Dragonball Z: The Elemental Lords

Searra continues searching the room and eventually hears something move and a door shut. She sniffs the air and smells one of the reptilian creatures. She follows the sound, leaving two of her duplicates with the rest of the group to keep them apprised. She sneaks to where she heard the movement comes to a door near a very large cage with a huge creature in it but it doesn’t seem to notice her. She searches the door for signs of tampering and doesn’t find any. She opens the door and sees a reptilian down the hall pull his head into another room and close the door behind him. She teleports to the door and opens it. It is a lift room and she sees the creature at the control panel and several more on the lift pad, all wearing white coats. All of them cower when she opens the door. She she tells the rest of the group to come to where she is and holds the door for them to catch up. “Hi!” says Searra, “You don’t look like you’re gonna shoot me, I hope someone shows up soon who can vaguely understand you guys… Unless you speak our language?” He cowers. Searra pokes the one closest to her who runs and joins the others. Trism, Flute and Isamaru show up. “It’s like Whack-A-Mole!” says Searra “You poke one and they run away!” She looks back at the reptilians, points to herself and says “Searra” then to Trism and says “Trism” and points to them with a quizzical look on her face. Flute tries to read their minds but all she gets is feelings of fear. Searra uses her ability to control other creatures’ emotions on each of them and they all calm down. Searra repeats the naming process and then she asks if any of them speak their language. One of them timidly says “I do” “Good!” Says Searra, “What is your name?” says Searra “Jitinder” he says “Oh What do you do here?” asks Searra “I am a scientist” He says “Can you narrow that down please?” asks Searra “Specifically I study the live animals of different worlds.” says Jitinder “Oh, can you tell me what that one thing in there was that tried to eat my face?” asks Searra “many of those creatures will do that…” he says “Oh, the big, slightly furry one that was next to the first door” “Oh, we call that an Arrats” he says “Why do you have all the critters on this ship anyway?” asks Searra “Well, the first mission here made periodical stops to do scientific studies of some planets we were interested in. We were already planning some missions to these planets and this new mission for the Dragonballs made them more viable. We came along on the second mission to secure the various specimens that were on this ship.” Trism holds up the container she took from the freezer room “What is this?” she asks another scientist grabs it, says something to her in reptilian and runs out of the roomand down the hall “What did he say?” asks Trism “He said that it needed to get back to cryogenics as soon as possible!” says Jitinder “what was it?” asks Trism “I have no idea” says Jitinder. Trism is disappointed. “And what were you doing in that room when you ran from us?” asks Searra “I was making sure the animals were okay” says Jitinder “Oh, good!” says Searra “Hey! Do you guys have anyone imprisoned here that you maybe picked up on another planet?” asks Trism “No… this is Lord Caius’ ship everyone here is Reptilian…” “anyone imprisoned at all?” asks Trism. “There is one soldier that was imprisoned for insubordination” says Jitinder “What did he do?” asks Trism “He was imprisoned for sympathizing with you. He was upset about the way Eurhel was dealing with you.” explains Jitinder “Can you bring us to him?” asks Searra “sure…” the scientist who took the cryogenics specimen returns and glares at Trism. “Can you ask him what was in there?” asks Trism Jitinder and the other scientist talk for a moment in Reptilian “It was apparently some frozen gas that is quite dangerous” says Jitinder “oh, maybe someone should teach them how to read your language so that doesn’t happen again… they tend to be a little grabby” says Searra “I have no idea what you are talking about” says Flute. Jitinder gestures to the platform and goes to the console as everyone climbs onto the platform. He presses some buttons and then joins the others. The platform goes down to level one. Trism and Flute see a well hidden door on the opposite wall to what is obviously the main door to the lift. “Hey what’s that?” they ask “Wow, I’m surprised you even saw that… that’s Lord Caius’ room.” Everyone perks up and asks to go in there. “Ummm… No… I don’t even know the codes to get in there, anyway.” They leave the lift room go across the corridor and through the medical bay. They ask about the four large vats in this room “Those are recovery chambers, they accelerate healing. The brig is this way” says Jitinder “How do you remember all of this?” asks Flute “I lived here for months while we were traveling here” He says “Do you have a map of the ship?” asks Flute “Ummm, there’s maps on the computers… I don’t need one, though, I know this ship pretty well” He leads them through the other lift room and down the next corridor to the brig. Trism memorizes the code he enters on the panel. As soon as they enter, another Reptilian jumps up from his desk, takes a defensive stance and says something to Jitinder in Reptilian. They argue for a moment and Searra tries to convince the guard to let them in. Searra offers to let him lock her in the cell with the prisoner. “Fine, talk to him” he says “it’s not like I can stop you all anyway.” “High five?” says Flute as she holds up her hand. The guard looks confused at her. Searra goes over to the prisoner’s cell. The soldier says nothing but passes Searra a note:

Our scientists have developed a more powerful engine, it was used to bring Eurhel and everyone on this second mission here. Eurhel left standing orders that if this mission is to fail, a new mission should be launched to Namek with these new engines and the Dragonballs there will be used to return Lord Caius and anyone else who was killed or transformed here on earth back to normal.

“So, lizard-boy, what’s your name?” asks Trism. Over the loud speakers Eurhel’s voice is heard “Wherever you are, you have made a grave mistake! As I speak the ship is being searched. You will be found and you will pay!” “Hey, Lizard-boy! Are you willing to help us?” asks Trism “Well, the name’s Nitro, and if you let me out I’ll kinda owe you” The guard presses a button on the desk and says into a microphone “They’re in the brig!” “Do you really want to die now?” asks Searra “My loyalties are with Lord Caius!” he says

Searra teleports Nitro out of his cell. Trism blasts the guard but he is tougher than she expected and he shrugs off the attack. Flute attacks his mind, which also has no effect. The guard attacks Nitro, who dodges out of the way. Searra surrounds him with her duplicates and attacks him draining his life force and causing some physical damage, Nitro punches him and also injures him. Flute attacks his mind again, he winces and grabs his head. Searra attacks him again and knocks him out.



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