Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

As the group approaches the mountains they see two cave entrances, one is crawling with the insect-like creatures the other smaller entrance to the left is unguarded. Searra sneaks up to the smaller entrance to look (and sniff) around, the others wait outeside for her to report back. She smells the stench of the creatures inside but sees nothing. She creates several duplicates and begins to sneak in. When she comes to a ‘T’ intersection, she splits up. Down the right-hand corridor she is seen by two of the creatures but teleports away. Outside, Isamaru and Fewbert are getting restless; Flute asks for another map, she gets no response so her and Trism talk while they wait. Searra comes to another fork and splits down both. Outside, Fewbert detects to see how many there are and can see over 300. Flute and Trism move closer to the smaller cave as Isamaru winds up to unleash an energy wave. He takes down four of the creatures with the attack, the rest guarding the entrance turn to face him. Fewbert shoots one and it turns to dust. The creatures attack and hurt Isamaru slightly.

Meanwhile, inside, Searra is attacked by some creatures patrolling the outer caves she counters and takes one down and then teleports to join the rest of herself. Isamaru leaps into the air and and fires another energy wave toward the largest group of the creatures, which also happens to include Fewbert. Seven of the creatures collapse and Fewbert is unharmed. Fewbert then blasts another one to dust as Isamaru mocks him for only taking down one at a time. Isamaru unleashes another energy wave at the group, containing Flute this time. She is okay, however four more of the bugs drop. More bugs are now pouring out of the entrance and two larger ones emerge as well. Inside, Searra sees a constant stream of bugs pouring down a cross-corridor and decides to avoid that path. A maelstrom of chitinous blades and teeth swarm around the group outside. The larger bugs shoot spines from their backs at Isamaru and Flute. Flute attacks the mind of the large one that hit her and it hisses loudly, clawing at it’s head. Then she backs away. Fewbert attempts to collapse the cave entrance and manages to crumble enough rubble to close a third of the entrance. Flute continues her mental assult on the large creature and it continues clawing at it’s head and hissing. The weight of the swarm begins to overwhelm Isamaru and Flute as they take several jarring blows. Fewbert shoots at the entrance again, he sees some rocks shift and blasts it to collapse more to cover most of the entrance. Isamaru leaps next to Flute and fires an energy wave at the very large group that is now outside the cave. Some more creatures come through the main entrance while excavating the entrance back out, some creatures begin coming out of the smaller entrance and more start approaching from the forest behind. Fewbert, Isamaru and Flute are injured by the attacks of the insects. Two of Searra’s duplicates teleport out to check on the group. “holy shit!” she exclaims as she almost teleports into the ongoing melee. Her other duplicates start running and detecting to try and find a leader of the creatures. When she locates the queen of the hive she attempts to teleport directly on top of her. The queen dodges out of the way and Searra nimbly lands on her feet and then teleports another duplicate on top of the queen, which she also dodges. Her surprise attack ruined, Searra attacks the giant insect, but doesn’t seem to harm her. The queen turns on her and attacks but isn’t able to harm Searra either. Flute attacks the mind of one and runs and Trism follows suit. Isamaru and Fewbert suffer more attacks from the creatures while the bugs chasing Flute and Trism quickly close the gap and injure Flute slightly. Searra attacks some of the creatures doing only superficial damage but managing to drain some life force, she then teleports to a safe location up the mountainside. Isamaru grabs Fewbert and jumps to where Flute and Trism are, they grab him and he leaps onto the mountain to join Searra.



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