Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

After they’re sure the fight is over, Searra and Flute go to check on Trism. Flute sees that she is badly injured but alive and about a minute later Trism regains consciousness. Searra decides to drag in the reptilians into the ship and put them someplace secure, splitting into four to make it go faster. When she steps inside the ship she notices a figure in the window high up on the back wall. The figure looks at her and then moves away from the window. The lights in the ship turn red, weapons come out of ports in the ceiling and fire on her. She tries to use the bodies of the reptilians she is carrying as cover but a couple of the blasts hit her and she is stunned by the attack. Searra calls for help, Trism and Isamaru hear her and Trism rushes in, grabs two of Searra’s duplicates and pulls them to safety. Isamaru moves in and fires an energy wave at one of the guns in the corner, hitting one and two computer consoles as well. The consoles are slightly damaged but a forcefield protects the gun. One of the guns hits Isamaru, stunning him as well. Searra grabs Isamaru and teleports outside. Searra sneaks in and attacks one gun, the shield absorbs the attack and she teleports out before they begin firing again. Searra then takes Trism to the cargo bay to open the hatch there. Trism sees the guns lower from the ceiling and grabs Searra who teleports them out. Searra grabs Isamaru and teleports them to attack two of the guns which both begin sparking and they notice that the shields are weakening with each attack. Searra then decides to teleport with Trism into the operations room where she saw the reptilian who activated the security but he is no longer there. Trism manages to deactivate security before the guns fire on them. Searra informs the others it is safe to enter and they do. Searra then teleports them into the control room. Trism tries to reprogram the computers but doesn’t know enough about the reptilian language to do anything that technical. They decide to move on and Searra tries to open the only door in the room. She can’t figure out how to work the control panel. Trism gives it a try and barely figures out how to open the door. Everyone cautiously goes down the corridor, led by searra Trism easily opens the only door in the hall, into a room that Trism recognizes this to be the lift but they decide to continue searching this level. Searra scouts out the corridors and then rejoins the group at the ‘T’ intersection just past the door to the lift. Down the right-hand corridor, on the left, are two doors. Searra tries to open the door on the right which opens with the same code that allowed them access to the hall. This door opens into the barracks. Searra makes a quick search of the room and finds nothing of intrest. Next they try to open the next door over but this door is more secure. Isamaru gets bored and wanders down the opposite corridor. When he gets to the door at the corner, he examines the control panel for a moment and then punches it, sparks fly and Searra decides to stop him before he does any serious damage. Searra and Trism finally get the door to the Captain’s quarters open, it is nicer than the barracks but there is still nothing of intrest here. Trism and Searra are disappointed. Searra tries to help Isamaru open the door, which does, reluctantly. Everyone searches the rooms they find a lot of beds but not much else. Searra sends some of her duplicates to the lift that Isamaru found and everyone else uses the other lift. After studying the controls for a moment, Trism manages to get the lift to go up and searra tries to duplicate the same method in the other lift and, after some effort, gets it to go up as well.

On the third floor, the lift room has two doors. They enter the door on the opposite as the one they entered on the floor below. This room is extremely cold, with shelves lining the walls, filled with small containers. Some of the vessels have frozen liquids in them and others seem to contain frozen specimens of small creatures. Searra breaks open one of the containers with a frozen, bluish liquid in it. This seems to do nothing, so she puts the container down and enters a door on the right-hand wall from the lift’s door. Trism decides to grab one of the sealed containers and take it with her while she follows the others with Isamaru staying toward the back of the group. This room is a large laboratory with work tables, shelves of what appear to be chemicals, as well as empty beakers, test tubes and other containers. Searra moves on and searches the other doors with Flute and they go into another cold room similar to the last one but not nearly as cold. They find nothing of interest here, just more containers with liquids in them. They cross a hall and enter another room with what seem to be dry chemicals and then continue to the opposite door, leading to another corridor. Trism’s hands start to cramp from the frozen container she is carrying and decides to tie it up in her cape when the cold becomes too much. They walk along this corridor until it comes to a corner leading left and a door to the right.

Searra listens at the door and hears the sound of claws on metal. Searra hides and opens the door as Flute says “Here kitty, kitty” the door opens and they see rows of various-sized cages with animals in them. Some of the animals are cowering and some being very aggressive. Searra sneaks in and looks around. Some creatures cower but most don’t seem to not notice her. A few try to attack. She sniffs at one that is cowering and it hisses while one in an adjacent cage swipes it’s claws at her, barely missing.



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