Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Eurehl gestures toward the group as Jolt (one of his captains) changes his form to become pure electrical energy, he flies up and whips his arm toward Searra who is wracked with pain as she is electrocuted however this attack causes no lasting harm. Backlash (another Captain) blasts Searra, hits her and she barely feels a thing. Searra teleports above a group of soldiers, clicks and drops the capsule given to her by Fewbert Harnsworth. The capsule explodes in a puff of smoke and out emerges… ...nothing. The confused soldiers are then attacked by a large creature (named Experiment 6 by Fewbert Harnsworth) with six limbs and huge scything claws that seemed to appear from nowhere. Several of the soldiers around Experiment 6 die, Nova and tangent (two more captains) are hurt and Eurehl falls to the ground. Tangent fires a birrage of energy blasts at Flute but she is unhurt. The soldiers attack and hurt Trism severely. Nova flies toward Trism and Flute then flies straight up as a trail of energy follows him, hitting Flute as Trism barely avoids the unique attack. Rock (Eurehl’s final captain) throws a soldier out of the way and attacks Experiment 6. Jolt blasts at Isamaru but doesn’t hurt him. Experiment 6 attacks Rock and attempts to grapple him. Rock easily fends off the attack as Experiment 6 leaps away. Nova flies back down and attacks Trism and Flute (and also several of his own soldiers, including rock) “Hey, watch it!” says Rock. Isamaru takes out more soldiers with an energy wave. Searra attacks Nova, who is badly hurt. Rock punches Flute and stuns her. Backlash makes an attack on Isamaru but misses. A large metal plate flies out of the forward bay of the ship “I AM FREE!!!!” says a disturbing voice from within. The voice sends chills up Trism’s spine. Experiment 6 attacks Tangent and hurts him badly. Trism attacks Rock but doesn’t even chip his stony hide. A dark figure with large clawed hands leaps out of the ship and attacks Trism severely injuring her. Searra tries to reason with void, he does not take notice of her. Jolt wraps his arm around Isamaru’s head, deafening and blinding him. Void leaps toward Flute but doesn’t hurt her. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind and seems to hurt him a little. Nova flies to where he can do the most damage and unleashes a huge burst of energy, only taking out soldiers and hurting backlash. Isamaru shakes off the blindness and deafness and blasts another energy wave, several more soldiers fall, Backlash and Void are also hurt. Searra attacks Nova and he falls to the ground. Backlash fails to hurt Flute again. Tangent launches a weak volley at Isamaru but doesn’t hurt him. Rock grapples Flute. The soldiers attack Isamaru, only one lands a blow and bruises him. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind and, again, hurts him a little. Isamaru leaps at tangent and slashes at him, throwing him back a little. Searra attacks Rock, hurting him slightly. Rock puts the squeeze on Flute but doesn’t hurt her. Experiment 6 attacks Backlash, but doesn’t manage to hurt him. Void leaps at Experiment 6 but doesn’t hurt him. Flute attacks Rock’s mind and he screams “YEOUCH!!” Isamaru slashes at Tangent and takes him down. Backlash attacks Searra but doesn’t hurt her. Searra attacks Rock, sinking her teeth into his stony hide and draining his life force. He weakens but does not fall, still holding tight to Flute and squeezes harder. Void attacks Experiment 6, he misses but then leaps away and hides. Flute Attacks Rock’s mind again and he grabs his head, releasing her. Backlash attacks Flute but doesn’t hurt her. Searra attacks Jolt but her claws seem to just pass through him, her hair stands on end. One final attack from Isamaru causes Rock to crumble to the ground. Experiment 6 finishes off the soldiers. Void leaps past Experiment 6, slashing at him with his claws, missing and hides again. Experiment 6 watches where he lands, follows him and attacks, hurting Void. Flute hurts Jolt’s mind again. Backlash attacks Isamaru and misses, everyone notices that he is trying to hide a smile. Void stretches his arm to attack Experiment 6, misses and leaps away again. Experiment 6 follows. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind again and seems to hurt him pretty badly. Isamaru attacks Jolt and he vanishes in a flash of crackling light. Backlash blasts Searra and, again, misses. Searra attacks backlash and doesn’t hurt him. Experiment 6 decides to try and search the ship for the Dragonballs. With his super speed he manages to find four and hides in a room near the entrance. Void attacks Flute who responds by attacking his mind and he hisses loudly. Isamaru and Searra attack Void and he staggers back. Backlash attacks and misses anyone. Experiment 6 continues to search for the dragonballs. Flute attacks Backlash’s mind and he reflects the attack back at her! She is surprised but unhurt. Backlash laughs! “He is not a noodle! I repeat, he is not a noodle!” shouts Flute. Experiment 6 rushes out from the ship, writes “got four” on the ground and finds a place to hide. Searra quickly covers the writing. Void snares Isamaru with webbing, holds a control line and leaps away. Isamaru flies into a rage and tries to break free but fails to escape. Backlash misses Searra. Experiment 6 attacks Void and lands a powerful hit, hurting him slightly. Flute attacks Void’s mind again and he staggers again. Isamaru finally bursts out of the webbing, eyes glowing red and his fangs have grown. Backlash attacks Isamaru and misses again. Experiment 6 tears into Void who finally collapses to the ground. Flute blasts at Backlash and he reflects it back at her, she is unhurt. Searra and all of her duplicates attack Backlash, he redirects one of her attacks back at one of her duplicates. One of her attacks, however, hurts him. Isamaru grapples Backlash then pins him to the ground. Experiment 6 slashes backlash in half and then goes into hiding again.



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