more tired, so she tries to awaken the others but finds that they are all in a deep sleep. She hears giggling. “God dammit, why? You bastard!” She says, groggily, as she passes out. Everyone wakes up in a large room that is estimated to be about a sixty-foot cube, which is illuminated in a similar way to the maze. “You bastard… How are we supposed to find your god damned oasis if you put us back in the maze?” asks Searra “Have fun!” Says the Imp’s voice, fading out. Each wall in this room has one door directly in the center which spans about ten feet from the floor, through each of which can be seen a seemingly infinite number of other rooms. Each door has a number above it. Searra sends one of her duplicates through a door labeled ‘37’ and, as the group watches she vanishes from sight upon crossing the threshold. She sees a giant centipede appear in the middle of this new room she is in and immediately steps back through the door, trying to rejoin the group. The centipede vanishes, again. But to the rest of the group (and her other duplicates, for that matter) she does not return and is actually in another room entirely. She simply reabsorbs that duplicate, then recreates it. Everyone tries to brainstorm how to tackle this current problem. Fewbert uses his disintegration ray to put the number “1” beside the door that Searra just entered. As he is doing that everyone sees the same number appear next to the same facing wall in the other rooms. It is assumed that these other ‘rooms’ they can see are simply mirrored images of the room they are in. Isamaru tries to cut into the floor of the room with his sword but only manages to do some superficial damage. Searra grabs Trism’s cape and steps through the same door again. Trism’s cape gets severed as Searra vanishes again. The centipede is still there and she looks for marks on the wall, There are none. She drops the piece of cape and teleports back to rejoin the group.

Searra decides to test the other rooms attached to the one they are in. In the room labeled ‘54’ she encounters intense gravity making movement difficult, she returns to the group. When she enters room 53 a bright, painful flash of light blasts her, she again returns. In room number 78 her mind reels as time is severely distorted and her duplicate is experiencing time at a different rate from the rest of her and, though she reabsorbs that duplicate almost immediately it seems to take over ten minutes for it to happen. Searra decides to take the safest path to scout ahead and walks back into room 54. She makes her way across the high gravity room, at times she nearly collapses, and she enters a room labeled ‘79’ this room seems to be completely harmless, she looks around and sees a door with the number 100 over it and, hoping this will be a way out, walks through. This room is, much like the last, completely empty and doesn’t seem to lead anywhere but to more rooms. Searra goes back, tears off another piece of Trism’s cape and drops it in room 54 (much to Trism’s irritation). Fewbert decides to clear another path, enters room 37 and makes short work of the centepede. Since Fewbert has no way of returning to the group, everyone follows as he continues to walk straight, into room ‘66’. This room seems much larger than any of the other rooms they have been in before but when they turn around to see that the door they just came through is now 10 times the size it was when they entered everyone realizes that they have, in fact, been shrunk. Fewbert then turns left into room ‘29’ which holds nothing for them. Isamaru tries to slash the ceiling and, again, does only minor damage, he swings his sword again and shouts “wind scar” as a cone-shaped wave of energy shoots out from it, this only does slightly more damage Searra decides to walk near Fewbert and go through doors before him to make sure the coast is clear. Fewbert continues straight ahead into room ‘72’ and then makes a sharp turn right toward room ‘68’. “I hate you” says Searra, to Fewbert for being seemingly random. This next room is extremely cold and Searra tries to stop him, but fails and the whole group follows. They move through the room quickly as Fewbert turns completely around and everyone scrambles to keep up with him. The cold is too much for Searra and Flute and they are both poorly effected. In the next room everyone begins to feel slightly fatigued but this, combined with the intense cold of the previous room, is too much for Searra and she falls unconscious, Isamaru decides to carry her. As Fewbert enters the next room, he notices that the floor has very little friction but decides not to tell anyone. Everyone has a hard time staying on their feet and Isamaru drops Searra and she almost slides through another door, Fewbert makes a path to her with his disintegration ray. Fewbert leads them through door number ‘34’ all that is found in this room is a large mushroom in the center. Isamaru walks up to it as he gets close is shakes and drops spores which spread out into the room. Everyone holds their breath as they cross the room, Trism covers Searra’s face with her cape. Everyone rests in the next room, which is empty and the next several rooms are, likewise, empty. Searra had been wracking her brain since they arrived in this place as to what it’s secrets are but she has not figured anything out. Then, just as she is about to walk into room number 68, she stops and goes into 91 instead. Nothing. Everyone follows. The next several rooms she leads them through are also empty, then one of the rooms they see is room number 1. Surely, this is the way out! When they go through they discover that it is the same room they started in. Eventually Flute stops and shouts “Hey, Imp dude… can you send a cookie in the direction we’re supposed to go?” but she gets no response. In one room, their minds are assulted and Searra, once again, falls unconscious. “Hey! Can we have a map or something?” Flute asks and a chest appears in the center of the room. Trism pokes it, Flute rolls her eyes and opens it. A hologram appears of a large cube with 101 smaller cubes moving around inside it. Fewbert studies it to memorize it and notices that some of the rooms are a slightly different color. Eventually Searra wakes up, with a splitting headache, sees the map and asks if they’ve figured it out. Fewbert uses his disintegration ray to remove the ‘2’ from the ‘21’ above one of the doors and adds a ‘01’ after the ‘1’ then he tries to convince Searra to go into 101, she does just to shut him up. It’s still room 21. In Fewbert’s H.U.D. blinks the words “Nice Try” right next to his clock blinking 12:00am. Fewbert then convinces Searra to climb into the chest… she does and they close the lid, nothing happens. Using the knowledge of what rooms are dangerous Fewbert leads everyone through a safe path until they arrive in a room with no safe path. They choose to go through a room they recognize, room 54. The high gravity slows them down but not much. They choose another safe room and continue along the safest path. Soon, they come to room number 10 which has a door marked 101, which has only one door in it. Searra tells the others to follow and they do. They walk through the door and they are in an oasis. The Imp appears, “Thank you” says Flute “Congratulations!” says the imp “as I said, your next task lies here… in that cave…” and then he disappears again.


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