Lord Caius

Leader of a vast Empire, Lord Caius has is sights set on the Dragonballs to achieve immortality.


Lord Caius has been the ruler of the Reptilian home world, Churak, since his father died in battle over three-hundred years ago. He stands over twelve feet tall. He controls a vast empire spanning many solar systems and hundreds of worlds. He has always had his sights set on acquiring the Dragonballs and becoming the most powerful warrior in the universe. Unfortunately, however, this goal has always been just out of reach since. Even his fleet’s flagship is not powerful enough to reach the planet Namek.

Recent information recovered by his researchers, however, has made him aware of the presence of dragonballs on earth. He is now, with the aid of his two Lieutenants, Mauro and Sem as well as his numerous elite warriors, making preparations to retrieve them and make his dream a reality.

Unfortunately for him, when he started gathering the Dragonballs on earth, a group of heroes intervened. After a brief struggle, these heroes used the Dragonballs against him, turning him and the army he brought with him into frogs.

Lord Caius

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