Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

The group returns to the village of the lizard people but they can no longer understand their language. They stay there for a few days until they sense the approach of several large power sources in the area of the clearing that they first appeared in. Searra goes to check it out. She hides in the woods at the edge of the clearing and sees a large, missile-shaped space ship with four intimidating-looking creatures walking out of it, who start scanning around the clearing. They then press some buttons on devices attached to their wrists and scan again. One of the creatures sees Searra hiding in the trees and chases after her. Searra sends two more of her duplicates to try and draw more of them away. The rest of the creatures go to a storage hatch on the side of the ship and pull out some bike-like contraptions. Searra informs the others what the creatures are doing. Fewbret suggests that she throw rocks at them and run away. She does so and hits one who looks toward her, presses some buttons on his wrist device, looks again and fires a shoulder-mounted weapon at her, but she is unscathed and runs away. The creature goes back to preparing his bike. Searra throws more rocks and hits the same one again. He turns and fires again and hurts her this time, then goes back to preparing his bike.

The other one chasing one of Searra’s duplicates follows her and she flies just slow enough to keep him chasing her. On the run, he presses some buttons on his wrist device and vanishes from sight. Searra concentrates on tracking his power level and tells the others what is going on.

Back in the clearing the creatures finish preparing their bikes and fly off in separate directions, very fast. Searra returns her duplicates to the group and then sends one to follow behind the creature chasing her. He shoots at her and hurts her a little. The others move to intercept the creature. Fewbert sees the creature with his helmet’s display, shoots at him and hits what he thinks is a vital location but the creature seems unscathed. Trism tries to grapple the creature. It reacts quickly with an attack but misses. Trism fails to get a good grip on him. Searra looks around for the creature but she cannot see it. Isamaru unleashes an energy wave toward where he senses the creature and it screams. Flute sees a brief glimmer of the creature and attacks it’s mind, it screams again. Fewbert shoots at it again, the cloaking device begins to short out as the creature drops to the ground and then pushes some more buttons on his wrist device. The device starts beeping. Fewbert figures that this is a desperation move and possibly a bomb. Isamaru tries to chop off the creature’s arm but he doesn’t hack completely through. Flute attacks the creature’s mind again and it stops moving. Trism rips his arm off and, at the others’ suggestion, flies it toward the ship. Searra follows her with a duplicate at a safe distance. Trism tosses the arm into the ship.

Inside the ship a larger and more ornately dressed creature with a long cloak has been tracking the movements and activities of his subordinates’ wrist devices with the ship’s instruments. When he noticed that one of the self destruct protocols had been activated, and the device was moving toward him, he deactivated the device when it was thrown into the ship and then warned the other creatures that their comrade has fallen.

Fewbert, Flute, Isamaru, Searra and Trism wait for the explosion… ...which never comes. And a few seconds later the larger creature with the cloak steps out of the ship, looks around and then walks back inside.

Fewbert searches the creature’s body and salvages it’s helmet, a shoulder blaster and a retractable wrist-blade. He then scans around for another of the creatures and sees it to the east and they all give chase, Searra leaves a duplicate to watch the ship. Everyone catches up to the other creature who they see standing next to his bike, he scans around and then turns toward a creature that walks into view and blasts it with his shoulder-mounted weapon, destroying it. He begins scanning again and Fewbert disintegrates the weapon off the creature’s shoulder and then destroys the bike. Searra hides and then flies past him and attacks, taking the creature by surprise and hurting him slightly. He pulls out a bladed disk and throws it, striking Isamaru and Trism, Fewbert barely avoids it as it streaks past him. Flute attacks the creature’s mind, it reels and grabs it’s head. Isamaru tries to slash off it’s arm but misses. Fewbert tries to disintegrate his arm, he is injured and it’s arm seems disabled but not disintegrated. It throws it’s blade ring again, missing Fewbert but hitting Flute, Searra and Trism, the latter two are hurt. Isamaru swings his sword at it but misses. One final blast from Fewbert’s weapon disintegrates him and Fewbert retrieves the wrist device from the ash.



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