Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Another one Bites the Dust (Make That Two)

Near the opposite side of the bridge Flute sees Nova being injected with something by one of the soldiers. Nearby, Eurhel and Jolt stand and when they notice the group come through the door, several soldiers take up defensive positions near Eurhel. Isamaru launches an energy wave with his sword, taking down several soldiers and slightly injuring Nova, who seems to have recovered fully from the beating he had just recieved. Flute attacks Nova’s mind but to little effect. A few soldiers attack Isamaru, who finally succumbs to his injuries and falls unconscious. Searra is momentarilly stunned byan attack from some soldiers. Nova sends another explosion toward the group, Flute falls and Searra is further injured, a few more soldiers fall to this blast. Searra uses her duplicates to get Flute and Isamaru back to the brig, then Searra herself leaves the bridge through the door and tries to disable the control panel on the other side the only way she knows how… She punches it. The buttons light up for a moment but she doesn’t seem to damage the console then one of her duplicates hovers above the door. She attacks the first soldier that comes through, draining his life force but not killing him. Then she flies down the corridor, hiding just around the first corner for another ambush… Two soldiers pass right by her but the third to pass spots her and attacks. Nova walks through the door and the soldier shouts “She is here!” pointing around the corner and he winces preparing for another explosion from Nova. Nova blasts down the hall but Searra doesn’t get hurt and neither does the soldier, much to his relief. Nova continues down the hall past Searra, turns around and blasts at her again, with the same result. Nova then turns to the soldiers who passed her by and says “She’s right there, Get her!!” Searra attacks Nova with all of her duplicates and then teleports away. “Split up and find her!” says Nova. Two soldiers round the corner and attack Nitro who had been waiting for the assault. Nitro counters and takes one down and moves down the hall as a distraction but stops when he sees Nova, taking two hits from more soldiers. Nitro attacks the soldier next to him and takes him down. Searra repeats her attack on Nova, who takes a staggering blow. Nova blasts at Nitro, hurting him a little. A soldier sends a volley of blasts at Nitro but misses. One last attack from another soldier causes Nitro to fall. Nova walks around the corner toward where the rest of the group lies unconscious. “Give up or we will start killing your friends!” Searra teleports into the hall, grabs all of her fallen friends and teleports, again into the med bay. There is a lone soldier passing through this room. Searra easily dispatches him. After a moment, Trism regains consciousness.

Meanwhile, Nova and his remaining soldiers return to the bridge and report to Eurhel. “Sir! They got away again. The hairy one is too fast. She took all of the unconscious ones, including our traitor, and vanished.” says Nova. “Search the ship and do what it takes to capture them!” roars Eurhel “I will attempt to keep my word and not kill them but they are trying my patience! Send some soldiers to their house again to retrieve the stones they took! The Dragonballs will be reactivating soon and we need anything that could be one in our possession! Get soldiers in all of the rooms where they can access our systems and re-activate security! Send Jolt and Backlash on a search of each deck, if they are still on this ship I want them found!!”



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