Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Flute awakens to find herself locked inside of one of the medium-sized cages in the live specimen storage. Isamaru wakes up in an empty room, gravity crushing down on him, unable to move and his sword missing.

Nitro and Trism find themselves locked up in the brig (although they are in separate cells and both are unaware that the other is only thirty feet away). Trism begins singing to herself and looks around. She can see the guard and several other cells, all empty. She decides to test the strength of the bars; She tugs and pushes on them but can’t move them. The guard turns around and looks at her, grins and pushes some buttons on his desk and looks back at her. Trism tries to look at the buttons he pressed but can’t see anything. “excuse me” she says, “But can you understand me? If so, where am I and where are my friends?” With another grin the guard turns a dial and Trism receives a shock that knocks her back against the wall behind her. The guard walks over to her (taking care not to get too close) He gestures to his mouth, looking like he is talking but she cannot hear anything. He then points to his ears and to her, shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his desk. Trism gets frustrated curses at him, takes one of her jewelry pieces and throws it at him, hitting him in the back of the head. He picks it up and illustrates that there is a sound barrier in place by dropping the trinket on the floor and kicking it into the cell. She doesn’t hear it scraping across the floor until it crosses the threshold of the cell. “Ooh! it’s somehow sound-proof, Gotcha!” she says with a wink. She gestures that she wants something to write with but the guard ignores her and goes back to his post. She begins throwing more jewelry at him but he keeps the pieces she throws and ignores her so she quickly stops. She kicks the wall in anger but hurts her foot so she decides to try to blast her way out. The blast barely damages the wall and then, alerted to the attack by a flashing light on his desk, the guard activates the shielding on the walls. After a moment of sulking she decides to brave the electric bars and tries to bend them again. The bars begin to give way after a moment of effort, when the guard turns the electricity up full blast. Trism is able to hold on for a few seconds but she quickly succumbs and falls unconscious again. Nitro, knowing the security features of the cells doesn’t bother trying to escape and instead urinates as far outside his cell as he can, ignoring the latrine hole in the corner of the cell. Trism wakes up a few moments later in a different cell.

Searra awakens in a rolling landscape, sparsely wooded with mountains in the distance. She starts walking and notices that the perspective changes in a strange way as she moves. She also notices the terrain to be unnatural and does not detect the scent of earth anywhere around her. She does however smell the faint scent of metal, plastic and electronics… Figuring she is in some sort of holographic projector room, she decides to wait for someone to retrieve her.

Meanwhile Jolt and a group of soldiers set down the twelve stone spheres they brought with them in a remote portion of an arid desert and wait. After about forty minutes six of the spheres begin to glow, turn orange and stars appear within them. “Damn! we’re missing one!” says Jolt “We have to find the last one! One of them stole some of them, go back to the ship and get some scouters. Start at their house! I will stay here and make sure no one interferes with our plans!” “Aye, sir!” say the soldiers with a salute and they fly off toward the ship. The soldiers arrive at the half-demolished house and see that Kalding and Yumi are on the opposite side of the island and Jex is asleep. Three of them sneak up and restrain Jex, covering his mouth so he can’t call for help. The rest begin searching the house, four go down into Fewbert’s lab where he is working on his computer, directing the drones he created to rebuild the house. “Where is the Dragonball?” asks one of the soldiers “It’s over there” says Fewbert, gesturing in a very general direction behind him, indicating almost his entire lab. “We don’t have time to play games, old man! You are alone here, the two female Saiyans are on the other side of the island and the male has been subdued. We will kill him and then the other two if you do not give us the Dragonball, NOW!” demands the soldier. “Okay, okay, hold on…” Fewbert types a command into his computer and one of the drones flies downstairs and swings it’s utility arm at soldier closest to it. It strikes him in the neck, not harming him at all. The soldier turns around, and easily smashes the drone to pieces. “You are trying my patience! Give me the Dragonball or I will kill everyone here, including you, and we will find it ourselves!” “Okay, okay, hold on… I think I put it over here…” He walks over to a large device, presses a few buttons on a control panel next to it and a large door opens on it. Fewbert steps inside and the door closes. The sound of a power build-up starts and the soldier rolls his eyes, walks over to the device and tears the door open and pulls Fewbert out “THE DRAGONBALL, NOW!!!” he roars “Okay, okay, hold on… I think I remember where I put it now… it’s over here next to this… Disintegrating Ray!” he says as he pulls out a beam weapon, aims it at the soldier and pulls the trigger. The weapon turns to dust “Ah… Right…” The soldier grimaces and begins to clench his fists “Okay, okay, hold on… Ah! There it is!” says Fewbert and walks over to his dimensional portal device and produces the Dragonball from a portal labeled ‘Horrible, painful, agonizing death’. The soldier grabs the ball from Fewbert the moment he sees it and flies back to Jolt, telling the other soldiers to follow as he leaves the house.

The soldiers return to where Jolt is and, when the final Dragonball is brought near, the sky darkens and the wind begins blowing more strongly, lightning strikes, seemingly from nowhere and The Eternal Dragon emerges “SPEAK YOUR WISH!” he demands. Jolt steps forward “Dragon, I wish for all of my people who were transformed by your power one year ago, to be returned to their original forms and powers!” “YOUR WISH IS GRANTED!” booms the Dragon’s voice as his eyes glow red and he vanishes in a flash of light. The Dragonballs rise high into the air, glow brightly and fly off in seven different directions. After they are returned to their natural forms, Lord Caius, Mauro, Sem and all of the captains begin to inspect the ship. Searra, Flute, Isamaru, Trism and Nitro are each escorted off the ship individually, by a very large group of soldiers. They are all gathered outside. Nearby, another ship now stands. When they are all outside, Lord Caius and most of his captains step out of the ship, looking very angry. Lord Caius gestures to the soldiers and they all pile into their respective ships. “Our business is not over” says Lord Caius to the group and then he and the captains climb onto the ships they arrived in and take off.



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