Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Isamaru rushes out of the brig to meet the oncoming attack head-on and finds himself surrounded by soldiers. He unleashes an energy wave at the largest group of them. Over half of the group falls to the attack. Several soldiers move in to retaliate but Isamaru avoids the attacks. Trism comes out to help Isamaru. Searra and all of her duplicates attack the soldiers but she only manages to take down one. Flute attacks a soldier’s mind who collapses.

Nova walks around the corner, looking very angry, and launches a beam towards the group near the door to the brig, which explodes when it reaches them taking out a few of his own soldiers and lightly injuring Nitro. Isamaru swings his sword at one of the soldiers but misses. Nova is stunned by Flute’s mental attack. Several soldiers attack Trism, and injure her a little. Nova decides to leave before he is nearly killed again but in a last-ditch effort, he flies over everyone, leaving an energy trail behind him and leaves, Trism falls to this attack, and Flute is staggered, but Isamaru manages to dodge it. Several soldiers also fall to Nova’s indiscriminate attack. The remaining soldiers attack Flute and Isamaru; Flute is uninjured but Isamaru takes a staggering blow!

The combined efforts of the group finishes off the remaining soldiers and Isamaru runs after Nova in a rage! Searra tries to stop him but he ploughs through her, throwing her to the ground and continues his chase, Searra and Flute decide to follow Isamaru, as does Nitro. Searra leaves her duplicates to watch over Trism. Isamaru follows Nova’s scent and comes to the end of the corridor where a door stands in his way. He tries blasting it with an energy wave, to no effect. He then tries to pry the door open with his sword and manages to budge it a little. With a little more effort he opens it enough and squeezes through. Flute grabs Searra and says “teleport!” she does just as the door closes. Nitro sees the others make it through the door and decides to go back and get Trism. On the other side of the door is the bridge; Isamaru, Flute and Searra find themselves confronted with another contingent of solders…



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