Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Searra and Trism move Isamaru and Flute into the treatment rooms in the medical bay and Nitro into the supply room to protect them while they recover. Searra and Trism then disable the control panels for the doors to prevent entry. Searra and Trism try to treat the injuries of their friends. After a few moments they hear someone trying to use the control panel outside the door. A few seconds later Trism hears someone working on the control panel and then a ‘clunk’ sound inside the door. “Um, Searra, they’re trying to get through!” says Trism “Well, I’ll guard the door, we need to give them time to recover” says Searra “Get Jolt” Searra hears Eurhel say quietly through the door. She decides to teleport everyone to the Live Specimen room to avoid another fight. Searra and trism don’t notice the soldiers searching on the other side of the room. One of them tells the other two to get help while he distracts them. Isamaru Regains consciousness. The guard sneaks up and attacks Searra but she doesn’t get hurt then she attacks back. Isamaru moves toward him but is still too injured to act quickly. Searra attacks and he falls. Flute regains consciousness. Isamaru hears the soldiers approaching up the hall “We’ve got company, guys…” he says. Searra has two of her duplicates hover above the door to ambush. She doesn’t hear Jolt tell the soldiers to concentrate on attacking her. The door opens and jolt enters very quickly and attacks Trism. Searra doesn’t launch her ambush because she remembers that merely touching Jolt is dangerous and she has no way of attacking him without contact. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind but he barely notices it. Searra decides to throw caution to the wind and attacks Jolt but she misses. Some soldiers start moving through the door and Searra attacks one of them and he falls. The remaining soldiers spread out and attack Isamaru, Trism and Searra. Nitro regains consciousness. Jolt sends a bolt of electricity at Searra, overloading her nervous system and she falls unconscious. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind again to no effect. The soldiers attack the group and manage to injure Flute, Nitro and Trism. Isamaru launches an energy wave taking down over half of the soldiers in the room (as well as killing many of the small animals in the cages in front of him) Jolt is also slightly injured by this attack. The two remaining soldiers launch a volley of energy blasts at Trism and Flute. Isamaru takes down another soldier with an energy wave. Nitro steps next to Jolt and blasts him point blank and Jolt is badly injured. The last soldier attacks Isamaru and he falls unconscious again. Flute attacks Jolt’s mind again, stunning him. Jolt launches a bolt of electricity at Flute and she becomes disoriented. He then hides behind some cages near the other side of the room. A couple more soldiers enter and attack Trism and Nitro and they drop to the ground. Jolt knocks out Flute with another blast to her nervous system.

Everyone wakes up with their arms bound behind their backs. Flute, Isamaru, Nitro and Trism are tied together, back-to-back. Searra is separated from the others and blindfolded. They are surrounded by soldiers and the captains. Eurhel is pacing around them “I wouldn’t recommend any heroics…” he says “You are all battered and severely outnumbered. I have only just met you and you have already become a bigger thorn in my side than anyone has in the past. I have sent Jolt with a contingent of soldiers to a remote location on this planet with the stones that we believe are the Dragonballs. We have calculated that they will reactivate within the next two hours. When they do, the Dragon will be summoned and we will restore all of our people who were transformed by your previous wish. Then, barring any orders by Lord Caius to the contrary, we will leave your planet and go home. With our new engine technology, another planet that has Dragonballs is now within our reach. We will use those Dragonballs to achieve our Lord’s goal and your planet will be of no consequence to us any longer.” “I don’t really like being blindfolded, I like to see who I am talking to” says Searra. “I am not concerned with your comfort.” says Eurhel. Searra shifts the space around her head to remove the blindfold and sees a dozen soldiers take a defensive stance but Eurhel waves his hand and they stand down. “Thank you, cause I could just teleport out of here any time I want to” she continues “As long as you leave alone that is fine. I still have your friends…” says Eurhel “Well, you don’t know everything I can do” says Searra “I know someone who has the same abilities as you” responds Eurhel “You don’t know everything I can do, unless you know someone who comes from my planet…” says Searra “I know enough about you from watching the surveillance of your fights with our Soldiers.” says Eurhel “And you think I have used all of my abilities? Anyway, barring anything Lord Caius says you will leave here and go to another planet. which is apparently my friend’s home planet…” “I will not stand for this!” interrupts Flute ”...and leave us alone? I don’t buy it.” continues Searra as she tries to develop a plan to escape. Flute and Trism try to distract the guards as Searra tries to teleport away and replace herself with a duplicate acting like she is just scratching an itch but Tangent sees her vanish for a moment and launches a powerful volley of blasts at her, severely injuring her but not taking her down. She tries to feign unconsciousness but Eurhel and Backlash see through the ruse. “What happened?” asks Eurhel “She vanished for a moment” says Tangent “I SAID NO HEROICS!” says Eurhel as Searra tries to argue and Eurhel gestures toward the soldiers and they open fire on the group. All but Flute fall unconscious again. Searra’s duplicate ceases to exist when she falls unconscious. Flute attacks Eurhel’s mind “OUCH! Take her out!!!” he says as the soldiers continue blasting her. She finally succumbs to her injuries and slips out of consciousness again. “Fan out and find her! I am done playing games with them!” yells Eurhel “Untie them and place them in separate rooms in the ship!”



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