Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Searra and Flute try to revive the others and ask them what happened. “More of Lord Caius’ soldiers and captains came here and tore the place apart! I saw them gathering up the frogs before I was knocked out…” Says Jex. Searra and Trism go to check out the ship and see that it is crawling with reptilian soldiers, they decide to look around to see what the soldiers are doing. The soldiers seem to be gathering a quantity of small, round, white stones about the same size and shape of the Dragonballs. Some of the soldiers fly up and toward Trism and Searra. Searra jumps off of Trism’s back, floats in the air and tells Trism to get the others. Searra uses her ability to hide even without cover so the soldiers don’t see her. The soldiers move to where they thought they saw them and look around “I thought I saw one of them… Tell Eurehl!” says one of the soldiers. One returns to the ship while the other stays and continues to look around, then returns to the ship a few moments later.

Meanwhile, inside the ship, a tall reptillian stands in front of a console with the last moments of Lord Caius in his true form replaying on the display. He is surrounded by five other reptillian creatures and many soldiers, technicians and scientists. A soldier lands outside the ship and runs in. “Eurehl! We believe we just spotted one of the earthling warriors to the north but when we went to investigate we couldn’t find anything!” he says “Hmmm… Must be the one who calls herself Searra… She seems to be able to easily avoid detection… Excellent! The rest should be here shortly! Inform the men to be ready!” says Eurehl who then turns toward a large metal box with colorful buttons and switches on it. He presses a combination of buttons and flips a few switches and a small device sitting on a nearby console comes to life.

Trism recognizes the name Eurehl as a high-ranking dignitary and ward of Lord Caius, who is incredibly intelligent. Fewbert tells her he intends to stay behind. Searra decides to try to get one of the stones and return to the group. She manages to steal one stone and, using one of her duplicates, tells the rest of the group to stop. She then returns to the house shouting at Fewbert to hide the ball in his suit. “Fine, just leave me alone, Oh, bring this with you… just press the button and throw it… don’t get too close.” He says as he hands her a large capsule with a ‘No.06’ printed on it. The group then heads toward the ship again and arrive to see the soldiers standing near the entrance seemingly on alert. One solder moves toward the group and says, as the rest assume a defensive formation “Eurehl sends his greetings and wishes to speak with you.” “If he wants to talk to us the he should come out and speak with us.” says Searra. “Come in voluntarily or we will drag you in” says the soldier. “SILENCE!” comes a loud voice from the ship’s communication system.

Eurehl exits the ship with five captains “I am assuming you’re familiar with a ‘Deadman’s Switch’” he says as he holds up a small device. “That’s a contingency plan. Hopefully, you will not have to experience it. I was sent here with these soldiers and captains to investigate what happened to Lord Caius” says Eurehl “He made a couple of bad decisions” says Searra “We discovered something rather disturbing” He looks at Searra with a steely glare “He was overconfident… I am not making that mistake” “Good then maybe you won’t make bad decisions, much better choice!” says Searra “Give me the Dragonball” “Don’t have it!” Interrupts Searra “One of you took it, we have it on surveillance” says Eurehl “Yes but we don’t have it anymore, and I can honestly say I am not absolutely certain where it is now” says Searra “If you give us the Dragonball, we will return Lord Caius and those who were with him to their original states and leave the planet.” “Well, let’s see… From our dealings with Lord Caius, I’m pretty certain that there’s absolutely nothing to stop you guys from doing that once you get the Dragonballs, leaving and doing something absolutely horrific to the planet once there is nothing we can do to stop you” says Searra “Unfortunately I cannot vouch for what Lord Caius will do once he is returned to his original state…” “He’s gonna be pissed at us and come back here and cause havoc so… No!” interrupts Searra, again. ”I am obligated to follow his orders when he is returned to a condition in which he can issue them. If it is your choice not to return the Dragonball to us then we will have no choice but to seek it out ourselves and eliminate anyone who gets in our way.” continues Eurehl. “Since we don’t plan on being gotten rid of, it seems that we have a bit of an impasse here. Plus, in the amount of time it will take you to go and find the other Dragonball which, as I said, I’m not absolutely certain where it is what is to stop us from taking more of your Dragonballs…” “Allow me to explain my contingency plan to you…” interrupts Eurehl “That may help us make a decision…” says Searra “Several hundred years ago, one of Lord Caius’ lieutenants decided to rise against him; his power nearly rivaled that of Lord Caius. He has been imprisoned. We have given him an option of freedom on this planet. If you do not comply, he will be released.” says Eurehl “Well we did take down Lord Caius once already…” says Flute “You never actually fought Lord Caius” replies Eurehl “No, we didn’t fight Lord Caius, but we did, very definitively win against him…” says Searra “Only with the aid of the Dragonballs did you achieve victory” says Eurehl “Well, in these situations, we are either going to face Lord Caius or someone like Lord Caius so you aren’t really giving us any real options here.” says Searra “We will destroy you and once you are gone we will eventually find the other Dragonball.” says Eurehl “Well, we aren’t going to let you destroy us quite that easily. We did, after all, stop Lord Caius and all of his captains…” argues Searra “You do not have the power of the Dragonballs at your disposal this time” says Eurehl “No, but we were doing a pretty damn good job defeating them before we needed the Dragonballs” says Searra “So be it!” says Eurehl “Enough talk!” says Isamaru. Searra looks surprised for a moment just before she vanishes from sight and reappears behind her friends!



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