Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

While the group searched the ship, a unit of soldiers returned from a site that one of the Dragonballs were thought to have landed and saw the carnage outside the ship “They are on the ship…” whispered a voice over the unit commander’s radio “if anyone is conscious out there, help… they are on the housing deck searching through the barracks… Requesting radio silence”

“You three, find some med packs and get these soldiers revived!” said the unit commander to his soldiers “You, help me find Eurhel and the Captains!” “Aye, sir!” the four said with a salute and then went quickly to their assigned duties. After just a few minutes many of the soldiers were revived and sent to help the rest. The commander and his subordinate eventually found Eurehl and the captains, some still outside and some on the bridge, they were revived as well (with the exception of Rock who was now just a pile of vaguely Reptilian-shaped rubble).

A group of soldiers had gathered at the edge of the battlefield. They were nervously standing over Void discussing weather or not to revive him as well. A moment later Eurhel walked up to the group. “Why are you just standing around? Help anyone who needs attention! We must not let the ship fall into enemy hands once again!” “Aye, Sir!” said the soldiers and eagerly rushed away. Eurhel stopped the last one from leaving, leaned close to him and whispered “Treat his wounds but do not revive him yet, it will take a lot more than that to kill Void. We may still need him. Move him somewhere secure I will give you a signal if he is to be revived, then you tell him where to go” “a… Aye… Sir…” said the soldier.

Eurhel returned to the bridge of the ship after he was sure everyone that could be ready for battle was. He sent several units to do a search of the ship and then walked up to one of the computer consoles, pressed a button and said into the microphone, “Wherever you are, you have made a grave mistake! As I speak the ship is being searched. You will be found and you will pay!” a moment later a voice responded “They’re in the brig!” Eurhel quickly looked to another group of soldiers and gestured to the corridor that leads to the brig. They acted without hesitation. “Nova, go with them in case they can’t handle it on their own.” “Aye, sir!” he said as he ran after the soldiers…



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